Rob was born on the 12th of February, 1982, in Eindhoven (NL). His first music experience came at the age of 9 when he started taking drum lessons and joined the drumline of “Harmonie Juliana”. At the age of 13, he started playing in punk / rock / metal bands using the music as a way to express himself and to let go of negative energy. It became clear to himself and his environment that music was the way to go for Rob.

After trying some different styles (mostly funk / hiphop / pop music) he decided to go to the “Brabant conservatory of music”. In the following years he got interested in latin, fusion and afro music and after finishing this school, he had big plans for the future..........but then.......... Daphyd calls.... “Hey Rob, I’m in a bohemian-pagan-celtic-fantasy-mittelalter-gothic-folk band, and we need a drummer for the summer, wanna play?”

After Rob decided to give it a try, he met the other free spirits of OMNIA and they rehearsed a couple of times. One of these rehearsals was at Rob’s own practice palace in his home in Eindhoven, were Steve saw strange artwork hanging on the walls. Apparently, Rob makes art out of old drum skins and cymbals, and Steve saw runes in the signs Rob uses in his art. Steve decided to awaken the inner Celt that was living inside Rob, and since then it felt like Rob was going to stay longer than just the summer....

As Rob states it: “I hope to incorporate some of my afro and latin american ideas into OMNIA, and to spread just as much love as my role model Michael Franti.”