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Karla Winters

Hey ya'll I love your music. It has helped and inspired me in so many ways. I am chronically ill and have chronic pain. Your song I don't Speak Human started me on a path of a different way of thinking and now to giving a go of writing a book. I see that the neo pagans in the USA, want to remove the earth and nature from paganism, and say it is everything that is not a major religion. I would like to title my book I Don't Speak Human if that is ok with ya'll and of course you and many other self published pagan musicians that I listen to and get me though my day, will be mentioned in the book. Please let me know if that is ok. I am at the very beginnings of writing the book. No publisher yet or anything like that. The idea came to me when I was folding clothes listening to your music.


Love the music only came across you just recently, not my usual genre of music, but your music has a heart and soul iv not come across before !
Been trying to get tickets for your up and coming theatre tour in Kampen but the Theatres website is only in Dutch ?
Circumnavigated that problem with google translate, but payment has to be made from a Dutch bank ?
Going to phone tomorrow hope some one speaks English .
Hope to see you soon,
Gazza Guernsey CI.

Hi gazza
Sorry to hear about your troubles booking tickets for a theatre show.
Those Dutch theaters are not used to foreign visitors!
But I know from the past (this always happens...) that if you email or phone them
(and EVERYONE in Holland speaks English, no worries!),
that they can just reserve your tickets, and you pay at the door.
Hope to see you in the theatre! Greenthings, Jenny / OMNIA


Lady K

Just wanted to wish you all a great New Year and to tell you that your music is so inspiring to me. I hope all your dreams come true in the New Year.

Brightest Blessings to you.

April Game

Wow - I love your work. So deep! I am so happy to have finally discovered you. Any plans for shows in Scotland in the coming year?

Keep up the amazing work - and many blessings for the new year!



I wish I could have seen you perform here in the US 2 years ago. Hurt my back and was not able to attend. Both me and my wife were going to make it a honeymoon of it since we had never had one. But, as you know, life has other ideas at times.

I hope that you all are very successful with your new project. Stay in good health and try not let the pressures of this tainted world get you down. We will both keep you in our thoughts and continue listening to your music. We love your music.

Best wishes, Cleave and Rho.



My beautiful wife and I love you the best way. We believe in you and what you all stand for...I feel your music in the depths of my soul like no other music I have ever heard.
I could never give back what you have given me, but I can try to hip you to something cool: This is ancient and beautiful and my hope is that it may inspire you to write something new:

...the oldest Welsh lullaby in the world.

With Peace,
James (The Barbarian)
New York

Hey James

Thank you for the link! What a beautiful, moving song. We all yearn for those times past.

Definitely inspiring!

Greenthings Jenny / OMNIA


Good Day to you Stenny! Much luck with your plan for a Pocket of Peace. Anything I can do to help let me know! I would love to attend your workshops.

Sending positive vibrations your way and I cant wait to see what becomes of your cunning plan. What a magickal place it is when I imagine it in my minds eye. Let us all run free in Nature.

Best to all the Tribe!


Thank you

Stella Dru

This music, this living entity which you create together is transportive, divine, soothing, and stirring. As a Druid, it calls to me through the Land, through Mother. As a Pagan, listening to your music sets the background for devotionals, and meditation. I hear Mother within the notes. She has such a beautiful voice.

Thank you for having to courage to share your gifts with the world.

Stella Dru.


Jenny, Steve, Omnia!
adoro y me encanta su música, por favor vengan a Chile.

Saludos desde Chile


Hello Omnia and a happy new year!

I searched for stickers with the Logos from your Earth Warrior Video (you know: Monsatan, Hell, etc. ) to put it on my car. But I can not find on web with the same beautiful design. Maybe you are interested in offer such stickers with your own design in your shop in future? It would be great!

I love your music :-)

Greetings from Germany


Jennie & Steve
I love your music , so very uplifting!
I live in Canada & I wish you would come here a sing !
I was wanting to attend castlefest one year, but I guess I won't be going now your not in it, I think you were the highlight!
Well I hope one day to actually see you and Jennie
Bright blessings & keep up the awesome music!
Blessed be!

Hey Annemarie

Great to hear from Canada! We would still love to visit the beaitiful nature there sometime.

If you would like to see us live, come to Festival Mediaval in Selb. It's not in our agenda yet but we are playing there.




Jenny and Steve,

Yes I would very much like to see more of your pictures from your early days together as a couple and a performing duo. Frankly I find you fascinating both as people and as artists. Since I only discovered you about 4 years ago, the earlier material kind of fills in the gap in my appreciation of your "style."

Indeed I strongly suspect that you haven't really changed all that much over the years. It would seem to me that you were always "deep," with your coming together like the achievement of a critical mass leading to a nuclear explosion of musical expression in a unique new/old style. Yes, no doubt there has been some maturing through the years. However, you retain the ability to segway back to the enthusiasm of youth and first-love.

Heloise of Paris and Abelard of Brittany are back and they've practiced their scales!

