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Burkhard Röthig

moin moin
I have you seen in Hamburg at" Gruenspan" on 18 Dec . Thank you for the Greatfull
,powerfull and spititual music.
I cant belive that i never see you for the next time.:-(
But i understand that you have a break and i hope it is not the break with your musik and OMNIA.
nothing is sacred...only OMNIA :-))



A little Midwinter ditty to go with your idyllic forest scene: to the tune of "Y Gelynnen."

"I hear the hap-py red-breast sing 'A sin-gle life i-is fol-ly;
My lit-tle wife and I we nest on the shel-tered bough of the hol-ly.
Fal-dee roo-dee lam-tam. Too-lee rid-dle-ee. Troo-lah lam-tam too-lam tan-nee.
My lit-tle wife and I we nest on the shel-tered bough of the hol- ly'"

With best wishes for the New Year and your sabbatical from Revels, Houston



Stenny et Omnia,

This is partly in response to Heiko's comment, though I have no wish to start a flame war, even on midwinter night.

A couple of years ago, I was fortunate enough to attend an Omnia concert at Faeriecon in Baltimore, MD. The show ran well over 3 hours including at least 3 encores. The entire audience of several hundred was SRO and included several generations--from boomers to millennials. The applause, including foot stomping, was deafening and chunks of ceiling began to rain down as the crowd screamed for yet more encores. Both the band and the audience, many of whom had been standing for over 5 hours, we're pretty near exhausted. The band had performed continually without any breaks. But that was then.

Even the mighty Stones are reported to suck on OX bottles during breaks in their gigs. This particular concert series which included Bochum was billed as a PRAYER concert. The entire PRAYER album does not run over an hour. So a 2-hour concert must have included much additional material. Personally, I'd rather have a live Omnia doing 2-hour shows than buy the 4-CD memorial album.

As for FREEDOM SONG, I really love that song. It creates in me a sense of euphoria and, yes, OMNIA-potence. Is that unrealistic? Of course! Is that hypocritical? Of course! But when Steve intones "I need more power," I instinctively turn up the volume on my audio system. While the form is rap, most rap is prose to a beat. What Omnia does that is special is to add a lyrical quality which does indeed give the rendition "more power."

Happy Yule,



Hi Omnia,

last week, I attended the gig in Bochum, and the performance was awesome as always.

Hope you appreciate some crit, too:

It was less than two hours including encores. I don't think that's appropriate for a band with a huge repertoire and range like Omnia. I'm used to base gigs of minimum two hours.

The Freedom Song to me sounds like any song that could be played everyday on the radio. It just reminds me of the commercial, exchangeable music you guys despise.



hey guys
thank you for the wonderful show in munich,i have tried to meet you at this evening but i hered that satria is rather unwell at this evening, I hope is doing well...the reason why i write i would like some infos about the double flute that steve played in the song saltatio vita.
i wish you guys a greate Julfest and all best fore th new year. take care

andré van beek

Ik wens jullie een hele fijne yule kerst en oud en nieuw toe en bedankt voor de ongelovelijke mooie muziek zie jullie weer in het nieuwe jaar maar eerst een goede rust nemen
May the pagan force be with you )0(
vriendelijke groet André

Lydia Kloosterman

Nog extra dank voor jullie concert op 6 december, was nogal wiebelig op de benen maar het was t waard om bij te zijn.Ook jullie hugs.Geniet van de sabbatical en stuur jullie licht en liefde.B B .


Your Concert in Hamburg was awesome. Actually I'm pregnant and I have an awesome idea. Baby-Bodies from Omnia. 100% Organic, that the little People can be Earth Warrior just like Mommy and Daddy. Please can you realize this Idea? I thougt about it while your Speech before you played Earth Warrior. Actual I can't steal things, so I want to give my money to people where I know that there is the right place ^^



Actually, Steve, I think you'd make a great oligarch. Watch out, Soros; watch out, Trump!

(The magic in your music is a real challenge to their fiat gold.)

Sic 'em,



Yesterday I was at the concert in Bochum. It was amazing!!!! Thanks a lot for this wonderful evening. It was the first time for me to vistit a live Omnia concert, a wish came true for christmas. This live music was like diving in a huge wave of sound, feelings, earth with little roots of an ancient time. I loved it! All the best for you, Omnia, hope to see you again


I was recently introduced to one of your songs, "I don't speak human". Since that day, I've combed YouTube, watching and listening to everything I can find from your band. I've felt your message in my soul for centuries... Thank you, from Lil ole Ashtabula, Ohio, USA. Stay LOUD Brothers and Sisters!


