Daphyd Sens was born in Geldrop, the Netherlands, in 1988. He grew up in Mierlo, a small village near Eindhoven. In his early days he loved playing with fire and climbed trees like a monkey. Most of the time he could be found hanging out in the forest with his friends, drinking beers and smoking sweet recreational Dutch herbs. At a certain point he quit school (something very common for OMNIA members), he picked up some instruments and messed around.

Daphyd first heard Omnia somewhere around 2002, falling in love with the earth sounds of the Didgeridoo and the Pagan lifestyle of the band. He took up the name "Crow of War" (after the OMNIA song Morrigan), bought himself a cheap didgeridoo and learned how to play it. Not being satisfied with the standard Didges available he decided to build his own slide didgeridoos out of PVC (with which he impressed the Hell out of Steve Sic and Luka when he joined one of their pre-historic instruments workshops in 2004). And then moved on to the "didgeribone" (made by the famous didge-god Charlie McMahon). But it wasn’t until 2010 that he started taking himself more seriously as a musician, picking up more instruments like flutes and mouth harp on the way.

His first stage experience was with the crazy South African rapper Jack Parow. Since then he's proudly rocked the stages of Holland and Belgium (Lowlands, Pukkelpup, Melkweg and many more) as a guest player on his Didges. It came to pass that in a bleak December 2010 he found out that OMNIA's didge-player had suddenly left. He knew what he had to do, and contacted Stenny immediately. Jam sessions were arranged, music was made, joints were smoked, jokes were shared... Daphyd the Crow was able to play every single Omnia song ever written better than they'd ever heard, so he joined the band! He played his first gig (Fairyball IV) with OMNIA in March 2011, he rocked the stage with his presence and won the hearts of the crowd ... and that was just the start!

Daphyd now plays: Slideridoo, Didgeridoo, Additional Vocals, Dragon Voice, Overtones, Mouthharp, Shakers en Stones for OMNIA.

Daphyd plays a Carbon-Fiber triple slide-didgeridoo made by Rob Gandara of www.carbony.com (which is available at a discount to OMNIA/Daphyd fans, mail info@daphydsens.com).

When he’s not playing with OMNIA, Daphyd gives workshops on how to play the sliding and the traditional didgeridoo. Contact him for more info (info@daphydsens.com)