OMNIA live at Festival Mediaval in Selb (DE) 2018 (Album nr. 2)

Steve flailing around!
Black 'n white cool guys.
*pling pling plong*
an AWESOME shot of Steve Sic
A GREAT crowd shot!
Jenny playing the Bodhrán
Lars didgeri-doing his best!
Koen getting his flute ready!
The Crowd.
Happy Sara is happy :)
And here we have the new OMNIA mascot: LARS!
Sara and Annicke singing their lungs out!
The Pagan gals of OMNIA
Steve getting ready for the rapture!
Show me your (earth)WAR(rior) FACE!
Flutes in the fog.
The OMNIA Collective
Sara banging the drum with passion!
The horny Davul
*screaming intensifies*
"And the crowd goes bananas!"
Awesome lights done by Jacob!
"Green Steves was my heart of joy"
Koen "The Heron" whistling wisely.
Joe "King" Hennon; in the zone or asleep on the job?
Are you ready for some PaganFolk Rock?!
Goblin Priestess Annicke
Jakob, keeping the rythm steady.
Focused Steve
The OMNIA Collective playing into the night..
Photo moment!
Free merch FLY! (Heyooo!)
Look at all those... people!
Steve Sic pleasing the photographers with some extra quirky shots.
Koen cleaning Christopher's ear. (What a gentleman!)
The Stage
"And here on our right you can see..."
Flutes in the mystic mist.
Happy people.
Bumblebees and blossom, only Steve 'n me...
Shruti and the Beauty
"Over the rainbow"
Guys and their flutes.
A very happy Annicke.
Jenny and Mr. Fluffy!
The gentle voice of Sara.
Twirlin' around!
A very happy Peter, cleaning his drums..?
Chris in the spotlight.
Jenny singing her heart out!
Staring into your soul.
Steve stubbed his little toe.
*Evil Giggle*
Ready to strike.
Will Joe ever wake up?
You've lost your marbles!
Toys in the Attic
An attic full of toys
Mr. Chaos Hand
What if I told you that you could swim like a dolphin?
Robots look so lifelike nowadays!
A very happy Sara
Jenny's got bats in her belfry.
Incoming bow...
Taking a bow!