Mr.Fluffy's big adventure without Stenny at thee medd-evil Festival mediaval 2015

Dis is me an mr.Blacky ... da Big Boss Man from Festivall meddiavval, dis is thu only peeple here who is ALMOST as immportant as me!!! we be two verry important dudes togedder!
Hide and seek wid mr. Daphydzz gurlfrend mr. Marshaa! may Go! an be green!
Me an mr.Security guy at da gate! he nice strong man an let me do da Beep! Beep! backstage pass thingy machine on the thingy wristband whatsits!
nice mr. barman please give me Hunnywine!
AAAAAAGHH!!!! HELP!!! mr.Saatriaa want kill me!!!! (he just jealous big bully cos me is prettier dan him!)
hmmmm? smells like Hunney!
mr.Fluffy is da BEST soundman EVVA! me tell mr.Sascha wat to do cos me be best moozik produuuzer!
dis is me getting facepaint...euh?...facepaint?...noooooooooooh!!!! me is byoootifull allready!
itz a plaice me go when...hips!...euhh...blakhouse
Der-z a plaice..callld da blakhouse...
me an mr and missus Franz da bootz peeple!
me give Merchie mr.DamienRafen a good masssaage!...reeelaxe!
mr. Franz Wimmer make da BEST BOOTS EVVA!!! says SteveSic an Jenny... so me want his middelalder Boots tooo!!!
Me plays a game wid..euh?...wid euhh?... wid mr. reeeely nice hat lady! Me win! ...ofcorse...
me has cooool fokking modderfokker shades and flashlight now like Roadie Thomas! Yo! me da rooooooooadieee! me look a 1000 miles wid me eyes!
Dis Cammerra has a FLUFFY!!!! OMG!!! Its sooo fluffyy I couuld DIE!!!!
Der is noo OMNIA teesjurt in mr.Fluffy size?, says merchie Majo!
Uncle Daphyd fiynalllyy show me how to plaay Didjeriidoodoo!
Burdjebaaarrrr burdjebaaarrrr wokka burdjebaaarrr...toot!
Dis is me drivving da BIG CREWW BUS!!! wid uncle Sascha Soundman!
druummingg wid uncle Rob!
me got some feztivval dusst in me Eye... uncle Robs eyye dropps help a lot
mr.Fluffys throne of stone!
Booom Boom Babyy!
me laikes da leaves!
is easieer forr me at festivvalz cos me don hef to walk all da taim in auntie Miezz.z bag!
me want learn to playy uncle Daphyyds didjereedooo tooo!!!
butt apples is mutch better for unicornz...YUM!
dis is me restting in the graassfood plaice
wiiieeeeeeh! itsa medd-evil swingg!
dis is me wid de stinkey holy cheesus!