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Greenthingz Jenny & Steve / OMNIA


Hey Omnia!
Ik heb een citaat uit jullie "Call me Satan" gebruikt op een webpagina van mijn site:
Hopelijk hebben jullie daar niks op tegen?
Bedankt voor jullie muziek! Wanneer een optreden in Bretagne?


I like your music and the fact, that you are authentic. I saw you at the MPS in Hamburg Öjendorf. I know, that from your point of view the MPS is not a perfect place. But despite of the lack in Bio-Food there are people who like your music and your opinions. They try to avoid garbage and they are trying to spend a day in the illusion of escaping the modern world with its commercials, companies, television and other technological stuff. But I also can understand that you do not want to be a part of an illusion. Brave.

Danielle Britton

Hey Omnia! In response to you post titled 'Earth Warriors of Light!', I say 'yes please, yes you should give us advice about how to fight the battle for the Earth!'

Pattie Duir Mccool

Oregon is looking forward to having Omnia here. Your music and energy are rare and wonderful. Safe travels.


Hoi Omnia! Ik kom al sinds het eerste jaar bij Castlefest, en ben zelfs blijven gaan toen ik naar Zweden verhuisde toen ik 10 was, 9 jaar geleden. Dit jaar gaan we daar niet meer heen, dat is het totaal niet waard zonder jullie daar. Het zou wel super leuk zijn ald jullie een keer in Zweden komen spelen. De hele pagan community hier is gek op jullir muziek.... Groetjes Sterre


Dear Omnia,

I have been curious for awhile now but where did Mr. Fluffy come from? He seems to make numerous appearances with y'all. What the story? Perhaps mystical in origin? Hahaha

Thank you and I hope all is well.



Carlos (Sigrid Fjölnir)

Hola, un saludo a todos los integrantes de Omnia y a todo el Mundo, su música y género Pagan Folk me gusta lo tomo como una forma de vivir, si me pidieran cambiar mi casa por una pequeña chosa en los verdes valles de Irlanda lo haría sin dudar porque no me interesa lo material sólo lo verde de este hermoso mundo eso que los humanos an estado acabando lentamente con su progreso, su ambición por la riqueza y el poder.


Dear Steve,

congratulations and best wist wishes to your birthday! We hope you feel fine and we wish you many years of inspiration and luck with your enchanting wife Jenny! And we are happy, that we will you see and hear at Festival Mediaval! You have given us so much fun and peace through all the years! Thank you so much!
Greetings from Feoran and Dyfar

Birgit Heim

Happy Birthday, Steve!
Also congrats to passing your driving licence....Learning isn't that easy your age ;-)) stay healthy, drive savely and enjoy your familie's and friends' love!


Hello, I would like to express the peace they convey through their beautiful sounds, Mother Nature has given you beautiful gifts. I ask you to come to South America, specifically Brazil, you have many followers here, it would be an honor to see them! Peace


Hey Tribe People,

yes, as you ruddy well know, Dear Pagan Pope Shaman Steve, we are still out there :-)). For my part I can say, I lived doing my Pagan Nature loving Heya Heya rituals before the times of "Raven Times" and "PaganClan" and even before Omnia, because loving nature and always fighting for it (not by looking cool, but by doing something) is part of me and I'll keep on doing it for the rest of my life, much older now and even much ugglier, but still with the same old strong heart, soul and humour. I'm not a fan of social media, so I lost "bla"-contact with most of my tribe people, but never lost soul contact. Life went on after the Clan times... had some good and some hard in a more and more raving world is sometimes hard, if you really love nature. But I always kept the Clan people in my heart, thinking of them, including them in my rituals and there is still lots of love in my heart for Tribe Mothers Monique and Ju and for Seb and the old Grizzly and for so many others I met during that time including you, Shaman Pope Punk Steve and lovely Jenny and the rest of the Omniots. I'd love to see you all again at a Tribes reunion meeting :-)) I send all my love to you and my former Tribe-People Maja Bienchen

Douglas Crowwolf

Love your guys's music and what you stand for. Its nice to have heathen folk out here to listen to. Have all the albums, just wish you guys would make out to Colorado for a festival.

Lydia Kloosterman

Fijn dat er in 2018 theater voorstellingen zijn.Hoop er bij 1 te kunnen zijn, maar hangt van aantal dingen af.


Hi guys! I love your music and the message you send with it. I hope some day I could see you in a show. I know it won't be easy to you to come to my country, but if some day you want to come to south america, you MUST come to Argentina, you have fans in here! :) You are amazing!! Saludos :)



I was listening to "Prayer" yesterday. As I heard the galloping beat of "MONGOL" ring out from my iPad, I got a vision of you and Malla and guides storming through the Bulgarian foothills on horseback.

Life follows art?

Anyway, it's good to have you back, though unless Steve can play both bouzouki and flute at the same time, I'm afraid you're going to need a guitar player--especially if you intend to reprise your "greatest hits."

Greenz and Blessings,



Sou brasileira e tive contato com a omnia pelo meu namorado, de incio achei que seria mais um de seus rock's, mas me surpreendi ao ver que se tratava do gênero que eu gosto, escuto a todo momento que posso, me traz uma paz incrível... espero que esse ano mesmo consiga ir a um show!


Last week I was the first time on acid and listening to Omnia. It was a great experience! Your music doesn't only sound beautiful. It looks beautiful too! =)

Kimberly Hornby

I've enjoyed your music for a number of years now.. I just wanted to say thank you. I created a wonderful ritual that was done in my garden. It was a ritual to honour Mabh and the Fey and the featured song for the energy raising in the working (free dance) was your Saltatio Vita. It worked well ! I always knew your music inspired life and magic


I found your music on Youtube as I was venturing through the pagan music videos. You guys are awesome. I love your message, and I hope one day to attend one of your concerts should you ever come to the United States. Keep being the awesome mutant monkeys that you are.

shawn gelvin

Dear Omnia i hope yea can read this soon but i would like to go to yea concert please come out to oklahoma yea have won my respect when i first seen yea videos on youtube yea fight for what yea believe in im so thankful i listen to yea music anyway thank you for takeing the time to read this much much love <3