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Liebe Jenny!
Alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag!!!
Mögen all deine Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen!
Danke übrigens, dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast, und einige Gästebucheinträge kommentiert hast! (ich nutze kein facebook!)
Wir freuen uns, dich und die Band am 1. März in Venlo zu sehen.
Alles Gute für die Zukunft, wir lieben dich!


I first heard your song 'I don't speak human' in an otherkin tribute video. I'm otherkin as well as pagan (psst, is Steve otherkin as well?) and was soon hooked to your songs and they really calm me from all of those pop songs and the obnoxious media. It's great to see an amazing pagan band :) - greetings from Slovenia x

Greg Ui'Niall

Blessed Be, I would like to help your band secure sacred land for your community and home building. I will be buying thousands of acres of land near Ashland, Oregon, USA, to establish off grid ecovillages to honor, and protect the land, while restoring food forests to sustain the people as they sustain our plant allies, faerie, elementals, celestials
who work with us. If ever you wish to help build sustainable, off grid Gaia Villages all over the world for Earth Warriors, let me know. Merry Meet


I first heard your music when I was in my final year of college. I have always been drawn to Nature and all the Good, Wild Things of this Beautiful Earth, but growing up with a staunchly Catholic mother and sister left me lonely. In the corporate, celebrity-worshipping, consumer-driven, wasteful USA, I felt helpless, drowing in the same Confusion as the rest of the nation. I learned to shut myself off and keep my love of this Wild World to myself.
I first heard "Free" when I came back from a walk in the Woods on my campus. That was my tipping point. Since then, I've been unashamedly Pagan, forging my own path among (and in spite of) the Mutant Monkeys. Thank you for all of your beautiful Musick, and your boundless drive to spread the Truth!

Love, Hugs, and All Things Wild and Free,


Hi, I am a graphic design student at Yeditepe University in Istanbul, Turkey. Being a fan of your music, I wanted to work on a project regarding you. Thr task I am assigned is to re-design your graphical elements. I was wandering if you I could learn more and detailed information about you and your philosophy in additional to thr alphabet/language that you created (omnian). I sincerely hope to see you guys at a concert in Turkey one day.
Thanks in adcance,
Ebranur Pursa


I have one simple advice how I keep myself informed: I never was a Facebook user, but is my Start Page for years now. So if OMNIA keeps updating regularly, you are up to date. And if you like to add a comment to their blogs: do that on Facebook or.... Well.... Here like I do at the moment!

This means being independent from Facebook for me. :-)

Good luck and Big hugs
( staying in Cornwall today) :-)


Hello you! Tried to do this yesterday but it came up "error" so here we go again, if it's come through in my slumber hours, I apologise, I'm not a stalker! I just muchly want to thank you for everything you do and totally getting inside my head in a muchly good way!! I am an artist working from home, and you are muchly inspirational to my work especially when mine wanes!!! My princess Juice is also a muchly huge fan! So we send our love and admiration to you all.
Big peace, hugs and mushrooms! Xxx


Omnia's music is very inspiring and great for the spirit. (: It is among the best music out there, along with bands such as the Finnish band Korpiklaani. I would be interested to hear a few songs about the "mutant monkey's" closest relatives, the primates, especially the Great Apes, who are undergoing very serious environmental threats by humans to their habitat. Orangutan literally means "man of the forest" in Malay/Indonesian.

Mutant monkey tree climbing:

XSter Halostorm

Can you please stop telling yourself you are a Satyr. You are such a nice person!!! Indulge yourselves in light and love magic more? Shamans that are highly respected do not do dark magic!!! Its not good for anyone. <3

//Regards a Omnia fan that is crazy about you and wishes U all well ever!!! <3

You kinda saved my spirit from a dark Place :) <3

U R so gifted and cool I Think :D

Get thouse books about more healing :D

Robert H. Kaup III

Drove by a Alhambra PIG (California, USA) he busts a U-Turn throws his lights on and pulls me over this morning for playing Earth Warrior by Omnia. They claim my music was too loud. They did not give me a ticket but a warning. TOO FUNNY I just thought you should have fun with this. it was about 6:45 am. I found you about 2 years ago LOVE your music keep up the good work.

Sonja Klink

Ich habe heute ein Paket bekommen. :-)

Und jetzt sitze ich, in meinen neuen Hoodie gekuschelt vor dem Feuer, trinke eine gute Tasse Tee und höre mir eure neue/alte CD an.

Tausend Dank & herzlichste Grüße aus dem verschneiten Süden Bayerns

I received a package today. :-)

And now I'm sitting in my new hoodie, cuddling in front of the fire, drinking a good cup of tea and listening to your new / old CD.

A thousand thanks & warmest greetings from the snowy south of Bavaria


Ofcourse, you mean the festival medival in Selb!
We will also be there, just to see you, and listen to you.
Greenthings and the best wishes for the future and your projekt!


Stumbled on your music while listening a playlist... your art made me cry many times since then. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You helped, and still are helping me reconnect with something I had lost for a very long time. Hope this message reaches you!

Daisy Willis

I don't have TV for the last few years, so I spend some nights searching through YouTube for all kinds of music, known and unknown to me. Omnia is the best thing I think I have ever heard. Been listening to all of your material over and over. One night I started with Kate Rusby and next thing you know I was going down the path of Omnia.
Philadelphia, PA, USA


I must say; This is the most unique (it's hard to be now'n'days) bands I've heard. When jamming tunes on you tube it makes suggestions of other bands. So, when saw Earth Warriors pop-up. It caught my attention and therefor I played it. I liked it, it was a joyous video.

I enjoyed it so much that I watched more. In the process finding that I have favorite songs. In doing so; I found out that Omnia's music makes me feel more ... centered. For that; I love it! To the the point I had to share. !?!

On that note; I want to tell Omnia ... Thank You. :)

Oh, one more thing; I introduced a friend to Omnia and she loves them. :D
And, Yes I shared on facebook but, no one responded. '?'


Happy Imbolc Omnia and fellow pagans
Sitting here deciding what vegtables to grow this year.
Playing Crone of War watch my candles burn down and my incents drift around my room.
Life is good
Being a Pagan is good
Waiting for the sun to come uo so I can go for a walk in the wood

XSter Halostorm

I love you!!! :) <3


Regarding your interest in this increasingly odd weather and many more environmental issues, my recommended resource for in-depth accurate information is Radio EcoShock, at


Thank you for that link.

This is cool...

Greenthings Jenny / OMNIA


Hi Omnia,
I'm an Italian student that is making a graduation thesis about Ecovillages, and in this I'm also talking about all the environmental movements in history. I would like to mention your work and your project into a small box, and to insert the picture at the tenth page of your Art book in “Live on earth” Cd. You're ok with it?
Anyway, congratulation for your work and your music, and good luck for your projects.
And also thank you for the many opportunity of reflection :)

Hi Ilaria

No problem, go for it!

Sound great, send us a link when you are done.

Greenthings Jenny/ OMNIA

Francesco Sinibaldi


An inviting
snow covers
the sadness of
an intense
recall and
there, in your
eyes, a delicate
smile discovers
the faith...

Francesco Sinibaldi