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Greenthingz Jenny & Steve / OMNIA

Yoda Darkside

Hi Omnia
Found your music this year and all I can say you have changed my life. The message you send has shown me how be a better person and live a pagan lifestyle in touch with mother nature. Thank you for showing me the way and opened my eye and heart to real music.

You guys are amazing!


Stenny et al,

Thanks for taking my advice and getting a guitar player again. 'Ol Joe looks like a great choice, especially if the EU goes bust and he loses his bureaucratic sinecure.



'Ol Jack

Melissa Kelly

HELLOOOOOO OMNIA!!!! Sending many hugs to you all!! I could go on forever regarding your music, which we all know is stellar in every sense. But I, as a fellow Pagan and Earth Warrior would like to thank you for defending our beautiful Mother Earth, bringing social awareness of many. Here's to love, light, music and friends, may we covet our Earth and dance in the end.


Happy Samhain

I found you this year, and you have changed my life. After listening to your music my life has changed for the better. Earth Warrior dug deep inside me and made me realize I was at heart a pagan and I had always been one I was just to mixed up to know it. All I can say is thank you and keep spreading the word and may be its not to later to save Gaia for our children's children.

Make love and be happy


Happy Halloween!

-From the Heartland of America.

Cant wait until the new CD is out, hope you guys had a blast making it.

I feel ALIVE today!

Sun Child

Hey Omnia
I'm a born and raised pagan over here in Canada. The city I live in is unfortunately quite Christian so it is really awesome for me when I find groups like you guys. Makes me feel a little less like an alien. Keep doing what you do, you're inspiring!


Love to you Omnia.

I Think you actually saved my Life Omnia. Thank you for that.

And your Music is exactly the Music I love. Keep it coming please!

I will support you by buying some of your stuff. Thank you for being. <3

With love //XSter


Hi Omnia,

I discovered you this year by wandering on the internet, what a beautiful discovery it was ! ! ! I immediately adhered to your musical style and I listened to the loop the few songs found on youtube.
Since I bought 4 of your albums and browsed your site, I am in sync with your way of thinking and considering existence. This is the first time that a band induce so much interest and emotions in me, you are awesome.
I hope to have the opportunity to see you live one day, good continuation to you.

Regards from France


Dear Omnia,
I discovered you recently, and I have only a single regret : not have known about you earlier!
Will you come one day in France?


Hey Omnia when u come to india. We r waiting for ur show... u r awesome guys :*

Danny Gleeson

Hello folks.
Just want to say Hi, just found you guys whilst looking through youtube. Don't know how ive never heard of you, but then ive been a parent for the past 13 years so "the world" has only existed inside the parental bubble in which i've been existing!
Any hoo, glad i've now found you and hope to see you live some day if you ever come over to play in the U.K.
Thanks lots. i look forward to listening to more.
Peace and happiness to all.



Somehow I'm channeling a 4-CD set of Omnia's Greatest Hits, available for $100 just in time for Yule (or maybe Beltane!).

Well good luck with that, and making it through the Cretaceous and Holocene phases. We all know that deep geologic time can't be rushed.

Cheerz (and be sure to duck when/if the "Missiles of October" start to fly),


Doug Williams

I first heard Morrigan on United Pagan Radio and finally found it and I can't speak Human, I really enjoy your music and it is bringing out more of me and chasing out the mutant monkey that I have been. I am an eclectic witch that is finally realizing hopefully not too late who I am and how to listen to myself and not what everyone expects me to listen to or be. I thank you for that. I hope to hear you live one day either if I can get over to the Netherlands or if I hear that you coming to Colorado. Blessed Be.

Michael Form austria

Hey folks
Me is an 49 year old " true born pagan' who has been making music all bis life. AS a matter of fact, i ve already written hundreds of songs before I studied composing, then ive done a lot of orchestra stuff, but also had a few Bands and wrote a few of Theater pieces which i loved to bring on stage especially with young people. Within the last couple o' years though life has forced me into an unsatisfying job to make a living for my family, my wife and my two daughters whom i love more than anyrhing else. But even though ilive in a nice place in the country, i have lost Sight of my true intentions. Your genuine style of life, your music and your inspiring self-truth have woken me up and motivated to get back to myself and pick up my artistic work again. Thank you for that. And all the blessings the gods can think of to beautiful, goddess daughter -sexy voiced Jenny , to you rebel shaman and pagan great madman Steve, and all your bunch of forest spirits in your lovely Band. May the gods bless you and smile upon your upcoming Studio work. I know what it feels like, believe me. And i'm lookin forward to the results. Be embraced. Sincerely yours Michael
p.s. if you Ever come to lower austria, i'd be happy to show you ' round. Grüne Grüße to all of you.


Hey guys!

I discovered your band during a concert in south Belgium some years ago. When the hell will you come back south to make us dance again? Or just to have a walk in the Belgian forests to find inspiration for new songs!

Another thing : the dialect of south Belgium is about to disappear... It's a funny dialect mixing element of latin, old french and germanic words. It changes from town to town.
But at last it exists some poems and texts that could be somehow turned into music.

In any case, come back to Belgium!
See you soon!

Dan Goertz

I accidentally discovered your "Pagan Folklore" live video on YouTube a couple weeks ago, Since then, I listened to quite a bit of your music , and am planning on buying your CDs very soon. Thank you so much for the great music! I am an old DeadHead, I am eclectic Celtic Pagan, your beautiful music speaks to me unlike any I've ever heard.

Celeste Lea

I found your music on YouTube and fell in love with it!! You have been an inspiration to me. I was in a very dark place before I heard "I Don't Speak Human" and "Earth Warrior". Those two songs have been my fallback for a while now. Thank you so much for bringing me back to the light. I am glad there are others out there willing to defy the expectations of the modern world, to speak out against those who would destroy the gift we were all given. You have inspired me to be myself instead of conforming to the masses. Thank you.

Mihai Tocitu

Found you music some time ago, loved it, opened my heart and soul and now I enjoy my nature travels more! Thanks to you I've found my place in this weird age filled with everyone's bullshit and decided I will live my life and fight for my/our rights. Do you plan to concert in Romania?
Have a wonderful day.


Hello, I'm really happy to see you in Einhoven. I'm still missing you on MPS.
My first time to hear you is 4 years ago and your music was healing me in a really bad time. Thanks for that.
In love your Zwölfe


Happy Autumn Equinox!

Glad to see Stenny is alive and well!

Harvest time is upon us here in the heartland of America

Much love from the US!