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All these years, we kept our guestbook (sadly a very old-fashioned thing
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Greenthingz Jenny & Steve / OMNIA


Hello dear ones,

First of all, thank you so much for your heart-warming and encouraging songs.

Is there actually a way to get sheet music from you? I play the harp and I can't get the song Harp of Death out of my mind. It would be nice if I could accompany it.

I hop you are going well. You are important.

Be blessed,


Dear Yvonne

I am sorry to say I never really write my arrangements down...Maybe you can get a teacher to help you with it? or just figure out the chords and play them in your own way. It is a very tricky arrangement, and has 2 harps playing together at the end ;-)


Greenthings and Harp On !

Jenny / OMNIA


THANK YOU!!! I found you on YouTube about 8 months ago. I had never heard of the Morrigan . She is now my queen. Before your music, I had been stuck in stagnant Christianity. Now I’m free! My mental health has NEVER been so good! I’m so very grateful for your music, your message, your joy in life! You guys are awesome! Again, thank you!

Nancy Scarbrough

Dearest Jenny,
I finally received my order! It was worth the year and 3 month wait! Thank you so much for emails of apologies, things are out of control these days, no worries, shit happens,! I love ALL my Omnia goodies,
so beyond awesome just like Omnia! I so hope you’ll be at FaerieWorlds in Oregon this year! Thank you for all the happiness and soul felt beautiful miusik you’ve created and shared with the world!
Much heartfelt love and respect, Nancy

Suzan Vrba

I just discovered you and am entranced! Your sound is unique and touches something deep in my soul. What a wonderful gift you bring to the world.


Hi omnia fortunately I can block installation of smart grid and hope to be disconnected from the grid soon. I feel for you’re situation and have no high hopes for a reasonable solution from a government. So, shield the damn thing not just tin foil but Propper shield stuff. I don’t know where that thing is at but if it is in you’re house or on you’re property no one is stopping you putting it in a metal box, closed or whatever. You could hide it by wrapping it in wood or even use shielding paint. Don’t tell them let them figure out why there spyware is not working.

If it is not on you property well: I won’t suggest anything illegal here.

On a completely different topic: Did you know target practise using a bow and arrow is good for you’re mental health. Slingshot and spears probably do the same for you, And when finding a target do the permaculture thing it is best to have multiple benefits like: Good target, getting rid of something you don’t like and most importantly the immense joy after hitting the target.

Turn a bad situation into a good one

I wish you all the best and good hunting trash.

I Hope you will be in a position to go off grid some day

O and also, love the music thanks


Just a quick message that I received the package with the CDs and hoodie in "decent" shape. So Jenny, no need to worry about your fight with the tape ;)

Greethings from Belgium (metalhead refinding his root in nature)

Fabrice PRIETO

bonjour omnia ,je m'appelle fabrice PRIETO ,je vous souhaite de vivre et de continuer a vivre comme vous le faites ,je souhaite un jour vous rencontrer ,je suis la source .


Hullo, OMNIA!

I discovered you some 3 years ago and ever since you've been a huge inspiration for me, in many ways. We need more bolder music from you!
I'm from Siberia but live in Norway now. Well the snow over there in my place of origin melts off in spring a month earlier now (on the average) than 20 years ago, which leads to erosion of soil, and the summers have become quite Mediterranean. I missed the -45 frosts the last decade, but warmer weather there doesn't mean increase in animal diversity at all at all.
As for Norway, it's lotsa eco-talk from the authorities but little action.
You're damn right about everything, Steve!

Greetings from Bergen


Hello dearest friends!
I came across you, your music and your lifestyle just one week ago… I did’t know about you before… But indeed, I am very interested in you.
I couldn’t be more far and different from you… I’m a 43 year old catholic woman, I’m a doctor, I practice traditional medicine even I feel profound interest and respect for every form of medicine.. But, you know, perhaps it’s better doing one thing well instead of many ones superficially… Well, this is how I think about…
So I’ve always lived following rules, and indeed I believe in rules.
Nevertheless, I think we are sharing many ideals: the profound love and respect for every human and live-being, the attempt to live sobriety for our’s and all the planet’s health, the rebellion against the politic and economic system which is destroying our world and life. Unfortunately I am deeply entangled in this system, but in my little everyday life I try to live soberly and with as less amount of things as I can, and to be near and helpful to all people.
So… deeply different but indeed deeply similar… assuming I understand something of your message. After all, finding points of sharing among people is one of the best things we can do.
Good luck from Italy, guys! Hope to hear from you, sooner or later.

Brandon B

Hi Omnia,

I just want you to know that your music is my favorite! And I hope to see you live in America some day! I specifically live in California, I don't know the likelihood of that but I hope I get to one day. Keep on keepin on!! Your music is inspiring and soothing.