Hi guys, I have been listening to your music for couple of years now and I can honestly say you helped to save my life. I was a shamanic- witchy weirdo since I was born and since I grew up amongst "normal" people, those things were always heavily opressed in me. I often felt unloved and it came to the point I got something that doctors these days call an "incurable disease". At that time, I went through a lot of pain, both physical and emotional and suicide thoughts were a part of me almost every minute of every day. There are no words to describe what I felt when I first heard song "free bird fly". I bursted into tears after first couple of lines, but there was something more than that. Something healing. I finally realized that I had a place in this world and a mission to complete here. Suddenly I felt stronger than ever, it was really magical. I screwed all "normal" people and finally started doing what I always wanted to do. Things have slowly changed since, I got back my health and found other weirdos to share my passion with and now I am truly happy and full of life. I will be eternally grateful to you for writing that song. And also for writing every other one, because there is a special kind of energy and message in every single one of them. Two days ago I saw you live in Prague for the first time and it was absolutely amazing, full of peace and love. I felt like a part of some beautiful ritual. I wish you all the best, keep doing what you´re doing and thank you one more time for doing it!

Elis Regiane de Souza


I listened to your music today and I m very impressed with your purposal, your sincere words. I hope to see your show one day! Our world is very lacking in music like yours!

Elis from Brasil (Sout America)

Bob Patterson

I have been remiss in keeping up with then group and only heard "Black House" for the first time last night. It really blew me away. All I could think was either Steve was channeling him or Johnny Cash, the famous US country western singer, had returned from the grave. I was so impressed I sent a link of your performance to country music station WOKO in Burlington, Vermont, USA. Thanks for such great music. You might check our steampunk cellist Erica Mulkey on youtube. Take care.


Brazil loves you!

Helen Kloosterman

Wat was dat zaterdag in P3 (Purmerend) een SUPERGEZELLIGFANTASTISCHWEERGALOOSFENOMENAALMEGAMOOI optreden! Wij hebben er de nodige kilometers voor moeten rijden (Midden-Limburg; verjaardagscadeautje voor Renny), maar it was absolutely worthwhile! We hebben beiden enorm genoten van het optreden, de relaxte sfeer en de korte ontmoeting achteraf met de Omnia-leden. Geweldig ook, dat we eens een keer écht helemaal vooraan konden staan (bij MPS Borken stonden we dat ook, maar dan zitten er toch nog de nodige metertjes tussen). Nu kon ik Jenny en Satria bijna aanraken. ; ) En fijn te zien, dat jullie, Steve en Jenny, er al aardig ontspannen uitzagen (nog geen volledige winterstop en dan toch al meer chill... hmm, goed voorbeeld doet volgen?). Jammer, dat "Mongol" niet voorbij kwam, terwijl die wel op de setlist stond... De "after party" maakte dat gemis echter meer dan goed: nog een paar handtekeningen kunnen scoren én op de foto met Satria. Dat laatste kon/kan ik bijzonder waarderen: tóch tijd nemen voor je fans, terwijl je niet lekker in je vel zit. Muchas gracias en (nogmaals) beterschap, Saat!

Een goede winterslaap voor Stenny en de rest hopelijk tot Altstadt!

Love & laughs,

Helen "red tartan" Kloosterman en Renny "the whiskey provider" Jetten


Just seen Omnia in Purmerend. and again, this band is very special!!! Sound and Feel where as usual phantastic. I had the honor to meet and greed with the Band after the concert, witch makes it a special moment in my life as true Omnia Fan. What a group of nice people. I hoop this Band will never end producing such intense music.
See you Soon.....


Hoi gisteren avond was mooi koncert ik ben echt blij ik heb gesprek met Stiv over Standing Rock daar mensen echt vechten over schoon water als julie koncert hebben dus julie kunnen its vertellen over snand van zak in Standing Rock mensen moeten weten wat is er hand daar danke julie wel Mitakye Oyacin groeten van Poolse vrind

Tom Slootman

Hello guys,
Wat een geweldige avond, gisteren in Purmerend!!
Zo intiem, zo meeslepend, zo professionneel!!
Een avond om niet te vergeten!
Salut, kenavo,


Hallo Omnia, onwijs veeeeeel zin in deze dag, het weer is straaaalend, en vanmiddag gaan we richting Purmerend, ik en mn vrienden, Peter&Christa en Hannoooooo om van jullie en jullie adembenemende vrolijke pure echte muziek te gaan genieten!! Veel plezier en positieve vibes voor vanavond!!
Dat word springen, dansen , lachen en huilen..tot vanavond!!!
Groetjes Daniëlle , Heiligerlee