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Greenthingz Jenny & Steve / OMNIA


Olá, eu moro no Brasil e vocês mudaram a minha vida, com toda a certeza! Quando comecei a ouvir as suas músicas, elas me tocaram profundamente, isso há cerca de dez anos atrás, busquei por uma espiritualidade celta e xamânica, deixando progressivamente todos os dogmas e crenças e assumindo quem eu realmente sou nesse mundo, venho nesse processo em várias questões, incluindo minha sexualidade, e sempre quando ouço suas canções e vejo vocês, me inspiro profundamente, ganho força e sigo em frente! Obrigada pelas canções que tocam a alma, obrigada por despertar corações afoitos pela liberdade e autenticidade, obrigada por ser quem vocês são!


Today recieved my personal copy of Reflextions on vinyl, put it on the eco-friendly “stir-it-up” turntable and sit back........
What a trip!!, those 62 year old bones felt 26 again for a while.
Thank you Omnia for all the joy and reflexion you bring us for so many years.
Blessings be upon all free spirits, Koos.


I have no idea how to tell you what your music has done to me....... I'm a big fan of your music and more over your lifestyle it inspires me a lot........ thank you so much for your music....... we want more music more about nature and more about you......

Totally love your music and life......

Always waiting for your new updates.....



I have been a massive fan for years.
In the last three an a half months your music has been a saving grace. In March my mum passed on to the summer lands. Today I'm about to lose the only home I've ever known after 34 years of living here.
I live in confusion right now.
But I worry about the fox family and their kits that live in my garden, the hedgehogs (which in the uk are soon to be massively endangered) the numerous birds that have taken to wing in the trees thats just for them and my mums roses, old man Holly who was here before we moved in, they'll kill it all and it'll all be gone.
But through it all I listen to your music and find a comfort and a strength.
So I just wanted to say that this earth warrior is greatful to you.
Thank you.

David Rondeau-Morel

I'm agree with you. Time for the race to grow, crazy life! I'm so sad to read that you going top retreat in forest, but I understand you and you have a lot of chance to be able to do that! Thnak you for all this beautifull music!!


Hola, Me llamo Unai y mi hijo de 7 años está enamorado de vosotros desde el año pasado que escuchó una canción vuestra (Bilbao, España) en una tienda de mi ciudad. Tiene muy buen oído y es capad de tocar vuestras canciones con flauta sin que nadie le enseñe, ahora que está de vacaciones todos los días por la mañana toca un rato y hace sus performance, es muy gracioso. Dice que quiere ver un concierto vuestro y acabo de encontrarme con vuestra página pero ya veo que además de que no soléis salir de Paises Bajos lleváis tiempo sin conciertos. Es una pena... un saludo y espero volváis a los escenarios.

Jeffrey w Johnson

I live in Issaquah Washington. Love you guys, thank you for your messages and sharing your passions. Gives me hope to one day get out of the belly of the beast.


Je viens de passer commande pour l'anniversaire de ma fille qui va avoir 12 ans le 1er juillet..
Depuis environ 1 an, elle adore vos musiques!! Vous etes son groupe préféré! On vous aime tous énormément!!! Mais Lîlâ notre fille encore plus !!

Merci à vous pour toutes ses belles vibrations ! Cette belle énergies a travers la musique et les paroles!


Au plaisir!
Les Lîlâbellules :)

Captain Richard Arlington Briggs Jr

Hail and Well Met!
Howdy and G'day from Central Texas!
Appreciate your vibes.
Deep Peace and Blessings of Strength to all y'all.
Aho and Aye says I!
Capt. Rick.


I don't normally dream about people, especially those I've never met. When I do, I tend to feel I should reach out. One can never be too sure if the other dreamed the same dream (dreamwalking, as I call it). So... I'm reaching out. I hope you are all okay. this disabled pixie can't travel physically to find you, but in my mind I am free.

Yes, I know I sound like a complete lunatic.

