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F*ck off the Blogging.

please remind the good old Raventime.
Maybe in a paper printed version to held in hands, send by real humans to the real place where all the mutant monkeys waits for your wise gibberish *.

Please don't stop talking to US.

I am quit honest - in my opinion you resign to easy by go into the mountains. And it makes me enraged to leave US behind just with silverdisk of music and the memory of the ecstatic moments.

And yes, i could live with the idea to travel a long road to find YOU to talk with YOU only in person and build houses, plant vegetables and praise with YOU that TERRA OMNIA doesn't stay a imaginary bubble outside of this world.

By the way i am still waiting for more runelore.
And please excuse my english.



Hi Stenny,

I'm just reaching out to let you know that in the darkness of the world, your light is still shining. I'm over in America, where insanity reigns supreme. I found you completely by accident and fell in love with your music and your message. Its fascinating how music speaks so deeply to us. Your music reaches out to something deep inside of us, bringing pure joy as we reach back to share a happy dance! I've wanted to message you as you have made a safe haven to retreat from the crazy world and at least for a moment forget the insanity and just celebrate the music. We'll get through this BS and then I hope to see you on tour. Keep being you and thank you for all the beautiful gifts you share!


So the wheels keep turning and change is inevitable....
Always eye opening and inspirational to read your blogs and they really send me on a journey to try and do better; very grateful to you for that but sad to find you've come to this point.
I've always considered the internet and social media like a tool, to be used by us all and not the other way round, but maybe we can change the way we use this tool..
So, as I am quite "old school" maybe pen and paper can be a way foreward: write a book or a periodical paper , I would buy and subscribe! (just thinking out loud, and we may need the internet to know about it..)
One day to wander and come to your Terra Omnia seems like a great idea, for all you have shown us it looks like a beautiful place to be.
What ever happens next, thank you for everything, and your music I will play and love forever!
Big return-hug!

Archaologist Jenny

Totally understand, but please don't give up. Where there is life there is hope! I know it is hard but please don't stop blogging, reading your posts have helped me through lockdown and I look forward to each new one. You make a difference and surely that is worth something? I respect your decision to retreat but am sad if you do go ahead. Wishing life, light and love to you and Jenny


greenings to you,please allow me to introduce myself,im call forest walker by some or the old man of the wildplaces,but no matter its just a name.this internet as its called is some what new to me.but the music and old ways are not,i have listen to your thoughts and feelings through the music and words you let go in song to those who have the spirit to listen and i hear you and jenny have chosen to live the way we were always meant to,we are all part of the beauty of the mother herself,it is with heavy heart many know that humans favour greed and power,with no love or thought for the land,and even less for the mothers pain as we rape and burn her,they dont hear her crys or feel her pain anymore,but some hear her still.which brings me to the point,the path you have both chosen now is where your path took you and that is your gift for what you have both done on your journey.many have heard you word and many believe in what you have done,and many follow matter if you both read this or not.what is important is what you had to say in trueth,the forests and the wildplaces and all that live in these places hear you and always will.both of you live in peace on the beauty of mother earth and enjoy her gift to you both......forestwalker an unknown friend who dont matter.


Your sad blog. Yes Steve, we will walk 1000 miles to find you and talk face to face. See msg on Contact.


Steve, I really understand your la(te)st blog, actually I wondered for a long time how you manage to still keep going. But it almost physically hurts my heart that you seem to think all your work was pointless. It wasn't. IF NOT FOR YOU - I would have never found my way and see nature the way I do now. I love you both dearly, not just for your music but for who (and how) you are. Though I'm sad that I may not see, read or listen to you anymore: I'll be content to know that you found at least a little peace on your Terra Omnia. Blessed Be!

Carolyn Steiner

I came across your music last year, it has changed my life. It has awaken something within me, that has lied dormant for soo long. I can not describe the depth gratitude....
Thank you for everything that you do....
Love & hugs
New Zealand


I just discovered your music today. I am in love! I just want to say thank you for the music you've brought to our world. Blessed Be.


To Stenny,

The lady walks along the snow-clad road. Her familiar keeps pace by her side. She marvels at the beauty that surrounds--so fragile.

Greenthingz covered in snowy white,


Stephen Bell

Omnia Green things, you are such a glorious, talented source of energy and inspiration!

Much love from Arizona USA.


Dear all, it's been a few days now that I discovered your band and your music and really loved it. I listen to you every day and it is pure happiness. You are all very talented and your musical style is also superb. I appreciate it very much. I really hope to see you one day in concert if you go through France. Keep it up because a band that makes music like yours and really great and remarkable.
Love of France.

Bruno Wolff

For some years I have been awakening my conscience when I received the call of the Goddess in the old religion, in this process I got to know your music. It is so beautiful and speaks so delicate in my soul that I have your music as a friend of all hours. Every day when I wake up I start listening to your music and I feel so good. Thank you for the transcendental music. Greetings from Brazil.


Seid gegrüßt ihr lieben Seelen. Ich wünsche euch von Herzen die besten Inspirationen und deren Umsetzung in 2021. Es geht immer weiter- es liegt an uns.
Alles Liebe

Aimar Metal

Hello Omnia, Hello Stenny!!
I don't know if you will ever read this one, but here it goes;

I am a huge fan of your music and your lifestyle, and I feel like you help me on my path, good and bad moments.

I have made a tribute video for you and all the world of omnia´s family and I just want to share it with you all.

Hope you are enjoying life and retirement (but I wish I could see you live in a future). Best wishes for all and thanks for everything.



Your music has gotten me through the pandemic. I can see the love in your eyes for eachother. Knowing that kind of love exists makes every day worth striving for. Merry Met!! Love you both.


I would wish that yall could perhaps return just once as a reunion that could be film I do know many folks would come if it was permitted or buy the DVD and of course the proceeds could be used to further the protection of the great Earth Mother.


Hello friends!

Ever since I first discovered your music about 2 years ago, I have been more opened to nature, culture, and music. Your music and messages make me feel more alive and inspired. Thank you for sharing your special talent. I bless you with great days to come. I love you guys!
Greetings from Utah, USA

Ella Rose SilverMoon

Hello... This is Ella SilverMoon from Idaho State. In U.S.A.
I found your lovely Musik on YouTube..I have fallen for your bands lyrics and videos... Love it all. I am still learning the Pagan way of life and I love everything I am learning, and implementing it to my life. Unfortunately I am still a Mutant Monkey but learnong quick to not speak human very much longer and be in tone with Mother Nature and all her animal children..


Thoroughly have enjoyed your music on Youtube. Having read some of your philosophies you can be assured there are many who believe the same. I take great joy in knowing that people like you accomplished a great sound, exhibited great talent, gave us a brief escape and now are pursuing their continued search into happiness. Thank you for sharing with us and bless you all.