OMNIA live at Festival Mediaval in Aš (Czech) 2018 (Album nr. 2)

Christopher Juul bellowing the first notes of the show.
Shaman Steve Sic
The singing Heron
One way of life, one way to die!
Koen-Fu fighter
Steve in a sea of blue light.
Jenny in the fog.
The Pope of Paganism.
Sara singing her heart out!
Koen laying down flute tracks, late at night!
>Flute noises intensify<
Look at that facepaint!
Jenny and the Harp.
There's a place, called the Blackhouse!
Jenny playing so heavenly that the gods bless her with holy light!
Happy Sic
Christopher also plays bouzouki?!
Is this tuned in the right key?
Koen's nobility face
Dark Chris
Steve remembering that he didn't leave the gas on at home.
Heya heya!
Toys in the Attic!
Sara and Annicke getting evil!
Joe Hennon, in the zone.
Jakob keeping the beat!
THIS... is the cool face.
Jenny going from p(iano) to f(orte)!
The OMNIA Collective