Bonjour je vous adore continuer comme sa gros bisou de la Seine Maritime et sa serait cool d'avoir la possibilité de pouvoir acheter des drapeaux d'omnia

Kai Nürnberger

Your interpretation of Poe's "The Raven" is overwhelming. The poem has been with me some forty odd years. It takes some time to fully grasp the emotional depth of the situation and text. Steve's voice and his style of singing reveal it all. Jenny's harp playing is much more than background. Daunting in itself. I am grateful for this piece of art by Omnia. Well done, folks!


Bandit Björn

Dear Jenny, we wish you, all the Best and a Happy Birthday to you.

Green Greetings and Hugs, from Germany.

Pekka Moller

Hi from Finland. Just one week ago I found your music. You have given soooo much good vibes. Through your music I remember what I ve forgotten. So wonderful, awesome. Thank you! Thank you for your work for Mother Nature.


Playing Red Shift (again)-never seen you live (yet)hope you are all well thanks for the music.x


Greetings great people!. First of all I want to tank you all with all my heart and soul for your great music and your truthful message.
The wold needs us all to stick together and remain united to hold the truth and the love to our mother. Even if its not our time, wise nature has taught us the art of patience and opportunity. Maybe its time for us to become a giant ideological seed, a strong and powerful one, ready to sprout when the time is right. Or when our mother calls us to stand up and do our part.
I feel the same as you. But im affraid we are too small yet. It feels like its out of our reach. But eventually, it will fall. It always do. Nothing can escape the sacred cycle of nature.
Ive been fighting together with my wife in our own way for 12 years for the same as you, but from a different front. We went into nature, with almost no money, and try to encourage ppl to dont be affraid and jump with us if they feel to. But its a hard trail indeed.
It would be incredibly magic for me to share a chat with you both, Stenny, in a more personal way. Since I feel deeply in my heart that we are paddling in the same direction, I'm sure we both can enlighten each other greatly.
But as you may imagine, I'm way too poor to travel and meet you in person. Do you have some other channel that you may use? Some webmail, whatsapp?. Or even pen and paper.
Thanks again for all, and best wishes from Argentina.


Hello and friendly greetings from Vienna. I only just read your words but let me address the questions you put out.

Would I travel a long way to find you to talk to you in person?

Well, I tried. Did not work out. I pestered my friends on a long 9 hour drive with my bubbling joy and happiness to finally see one of my favorite bands live on stage and I was bursting with excitement…
…only to find that you had come and decided to leave straight away again. I was sorely disappointed and later on, I was angry. But now reading your sorry words made my petty grievance go away, you have my sincere compassion,

and yes, I would try again to find you and speak to you personally.

As to your other question, only you can find reason in what you do, but if you rattle people long enough to wake them, to make them better in regards to our planet, is that no reason? I live a small life in a regular 9 to 5 job, but I work with young people from all over the world and I can say they are willing, they do listen, they do cooperate…but they need someone to point things out because they do not think “outside the box” (to say it with your words).

So, our wings have been clipped and our freedom taken. But that is a picture. A frozen moment. It is up to us to grow new feathers and soar again.
I mean to, “how about you”?

old fan

Last sunday people were skating on the ice and now the coming sunday people can take out there sunscreen. Mother is having fever and chills. You (Stenny) left on the right time to find a piece of land to settle down and hopefully you can become a sustainable farm. My memories of Omnia playing live and full of nature's energy are still vivid and I enjoy them very much. Hope Stenny is doing well. The best place to be is in the arms of mother nature.- Wish you all the best and more- Old fan

P.s I'm not a robot :)


Dear Stenny,

yesterday I received the package from Slovenia with your beautiful music in it.
I danced a bit to call me satan and Earth Warrior... alone.
Here in Berlin its freezing from -10 to -2 degrees. The humans are going crazy... they are going out, is this possible ?
Two weeks ago it was gray and muddy like autumn weather and i went alone with my dog in the Grunewald and met nobody.
Now its white and the sky is blue and its like the whole city is going into the forest.
This is not bad maybe their eyes will be opened for mother nature but sadly they throw their trash in the forest and I pick it up every time I see it.
Beside the trash I found also a lot of tree ears and watercress it feels so good eating food out of the forest.
I hope you are going well.

Greenthings Carlo

Raoni "Elfman"

Hey Omnia family,

I was browsing the shop and came with an idea/suggestion: Have you ever considered selling digital goods, or opening a patreon or similar? Maybe its a dumb idea, but seems to work with a lot of artists, maybe offering a way to be closer to you guys is more valuable than a plastic cd. At least for me is ;)

Stay strong under the beautiful winter you're under.