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roel van hout

Hey omnia,

Yesterday ill received may coppy of reflexion.
And in one word Amazing.
First ill smoked some Nice dutch herbs,
When the music started may whole body started to vibrate and ill had goosebumbs everywhere.
Tears of joy rolled over may face.
It is a resume of all omnia emotions, in a really unique way. Just amizing.
This weekend ill will listen it again but than white some Nice home grown mushrooms and friends.

Thank you for this beautiful music

Mary Ann aka LilPixie

I'm so sorry to hear that you have been so sick! :'( Plus I missed Jenny's belated Happy Birthday!!! Your new song and video is Awesome! Then again they always are. We are hoping to get to see you guys live asap, but we are in the US in Alabama. :'( You guys never get that close to us. Hopefully one day we'll be able to travel to come see you! Best of everything to you all! As you say, Greenthings and Silver Swirlies,
Mary Ann (LilPixie) and James (Ulrich)



BRAVO! "Suck my Flute" video works super with the music. Too bad you can't (yet) do it as a stage show. Maybe with an outdoor venue (hopefully fireproof) in your planned "Northern Wonderland" retreat. Or perhaps using a rear projection screen for the acrobatics and pyrotechnics on a more conventional stage. We don't want to do an "Elmer Gantry" and burn down the hall, after all!

Greening Things as Spring approaches,


Paul Poelsma

Hello Steve, Jenny and the other members and crew of Omnia. Thank you so much for the wonderlijke show yesterday in Apeldoorn. Hope you're feeling better. Did you try the "vinegar-socks"? Love you all and i hope and pray you will succeed your goals and ambitions, but above all, I wish you love, health and a long and peaceful life. Greetings from Paul Poelsma.


Thank you so much for the magnificent performance last night. We did feel it in our hearts and souls. Hope you get well soon.


hope you feel better again.

Maybe you remember, 2015 or it was 2016 (time is running so fast)
I allowed to present you my first photo / poetry booklet (Broken Wings).
It was on an MPS.
Well, my pen did not stay still, and so result a second booklet, and maybe it will find space on your shelf.
I would be pleased in any case.
But since you are not at any MPS in 2018.
So, I dont have the privilege to present it to you personally.
Just let me know (my email address is known by this entry) if I can send it to you by mail.
Finally, a little, 'shock' (?),
My first attempt at haiku, in a foreign language that is still quite foreign to me.
Take it with a smile

Op de kale tak
zingt een kleurrijke vogel
- hoopvol melodie -

Best wishes,


Jenny and the Sic(ker) One,

OK, so I downloaded SmF (mostly because I needed a shot of fresh Omnia myself) and yes it is kind of weird--in an entertaining, pleasant and even wistful way. One might even call it semi-psychedelic, with the Celtic flute melody dominant. I'm looking forward to the video.

Just one thing: if the German acrobats were dancing around in the snow half-naked, how come Stenny caught the flu?

Anyway, you have my best wishes (and even a prayer or two) for a full and speedy recovery. Our messed-up world would be even less hopeful without you both.


Michael Forestherbalist

PS: Dry Rowanberry is also a very good voice strengthener, especially after deseases.

Michael Forestherbalist

Hello you poor Victims of the flu.

Even though its hard to stop gripe when it´s already there, you can do a lot, when you cath it at its first signs to at least ease the symptoms.

Collect over the warm season: MEADOWSWEET, LIMEFLOWERS, ELDERBUSHFLOWERS AND THE YOUNG SKIN OF WILLOWTWIGS. Mix it well, and take three to five times a day a god cup of its tea and honey in it. Or put in high percent alcohol and let it ripen at least three weeks and than take a small glas three times a day. (makes a jolly good feeling)- And to recover the voice, AGRIMONY ist one of the best adresses.
All those things should grow in your place too.

This just in short. I wish you the blessings of the gods and you recover soon.
All the best, and pagan green greetings from Austria, yours Michael


Liebe Jenny, lieber Steve,

es ist natürlich schade, dass ihr so viele Auftritte absagen oder verschieben musstet (ich war auch davon betroffen und kann leider nicht zu den anderen Terminen kommen), aber wenn man krank ist, dann geht es eben nicht anders! Dafür haben wir natürlich Verständnis!
Deshalb auf diesem Weg: gute Besserung, bitte werdet ganz gesund damit ihr mit neuer Kraft eure Tour fortsetzen könnt!
Alles Gute


Hallo ihr lieben...
würden uns freuen euch 2018 wieder zu sehen !!
I Love You !

Jojo & Jacky


Hi! I just stumbled upon your magical music and would love to know if you ever planning on making a voyage to the U.S.!?

Lea Verhagen-Oudekotte

Get well soon Jenny and Steve.


we hebben gelijk een kaartje voor en latere voorstelling gekocht.


Greetings from Dorset! This is a question for Steve! Our plan is to go to Ostara spring ball in Newquay in March. Now l know I live a lot closer than you, me being in Dorset and all that . But I'm looking for to you for advice assuming you have been there! Is it all surfing! Because believe me, I don't look good in a wet suit!!!! Please keep doing the brilliant things, and campaigning for the right stuff!
Big hugs love and mushrooms from glorious Dorset! Well it is today!
P.s I've never received my newsletter? Xxx


Liebe Jenny!
Alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag!!!
Mögen all deine Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen!
Danke übrigens, dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast, und einige Gästebucheinträge kommentiert hast! (ich nutze kein facebook!)
Wir freuen uns, dich und die Band am 1. März in Venlo zu sehen.
Alles Gute für die Zukunft, wir lieben dich!


I first heard your song 'I don't speak human' in an otherkin tribute video. I'm otherkin as well as pagan (psst, is Steve otherkin as well?) and was soon hooked to your songs and they really calm me from all of those pop songs and the obnoxious media. It's great to see an amazing pagan band :) - greetings from Slovenia x

Greg Ui'Niall

Blessed Be, I would like to help your band secure sacred land for your community and home building. I will be buying thousands of acres of land near Ashland, Oregon, USA, to establish off grid ecovillages to honor, and protect the land, while restoring food forests to sustain the people as they sustain our plant allies, faerie, elementals, celestials
who work with us. If ever you wish to help build sustainable, off grid Gaia Villages all over the world for Earth Warriors, let me know. Merry Meet


I first heard your music when I was in my final year of college. I have always been drawn to Nature and all the Good, Wild Things of this Beautiful Earth, but growing up with a staunchly Catholic mother and sister left me lonely. In the corporate, celebrity-worshipping, consumer-driven, wasteful USA, I felt helpless, drowing in the same Confusion as the rest of the nation. I learned to shut myself off and keep my love of this Wild World to myself.
I first heard "Free" when I came back from a walk in the Woods on my campus. That was my tipping point. Since then, I've been unashamedly Pagan, forging my own path among (and in spite of) the Mutant Monkeys. Thank you for all of your beautiful Musick, and your boundless drive to spread the Truth!

Love, Hugs, and All Things Wild and Free,


Hi, I am a graphic design student at Yeditepe University in Istanbul, Turkey. Being a fan of your music, I wanted to work on a project regarding you. Thr task I am assigned is to re-design your graphical elements. I was wandering if you I could learn more and detailed information about you and your philosophy in additional to thr alphabet/language that you created (omnian). I sincerely hope to see you guys at a concert in Turkey one day.
Thanks in adcance,
Ebranur Pursa