The NEW OMNIA CD "REFLEXIONS" is a labour of Love...

It is the product of a long, intensive cooperation and friendship between 3 successful pagan music producers (who all happen to be gifted musicians and composers as well) and an enormous amount of raw studio tracks taken from 7 different OMNIA studio-albums recorded over a period of 10 years.
This is a completely NEW concept in songwriting, studio-mixing and Music Art.
A unique project which, up to now, has NEVER been done before......

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CRONE OF WAR (Re-issue of 2004 album)


The first full-length PaganFolk album EVER produced by SteveSic AND Jenny TOGETHER way back in 2004!
"CRONE of WAR" is a milestone in OMNIA history. This album truly kickstarted the worldwide PaganFolk scene and put OMNIA into the forefront of a rapidly expanding movement of Musick, Lifestyle and NatureWorship.

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"PRAYER" (2016)


OMNIA's album "PRAYER" is pure PaganFolk Musick, acoustic and fresh. Full of OMNIA's signature style Pagan compositions that have been drawn straight from the Earth itself!

Pulsating drum beats, driving rythms, elegant melodies and intertwining vocal harmonies that inspire the love of the living planet... Feel the spirit move you, and understand these words:

"Nothing is Sacred...Only Nature"

Now Join us in PRAYER!

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"NAKED HARP" (2015)

Many OMNIA fans and other musicklovers have asked if it would one day be possible for Jenny to make a more "personal" CD dedicated solely to the magical musick of the Celtic Harp...

We are proud to announce that finally: here it is!!
A beautifull and timeless musickal journey into the realms of Dreams and Faery for all lovers of OMNIA, Loreena McKennit, Clannad and Enya.

Filled with tunes and song all performed by Jenny and lovelingly illustrated with unique fantasy drawings of the Harp-Fairy herself made by the award winning Spanish artist Victoria Frances!!

A CD for Dreaming, a CD for Comfort, a CD for Healing... let the veil fall away and experience the "Naked Harp"! Enjoy!

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"Earth Warrior" (2014)

OMNIA's revolutionary CD! 

- "really the best album they have EVER made"
- "an absolutely BRILLIANT concept album!"
- "EARTHWARRIOR" is really special for ALL OMNIA fans, old AND new"
- "the ARTWORK is stunning! Jenny is so beautifull!"
- "I just can't stop playing it"

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This unique Live CD is the product of more than 15 years of artistic work, creating and developing the new (yet timeless) musical tradition called "PAGANFOLK" ...

This is the finest OMNIA LIVE RECORDING ever made. Recorded during the successful "I don't speak human" club-tour of 2012. Only now, it's being played just for YOU!

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"Musick and Poëtree" has a very special, fresh new sound combined with a more "old school" attitude, true to the original roots and concepts that started OMNIA in the first place. Time is running out for this crazy world filled with human-monkey madness and OMNIA Musick and Poëtree adresses this problem and offers solutions as well as comfort for the other monkeys. Musick and Poëtree is a unique new concept, namely a "2 disc-album" (2 discs = 1 album).

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On this album, OMNIA dared to reveal more of the musical spectrum available to them by exploring an even larger variety of many different musical styles making "Wolf Love" an extremely captivating and enigmatic album.
As you know OMNIA 's PaganFolk music cannot be captured in just one genre, but now, by the sheer diversity of all these new songs, "Wolf Love" gives the impression of having been made by not just one, but many different bands. 

With moods swinging from "happy feel good" through "deeply melancholic" to "defiant and loud". "Wolf Love" is definitely one of OMNIA's most diverse albums.

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"World of OMNIA" 2009

The CD 'World of Omnia' is like a best-of album but including new songs and new versions of our finest older works. Take a journey through OMNIA's history. 

Welcome to our world.


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"Alive!" 2007

This album best represents Omnia's unique blend of Paganfolk and poetry. From dramatic start to fragile finish, this CD is crammed with poetic rantings by the likes of Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe and Steve Sic, a host of international guest musicians and a Digipak with a booklet whose pages are filled with illustrations by none other than Tolkien artist Alan Lee.


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"PaganFolk" 2006

Black is the new Green!
Labeled as a 'genre defining album', this CD clearly illustrates what PaganFolk is all about. Many of the tracks have become live favourites among audiences from all over the world. The first studio album to feauture Jenny's Hurdy Gurdy and containing songs like the hit "Etrezomp-ni Kelted", this CD is a must for all lovers of PaganFolk!

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Albums that are no longer produced by us:

PaganFolk Lore
'Paganfolk Lore' (2008)
'History' (2007)
Cyber Shaman
'CyberShaman' (2007)
Live Relegion
'Live Religion' (2004)

Crone of War
'Crone of War' (2004)

Re-Issued in 2018!

'3' (2003)
Sine Missione (2nd release)
'Sine missione' (2002)
'Beltaine' (2000)
Sine Missione (1st release)
'Sine missione' (2000)