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Iain Horn

all i have to say is amazing ...please play in holland soon


The audio quality on your CDs is top notch. Music has never felt so real listening it through professional gear. It's totally uncompressed and unmastered - so crystal clear and alive!!! Also thanks for rejecting the loudness wars. I wish bands like FAUN wouldn't do that...


Love the music and the whole vibe. Steve, I'm surprised with as comfortable you are with nudity, you haven't treated us to a nice view of your...flute. Love what you guys are doing! Nora-Canada

Sunlight Flare

I love your musick so much! I discovered it a long time ago and have been listening ever since. You guys are such an inspiration in my daily life. Skál!


I'll see you in Aš! Be most welcome in my birth place :D I'm super excited that your prayers will shaken up and cuddle that land! She needs it dearly.

Lunar Wolf

You guys have become a huge inspiration for me. Everything you do, what you sing about, you being free, it seemed to unlock something in me when I listen to your music. I am so happy I have found you guys. I have begun to change my life to help Mother nature and all the creatures in the world while also staying true to who I am. I don't think there is a way to truly express how much I thank you guys for the message you put out. I listen to your music every night, sing and dance when I feel down or when I need a break, even my mate and close friends have taken the time to listen to your music. I hope to one day see you in person and hear the music in blood until then stay safe and keep fighting against the mutant monkeys. ~Blessed Be, Lunar Wolf~

Henri Löfholm

Found you by accident, LOVE YOU TO BITS! I'm from Finland and as of writing this I have yet to hear your song/songs in Finnish but I shall.

Marc Smith

I’m hooked. I discovered Omnia a few days ago and now have been listening to nothing else. The lyrics resonate deep within me unlike anyother band has ever been able to. The unique summons the feeling ritual and magic that I can not stop listening to.

Luce R.

Hi, my name is Luciana, I'm 19 years old and I live in Brazil. I'm writing because I've always felt the need to tell how I feel but I never had the courage, because my English is not very good. but today I spent the day reading your Facebook posts, listening to their music, and I thought, "I need them to know how they changed my life." A few years ago I was a very sad and dark person, always looking for something that did not seem to exist, a hope inside me, but then, in short, I knew his art, I knew a song with essence and magic, and for a while that only kept me on my feet, I had become routine to listen to her music when I woke up, eat, relax, before bed ... because she was the only one there at that moment of my life that made me feel good. with the passing of the years I stopped to look at how I changed after meeting you, it seemed that in all these little years of my life I was looking for you and an emptiness was taking care of me. but as all this life and magic came into my soul I realized how all this was part of me. even though I did not know you personally or went to any of your concerts for financial reasons, I always felt that where I was going, you were there with your music to cheer me up and make me feel the nature and the life around me. in short, I learned to live after I began to listen to them, I met a very special person, and today we are building our way together, but only because their art did not let me give up. the will to fight the darkness in me made me lift my head and face them just like my demons. so I just have to thank them, I love them very much and you are part of my story, you can be sure. I just wanted to let you know that here, so far in Brazil, there is a very dedicated fan who has made his art the strength to never give up fighting. thanks, and sorry for the huge text. Luciana R. S. Moraes


Ich liebe eure Musik und eure Liebe zur Natur. Ihr seit ein tolles Vorbild für mich und viele andere. Einmal live sehen...das wäre ein Träumchen. Dieses Jahr schaffe ich es leider nicht nach Selb. Meine Hoffnung ist das ihr nächstes Jahr auch dort seit. Lg Lovis


Thank you for taking me to a better place, each and every time I hear your words and experience the power of your music.


Whenever I start to feel disconnected from The Truth, your music brings me home.
Thank you

Shaun Michael Patric Paine

The words and note fill the chalice that is l\ife.
Ive come to find yet another in a series of the stone that form the oath of life, this music is a far brighter stone then any I've trod in the past. Your rythem and word are power, raw and all filling, thank you one and all.

P.S. I don't speak Human much anymore either

Wake not and spoil the dream; Sleep and be fulfilled

A Unicorn Lost
Shaun M.


Hi Steve, Jenney and other Omnia folks,

I admire everyone. Your music takes me to heaven.

Love for nature.

I really want to meet you guys

ron guptill

dear Stenny,
Hello again, just wanted to extend my greetings prior to Lugnasadh. Here in Orergon it's in the midst of a heat wave. But at least the blackberries are ripening up. The beginnings of a wild harvest to come. even the homeless can make a few bucks, our local ice cream maker will buy berries for a couple weeks. If you're ever in the Eugene area this time of year, check out the local farmers market on Saturdays.
And this being the U. S. of A .,it's the home of, and the front lines in the battle against, the abomination known as trump, the republican party of treason, rape (of women and the land) and greed. But outside of that everything's just grand. (Snark)
I really need to find some local tribe. so if anyone from around Eugene reads this, and can relate, how can I find you?

John Baptist chavez

Just found ur music today and love it



Since you asked, here we are in Trumptopia aka Texas. The skies are also blue, though Saharan dust is in the air, and the temperature and humidity are high. There's been no rain for the last couple of weeks, but big-storm season is not far off so that may only be temporary. Life remains fairly pleasant as long as the AC grinds away, the supermarkets are still well stocked and the gas pumps are still full. And don't tell us Americans about AGW--we're now in total denial.

It appears that our East and West coasts, as well as Northern Europe are experiencing similar weather. Good luck on your concert preps as well as searching for your sylvan retreat.

Greenz (if you can find it),


mario marco farinato ILPIGNA

Thank you for your music :) i really like it , but most of all i like your message, unfortunately my daughter died from pollution, so i really care about the message, i wrote an article on my blog, hope you will enjoy it :) best regards

leandro lucero

I want to express my admiration, I'm from Argentina and in my area only cement surrounds me. his songs reminded me that I should not follow the rest of these monkeys. thanks and my most cordial greetings from "Buenos Aires - Argentina". Thx again