OMNIA is a radical nature-loving group of Musickal EarthWarriors who travel the world, spreading their musick to celebrate and worship Life, Creativity, Nature and Fantasy together with audiences of all ages and cultures ;-)

OMNIA is the only band of it's kind in the world today. As a wildly succesful self-made underground band they still remain completely free and 100% independant of any corporate outside influences. Like a rare tribe of indigenous natives in a forgotten corner of rainforest they have built up their own unique music-genre (PaganFolk) and their own reputation and gigantic worldwide following without any support or influence from the regular big music business, record company maffia or  corporate-media-advertising madness.

OMNIA is supported solely by the living forces of Nature and their own growing army of loyal fans and admirers worldwide.

OMNIA is not just a band...OMNIA is a way of life, converting people to the cause of Nature and respect for the living planet and personal freedom through the medium of their entrancing PaganFolk Musick.

OMNIA Teaches people to break the chains that bind them, to release their inner creativity and love of life, to appreciate nature and live life to the fullest without harming the world we live in.