OMNIA live at Festival Mediaval in Selb (DE) 2018 (Album nr. 3)

Christopher's starry gaze
Pagan Lady Jenny
The things Peter has seen, cannot be unseen..
Shaking the shaker
*gazes in Irish*
*gazes in German*
*gazes in Dutch*
Annicke looking fabulous as ever!
Look at the details of that outfit!
The Bulgarian Barbarian, Peter Todorov!
One way of life..
One way to die!
Steve's looking pleased!
Koen: "I can almost read what it says on his head, but..."
What? I need to look even cooler? Whatch this..
*Cool face*
"Uhm, could someone tell me what handgestures are allowed in Germany nowadays?"
"This one? Yeah? Cool, let's ROCK!"
Annicke trying not to move, so that the T-rex won't spot her.
The roadie reassuring Koen that nothing will go wrong on his watch.
Steve taking it front 'n center.
If you know the words; sing along!