OMNIA started by Steve Sic in 1996 as a Pagan Iron-age Celtic "living history re-enactment" project which over the years slowly turned into a band and then just kept going...

Today is now still run by the original founder, Steve Sic together with his wife Jenny who joined him and OMNIA in 2002. Now these two Musickal EarthWarriors travel the world together with their live-band, spreading their musick and philosophy to celebrate and worship Life, Creativity and Nature together with audiences of all cultures ;-)

As far as we know OMNIA is the only bandproject of it's kind in the world today. As a succesful self-made underground band, after 22 years they still remain completely free and 100% independant of any corporate outside influences.

OMNIA is an independant band by choice. Steve Sic and Jenny write and compose all their own material , they do all their own bookings and have founded their own record label "PaganScum"to print and distribute their many albums. In the past they have had the misfortune of getting two record deals for a short period of time ( including one with the music industry monster UNIVERSAL) but Stenny chose to discontinue working with them because of the compromises to Art involved on the road to fake media/televison fame. They chose in favour of freedom and truth over money and finacial security although the courtcases almost bankrupted them (no-one dares to says "NO" to Universal!) . But ofcourse they survived by their unwillingness to give up , the belief in their own Art and through the support of their fanbase.

Like a rare tribe of indigenous natives in a forgotten corner of rainforest they have built up their own unique music-genre (PaganFolk) and their own reputation and gigantic worldwide following without any support or influence from the regular big music business, record company maffia or  corrupt corporate-media-advertising.

OMNIA is supported solely by the living forces of Nature and their own growing army of loyal fans and admirers worldwide.

You are reading this not because it was advertised, but because you are interested.

and that is always OMNIA's way of doing things

OMNIA is not a band...OMNIA has become a way of life, converting people to the cause of Nature and respect for the living planet and personal freedom through the medium of their very own PaganFolk Musick.

Jenny and Steve Sic now have a permanent physical base for OMNIA to "BE" in called "TERRA OMNIA", a private Nature reserve they bought with the proceeds of OMNIA's work over the last 25 years. TERRA OMNIA is a safe haven for Nature, pure Musick, and Dreams of Freedom...a place for people to gather and to learn and to survive the madness together.

And so it goes ...

and the road goes ever on...