Carsten Müller

Hi omnia....sadly i discovered your wonderful music only a couple month before...but...i got are great...nowadays i become a huge fan of your music, your are now my absolute number one band...even i am an old man now...with 54 years of struggeling....surching...i lived a couple years in the united states and followed the grateful dead untill jerry garcia died...not nowing what to do than.....because i was a deadhead and i lost my family....i choose to live as a rainbow warrior in the woods....the rainbow tribe became my new bros and sis....after they made me leave the states...because in their eyes i was an illegal alien...just because i had no visa...they deported me back to germany....i felt so lost and lonely....surching for a new famiĺ i know what to do...when you are back on tour i will follow you...always...and and jenny..if you really read this...i would be so glad if you contact me...i am open minded and free...i can go everywhere after my son died last november at the age of 18....if you ever need help in any way..i would love to join your tribe...maybe you need a gardener...a roadie on tour or any other thing for me to do...i am your man...just contact me....make my dreams come true and be part of your family...please...i relly mean it...jenny and are the coolest couple i ever are made for eachother....and i love you....both....hihi....your fan....carsten...the painkiller ... love and peace


I am so fascinated by this group! I like the Omnia - Pagan Folk Lore concert best! It's just amazing! I made folk music myself for years, but unfortunately before that time!
I always wondered who the guitar player was and when I found out he was with Shantalla it occurred to me that I must have seen him at Kitty O'Shea's in Brussels! But who is this incredible Digeridoo player?
Greetings from Germany

Kyme Fletcher

We listen to your music often. Doing the same, land, nature, animals and live as free spirits as we can. I follow your Facebook when you post..Thank you for the inspiration and we think alot a like. My Boyfriend was the one who played your "I Don't Speak Human" and i was hooked. To people living how we want to live is good. Thank you for all you do. Your music is honest and inspiring! Live well take care

"Windsong Canyon" - Fred McCall

We play Native Flutes and world percussion. I experienced your passion and music artistry at Faerieworlds in Eugene,OR . I was very much influenced by your music. I have written over 100 songs in a very Celtic tribal way. Thank you so very much for what you have given to our world - so very important!! WE are in So California. Joyce is also an incredible artist and musician, I play music. So many people have really connected with my music, especially when I play my 3 chamber native flute-it is magic! We are on Facebook =Windsong Canyon, Fred McCall, The Ortfaerie - many pictures of us. We do not record just play live!


lieber steve, liebe jenny..
das statement vom 21.januar 2021 "i used to be a blogger...." hat mich sehr betroffen gemacht..hat steve doch all die dinge aufgeführt, die mich auf diesem planeten der affen so nachdenklich, traurig und wütend machen..gerade in der momentanen zeit merke ich, in welchem system wir eigentlich leben..ich bin 1966 geboren und habe die zeit mitbekommen, als demonstriert wurde gegen atomkraft und krieg und gehofft wurde auf eine bessere zukunft..über uns ökos, vegetarier und weltverbesserer wurde nur gelacht..und heute?..heute ist es "hip" vegan zu sein, blumen zu pflanzen und bäume zu umarmen..das fühlt sich aber nicht ehrlich an und all das getue macht mich traurig..
ein earth warrior war ich schon mit 16jahren und bin es geblieben..ich mag menschen, doch lieber sind mir die tiere und die pflanzen..doch muss ich als hochsensibles wesen in all dem "mensch"gemachten system den schlechten schwingungen der gedanken oder des elektrosmogs..wohldosiert im netz unterwegs sein und nur auf das herz hören..egal, was die selbsternannten götter erzählen und diktieren..und NICHT AUFGEBEN!..und auch, wenn es oft aussichtslos scheint und wir kraftlos sind, sollten wir weiter für diese erde kämpfen..nicht mit verzweiflung, hass und traurigkeit, sondern mit hoffnung, mut und liebe..und eurer wunderbaren musik..danke!
seid lieb gegrüßt aus einem kleinen dorf in deutschland



I used to play your Freedom Song while cruising in my Honda on the way to Revelry rehearsals. It was very energizing and I truly miss those days.

Cheers and Spring Green Things.

Jack in Texas



I dance with the children to this song!


Greetings from New Jersey. My wife and I just came upon your music a few hours ago on YouTube and have been playing it all night. We love it! Thanks for the amazing songs. I know we will be enjoying your music for many years to come

Hadrian the Celt

Just found you guys today via your Pagan Folk Lore and I was completely blown away, it's Magnificent and breathtaking... the Earth Warrior video, not so much lol.
But I'm a fan now!

FYI may I use the Cernunnos intro poem for my Celtic Whispers meditation app? The Cernunnos meditation will be far more powerful with your poem included.

Slán is Beannacht!


Just saw your smogblog, glad your devices have off switches and network cables :-) And even a nice and calm house blackout for the night. Smart meters can use the same frequencies as smartphones, so as long as you can keep some distance from them, they should not be much worse than those. Have you checked how often they go to send mode? Is that something you can configure or can have configured by your electricity company? Of course, dumb meters would be a lot nicer. Also, thanks for helping out our feathered friends!