Blessings in the New Year,



My family and I recently discovered your art of music. Your sound is much appreciated, and it resonates with each one of us in our own way. When our 1yr old daughter hears earth warrior, she comes running into the room and starts dancing. We get by in life just fine but have no extra to travel to the Netherlands. We would love to see you live. Is there ever a possibility you will come to the U.S.? If so, what could we do to get you here?


Hello Omnia
First of all i wanna thank u from all my heart for undescrible momments i experienced in my first concert ever, wich was u guys. U really gave me so much needed enrergy, was hypnotized, enchanted, trapped in all that feelings taht was going thru me making me feel a bit high. But i really needed it and i thank all universe that gave me oportunity to experience this. For a momment, on ur concert, i wasnt lost. For a momment all my pain faded away, leaving me only with ur energy and happiness, leaving all behind me and feeling the moment on full. Wish i could thank u somehow, to show u how much it meant for me, what u gave me in that moment and what u giving to whole world. Therefor, i was thinking, i might share with u some of my poems....if its possible, would like to do it.
Thanks for being light in this dark world <3


Hello Omnia Family <3 I want firstly to thank you for your music, and for living your lives so authentically and full of so much life and meaning, you're music makes me realize that I am not alone in my love for this beautiful planet and for all the beautiful creatures that inhabit her, which in these times is something that I really needed :) If there is ever any way that I can help to create the nature reserve you want to create, or any other pocket of peace, I would absolutely love to! I am currently going to school, studying civil engineering, music, and regenerative studies. I'm also president of the Food Justice Club on campus and so I spend much of my time learning about ethnobotany, regenerative systems, how to live off the grid, ecovillages, how to create self sufficient societies, and how to get the word out to people. I work hard to find balance while being in school, not letting the corrupt parts of the system get to me, but rather finding a way to get the most out of my time there as I can, connecting to nature lovers and artists rather than focusing on my grades :) As for my life after school, I want to continue to be dedicated to truth, nature, beauty, art, love, and protecting nature and wild thingz :) I'm doing my best to create consciousness and love in my community and I am hoping to spread it to a larger scale eventually. Your music really helps keep my soul alive when the systems around me start to make me feel disconnected, it brings me back to my truth :) I'm also an artist/musician/dancer, and so if any of my skills from engineering, to community building, to art and music can ever be used in any of your projects please feel free to reach out to me :) Thank you so very much for your inspiratioin, and for bringing together people with the same beautiful vision for how life should be lived, much love to all of you! <3


Hi amazing Omnia,

I really love your raven ladies hoodie with the beautiful designed raven print. Every step I take on this planet I try to be an earthwarrior, just like you and therefore, I am very conscious of what I consume or what I wear. I just want to know if the raven hoodie is made from organic cotton, because 25% of the global use of dangerous poisonous insecticide is used in the non organic cotton industry(bastards). I Hope you can give me some positive earth news, so I can wear my raven hoodie this winter! You are the only real pagan band in the world. All the best yule wishes for you and have an amazing wintersolstice!!!

Love Marja,the raven ;) and see you in De kleine Willem!

Hi Marja

It is very understandable and we cheer you at being so conscious in your choices. We have been searching for Eco Hoodies for a long time. Just a few days ago, a new one was launched, and in the future we will be using this one to print our designs on. However, at the moment, the Raven hoodie is of the brand "Fruit of the Loom", which was the best choice for quality and sustainability, although not eco. The have 2 certificates:

WRAP Certification

As further proof of our commitment to having the highest ethical standards, we adhere to the WRAP principles. WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) is the world's largest facility certification programme and whilst it is supported by the global apparel industry, it is totally independent. WRAP is dedicated to ensuring lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing throughout the world. In order to receive certification for all our facilities and those of our suppliers we are regularly audited and must comply with the 12 WRAP principles. These relate to areas such as workplace regulations, child labour, hours of work, health and safety, discrimination and security. Our certification shows that once again you can trust Fruit of the Loom to operate within the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Oeko-Tex Accreditation

All our garments, whether made in-house or sourced, are approved to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This certifies that they contain no substances harmful to people or the environment. Oeko-Tex is an internationally renowned testing certification system for textiles. Test criteria are standardised across the world and include tests for pH-value, pesticides and heavy metals. Only when a garment is proved to contain no harmful substances is it granted Oeko-Tex approval.


Hope this helps!
Stay Green! Jenny


Xster Halostorm

You have a strength of well being in heart and soul and you have spoken Words that fills us with great plesure and joy.

The Music is Beautiful!!!

You have strong hearts, I wich upon you only well.

Greg O'Neill

Blessed Be, I'm hunting for Earth Warriors to join my merry band of inventive folk, to build a permaculture-based global 'emergent society' of ecovillages around the world, each a showcase of advanced tech and materials to provide clean energy, food and water for all people, and nations, with a loving, gentle footprint on our sacred Earth
I will soon be buying large acreage properties in Oregon, Colorado, Hawai'i, and elsewhere in the world to build Gaia Villages, following the example of Alosha Lynov at Bioveda near Johannesberg, South Africa. You can find me online by looking for White Tiger Farm and my site link. If you and your fellow Earth Warriors are ready to take the fight for our living world, to step up the game, get in touch with me,


I'm begging you to do a show in Croatia, Zagreb. LOVE YOU