OMNIA live at Festival Mediaval in Aš (Czech) 2018 (Album nr. 1)

The OMNIA Collective
The pied piper
Mr. Fluffy in action!
Any OMNIA Musician before coffee...
The Beauty and the Hag
"Scotty, beam me up!"
Level 16 Paladin, commuting with his deity.
Steve choosing OMNIA's next sacrifice.
Whacky Jenny
Summoning Taranis, God of Thunder!
Annicke and her beautiful, self-made costume!
Cernunnos honouring OMNIA with an appearance on stage.
The Danish are coming!
A Bulgarian in his natural habitat.
When Steve talks too much on stage...
You know what they say about women with big drums...
Joe, The Irish Guitar Hero
A Happy Fairy
That fly has been annoying me the whole show!
Sara, Crone of War
Jakob, going with the flow.
Didge-Demon Lars.
Shaman of Chaos
Priestess Annicke in the shadows
Joe "King" Hennon
"The Heron"
Definitely NOT background singers!
Tapping away...
Wasn't this the end of the song?
Steve "Stick"
Koen worshipping the Morrigan.
Horny Girls Blowing on stage.
Red Dread Redemption
Earth Ninja
I could fly if I wanted to, I could reach for the sky!
A job well done!
... And together we are OMNIA!