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you are so great !
Greetings from Germany


You are a true blessing, and after reading through the guest book, you have definitely touched lives. You are one of a kind and I am so happy to know you music.

Josh Wilesmith

Humble greetings from Australia, Omnia has such a great message and it’s wrapped in the spectacular sound of the Forest. Love your music, in particular Earth Warrior, Fee Ra Huri and Morrigan. Keep doing what your doing!

Edward Harding

I found your music on YouTube and enjoyed it. Just wondering if you will be touring in Canada in the near future?


Hello, I'm from India I loved the song 'Fee Ra huri' and now I am big fan of your band. Liked to see a live performance here at Kerala, India.
I found your band from YouTube suggestions.

Rebecca johnson

Your music and attitudes touch my soul. Thanks

Kendall van Son

I found your band through a friend and would love to see you live here in,Canada!!!... Or how about doing a live, YouTube concert for your Canadian fans!!!

Angela O'Neal

Hello from Florida! You guys have made an impact on both myself and my wiccan sister! We listen to your musick near constantly, so today just sending love and healing from our hearts to yours. Merry meet and Merry part until another time.


i really miss the raventime with the Omnia Runelore.
And i would be interested by Steve experience and wisdom as a father.

Meleth a sîdh i amar!

john carlson(hauk~blackwolf)

We love you and your musick , please never stop. Someday I will come see, and life will never be the same. All the best from Canada. May Mother Earth feed you divinely.

Diana Anderson

Would love to see you in North Carolina. Just discovered your music and love it.

Bettina Schmidt

Hi Stenny,
my englisch is not the best, but I want
to say, that you are every day in my heart and I was really surprised to see you in Berlin at the Irfarn-concert..
Me and my Child's hear your musick every day, and I do my best, that the respekt nature and the creatures thats live into it... its not difficult, everyone can do that....
Love you since years...

Patty (Teagan)

I discovered you a couple months ago. I absolutely LOVE your music. There is something about it that makes the hair on my arms stand up. I love to meditate to it too. I think you are all amazing. I do Psychic readings sometimes and like to play it in the background. I am of Danish heritage so I can relate to all this. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with the rest of us and keep the music coming!


Please Please Please Please Please Please....
Come to Florida..Your music is sublime and wonderful
Full of life and light like the Sun.
What better place to put it one display than the Sunshine State.

Denice Garrou

I will probably catch crap for this. I just stumbled across you guys. I totally get you. But I think you are much more than "Pagan". I find on my journey that most pagans care less about Gaia or what they put in their mouths. It's so sad. I stay away from a lot of the pagan stuff now a days due to this. I am an Earthkeeper and a Starseed who has come here to help Gaia evolve and I am riding her wave of ascension to the higher realms. And its been one hellofa ride! Thank you for your
work and supporting Gaia-Sophia who has once again returned to us and she is stronger than ever. Many Blessings

Arcana Lysethavis

Wow I can't believe I haven't heard of you guys until this year (2019). I just so happened to get lucky after listening to a video by The HU, youtube took us (my boyfriend and I) to "Suck My Flute!" Magnificent song and totally taking a person into a more magical world! Then here come so many more of your majestic songs. I am totally blown away by your talents! Keep up the great work! Hail from the USA!

Arcana (Julie)


