OMNIA will NOT be touring anymore on festivals, clubs or otherwise in
the forseeable future.

The world is changing too fast. The war on Nature has reached epic
As we have predicted for all these many years, the Natural and Political
climate worldwide has run completely out of control.

The time has come for OMNIA to morph itself into a new state of being,
changing from the original OMNIA PaganFolk performing band, preaching
Nature's rights and ancient religious values, into a living OMNIA entity
with a real physical shape.
From Stage Shaman... to simply living... Nature Shaman.

"OMNIA" is now "TERRA OMNIA" and lives on it's own giant 40 acre Nature
reserve in the foothills of the Slovenian Alps.
After 23 years of touring , more than a thousand live concerts and 16
full CD productions (a.o), we are now ready to withdraw from the stage
and submerge deep into Nature's embrace.

Here we spend our days in healthy outdoor living amongst the pristine
Natural surroundings which we protect. Here we practice healing rituals
and meditation to unwind the terrible music industry and media stress
that has built up within us.
Cleansing ourselves from the ego-driven and power/money-based dishonesty
of what has come to be called the "entertainment industry”; turning our
backs on the madness to return to our original prehistoric Celtic roots,
which connect us to the Natural land that feeds us.

We feel we are contributing more to the circle of life in this way,
using our energy in a positive way... instead of trying to convert
people while slowly drowning amongst the lies, backstabbing, ass
kissing, money grabbing ego-addicts that make up 90% of the "music
industry professionals" and the greedy multinationals that feed them.

We have cleansed ourselves and OMNIA is more ALIVE now, then it has ever
been before, since we are limiting our daily activities to real things
that are more important in life (as we all should).

We will continue to write, record and produce the non-dogmatic Pagan
philosophy, Musick and Art that OMNIA is known for, but we do it
exclusively from the isolation and peace brought to us by wild Nature
and an absence of too many greedy people.

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