The Band

Steve Sic

Steve Sic was born to travelling parents and raised in Cornwall, Holland, USA and Germany. After leaving home at the age of 15 he bummed around various places including some of the dirtier big cities of Northern Europe. His whole life Sic has been an off the wall Gothic-Punk Artist, musician, eco-anarchist, occultist and freedom fighter.

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Jenny's life has always been defined by music. As far as she can remember, playing, listening and dancing were always her greatest passions. From the age of 5, when she begged her always supportive and harp-playing mum to have piano lessons, to her late teens when she discovered the neo-Celtic Harp a very portable alternative to a piano, and Irish, Scottish and Breton folk music in general, to this day, living for and from the music of Omnia, music is her life and she would die without it.

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