Hey there doctor sic. I met omnia 2 year ago i guess, a friend of mine introduce me to the wolf love album and I was amazed with the songs and the rythm. But it was on these year, and sinceraly a few days back, that I could really breath your music in. It all started with earth warrior and then, when I noticed I was talking with my friends a lot about those songs and the messages on them. I saw the pagan folk lore on youtube, and seeing you presenting those songs but still with message and history and culture, completly mind blowing my friend. I didn't knew that wytches brew was a letter from mcbeth by the way. Well, I wanted to say that I feel that I'm starting to understand how our world works and part of that knowledge came from those divine songs you all compose. And understanding it is in fact SCARY, cause, once you have these conpreprehension, well you know "with great powers, come great responsabilities" you can't look away now right? You gotta do something and these will not be easy, but you must. I just wanted to thank you all Sic, Jenny, Joe, Caicus, Gaudia, Zaza, Ursula, Argus, Gaius, Timor, Florissimo, Kleine Ben, Catilina, Thalia, Luka, Susanne, Mich, Barca, Yoast, Tommy, Philip, Maral, Sunfire, Crow and Thunder. Thank you all for all the parts you play on these eternal school called life. We all love you too omnia, keep spreading your love.
Ps: Would you please come to Brasil, Rio de Janeiro to be more specific, maybe on the "circo voador" to be even more specific. Lol be in peace. Oh and Steve and Jenny, the way you love each other, the passion in your eyes, made me start looking at myself and my girlfriend with new eyes again. Once again, thank you.

Eli Rae

Where are you from? I love the sound!! Also I love English subtitles! I listen to a lot of music from different countries with different languages! Once I hear it I just wanna know what it means!! Have you ever listened to Mongolian heavy metal? They do a lot of their traditional throat singing! The Hu is awesome!!! Anyway Thank you so much! Your Music is Amazing! Take care!!


Suck my flute say you...I have a storey to tell you about a family who played flute.

The hardiest human beings ever forged played flutes long, long, long before píob mhór. (Irish War pipes)
fíor grá buáih amsir garach Tuatha Dé Danann dáil Dagda.

The calling of the sióg (Faire) - Fair Peoples. Light skinned peoples. Small. - Fairey. Elusive, they were here long first.
They are the way to Dagda. If you seek Dagda, then first seek sióg.

Dagda is the King (God); Father of Tuatha Dé Danann..
A big man, with a hidden (hooded...shrouded) face. He appears suddenly toward you with club in one hand known as lorg mór (Giver or taker of life)
One club end means life. The other club end means death, born and taken and between are the stories we tell.

Passing memory, wisdom and life experience to young ones around camp fires, meal tables, bedsides and stories, while walking, shopping or in the car.
It is a way as it always has been no different to the cycle of day and night, sun and moon, long winter and summer, born and taken.
From end to beginning from beginning to end in all things, Dagda is Father. Provider of crops, (food), changer of emotion, knowledge, attitude, motivation, giver or taker of life...

Not only for the long time of Winter, but for the long winter of time... beidh Dagda Ar an mbealach ar an bíseach a fheiceann tú arís ag Meath Brú na Bóinne...four minutes before the sun is reborn...
Immortality through memory: "fíor grá " (true love) Tuatha Dé Danann still lives.

Good music always stirs my imagination to a good storey.


Hi Steve,

I have stumbled upon Omnia while watching a Faun Video on Youtube. Fe Ra Huri Live from the I am Not Human Tour was the first Video I saw and from then on I am a new fan of Omnia. Although I am not into music much anymore, I spent a lot of time with Guitar a decade ago. Now I hear music for very short periods. As I am a Muslim, there are things that are more important. From your bio, I find that you are an ardent lover of nature and denounce the materialistic life that has become too artificial. I also agree with you. This world will become more and more artificial day by day and Humans will become less Humane day by day. You know why? Because people are slowly going away from the True Religion, the Religion of Welfare of Life, of Reason, of Respect and of Love. There is only one Religion in this World which is unaltered and has been pure since it came 1400 years ago. It is the Religion which says everyone is your brother/sister, treat him/her with kindness. It is the Religion which says speak in a way so that the person you are spoken to is not hurt in any way. It is the Religion which says you have to share your food with your neighbor and 40 dwellings on your every side are your neighbors. It is the religion which says you must love all the creatures on this earth for they were created for you, It is the Religion which say you must be honest in all aspects, do honest deeds and ask others to do righteous deeds. Nature is a collective Entity which serves the Supreme who created everything. A time of difficulties is ahead my friend. You must stick to the right path in order to overcome it. Dig deeper, you will find the Truth.