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Greenthingz Jenny & Steve / OMNIA

Ruth Riley

Hello Steve, Jenny & of course the rest of the awesome band of Omnia,
I hope you are well and enjoying your sabbatical.
I'm probably not your typical fan being that my generation, born in late 1950's, grew up listening to the Partridge Family, The Jackson 5 and later on The Beatles, The Doors and The Rolling Stones just to name a few.
When I listen to your music, the artistry of it truly touches my soul.
Moving and/or soothing me with the pure tones, mix of melody, harmonies and rhythms you render is unadulterated joy.
The gifts that you possess are more wonderful, beautiful and ominous than any words I could possibly write here.
Thank you for sharing a part of yourselves.
- a true & loving fan - Ruthie


I love your music it gives me peace :) I would love to see you live but I see there are no performances planned for Poland that's a shame :( peace and love to you all! I send you all the positive energy I have to spare :)

lalita dusk

love conquers all.. please consider coming to nz

Sharon Velthoen

Aloha :-D

Here's a great idea!! We'd love to dress up our babygirl "Jennifer" as a cute little pagan, so can you perhaps create babyclothing...?? It would look great on her and other babies as well and what better way to make (reclame) :-D

Byebye for now, haha..

Greetzzzz, Martin, Sharon and ofcourse Jennifer!!

Amber Henry

I have only just discovered you wiht the song I dont speak human. I typed in youtube pagan music and found it. thank you so much for the song. its great. Im in florida and hopefully you guys will come here soemtime. Id love to see you guys live. hugs and kisses and stay the warriors


As a film score composer, I listen for and look into music all the time. Mostly I pass by and move on. Since finding you by a miraculous fate, I cannot let go. You have had a profound effect on me for the last couple of weeks. Very good, blessed be.



So your Odyssey in search of healing and new life to overcome the ravages of burnout has taken you from a tropical paradise to a temperate Spring and now back to a Winter Wonderland--neat! There are reasons why one of the principal Germanic gods was Loki--the trickster. Consider the possibility that Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), real though it is, is coming up against a cyclical mini-ice age. The weather possibilities then become both weird and wonderful. (You may have more colorful language to describe the experience.)

If the above holds true, then the bottom line could be that we "mutant monkeys" get a reprieve from the worst effects of our naive exploitation of the energy deposited over billions of years by Nature. In other words, to use a popular American expression, "If you can't be good, be lucky!"

Anyway, here's wishing you all blessings and good vibes as you return to your destined role of providing love and joy, with maybe a dash of mature insight, to us your devoted fans. Be well!


Linn at Langedrag

Thanks for The CD! i love The music and yes, You were right, Earth Warrior really hit The spot:)
I hope to see You again. You know where to find me, always with The wind and wolves at Langedrag.
Some people take your energy, leaves You drained. But You give energy. Thanks for giving me some of yours.
-Linn, Langedrag Naturpark


Hallo Omnia,
lasst bitte eure deutschen fans nicht hängen. Eure Fans an den Orten, an denen ihr bei Festivals gespielt habt, warten auf euch. Schaut mal ob ihr in Deutschland nicht irgendwo spielen Könnt, auch vielleicht mal wieder ein Clubkonzert. Wir vermissen euch.

Hello Omnia, Please do not let your German fans hang. Your fans are waiting for you at the places where you played at festivals. Look if you can not play somewhere in Germany, maybe again a club concert. We miss you.


Hi everybody and souls of nature,
i knew Omnia 2 weeks ago and your magic sound captured me.
I'm happy that i will see you next summer in Montelago Celtic Festival.



medicine turtle

medicine turtle cherokee water protector at standing rock tribe
keep it strong


Hej Jenny und Steve!
Ihr fragt, was ich heute mache?
Nun, ich lese deinen Block (nicht jeden Tag, aber sehr oft) und ich mache meine Arbeit, um das Geld zu verdienen, um die Familie zu ernähren und die Rechnungen zu bezahlen, ich mache auch etwas Sport, um gesund zu bleiben.
Meine Leidenschaft ist die Wikingerzeit (so zwischen 800 und 1050 a. D. / vor dem Mittelalter), besonders Pfeil und Bogen, und die Langboote!
Natürlich mag ich euch und euren Lebensstiel, eure Musik und die Liveauftritte. Deshalb freue ich mich, dass ihr am 17. Juni in Ingelheim seid, denn das ist nicht so weit von uns weg und da sollten wir natürlich auch hinkommen.
Ich finde es toll, dass ihr es geschafft habt, für ein halbes Jahr auszusteigen und euer Ding zu machen.
Es wäre allerdings schön mal wieder Lieder wie "The Raven", "Wolf Song", "Het Dorp", "Teachers", "Wheel Of Time", "Moon", oder "Cornwall" live von euch zu hören.
Nun bleibt mir nur zu sagen: ich bin froh, euch eines Tages entdeckt zu haben und freue mich euch demnächst wieder zu sehen.

Bleibt wie ihr seid und bringt die alte Power bei euren Konzerten mit!
Und bleibt am Leben, gesund und glücklich (wie wir euch kennen)!

(könnt ihr euch noch an das Tablett mit dem Whiskey bei eurem Auftritt in Dortmund vor 2 Jahren erinnern - das war ich)

the same in english:

Hej Jenny and Steve!
You ask what I do today?
Well, I read your block (not every day, but very often) and I do my work to earn the money to feed the family and pay the bills, I also make some sports to stay healthy.
My passion is the Viking age (before the Middleage), especially bow and arrow, and the longboats.
Of course I like you and your lifestyle, your music and the live performances.
That's why I'm happy that you are in Ingelheim on 17 June, because that is not so far from us and we will be there!
I think it's great that you managed to get out for half a year and do your thing.
It would be nice to hear songs like "The Raven", "Wolf Song", "Het Dorp", "Teachers", "Wheel Of Time", "Moon" or "Cornwall" live from you.
Now I can only say: I am glad to have discovered you one day and to meet you again soon.

Stay as you are and bring the old power to your concerts!
And stay alive, always healthy and happy (as we know you)!

(can you still remember the tray with the whiskey at the gig in Dortmund two years ago - that was me)


Thank you for your music, and for your art
I've just discover you this week end, you're The Pagan sound
all we need is in your songs
Don't you want to come to see us in France
Please don't forget us

Blessed be all

jacob gutierrez

hello my name is jacob. im a pagan living in the usa. i love your guys music , it bring me close to the great mother and horngod, hope you come to u.s because id love to hear you guys and lady. hope to see you guys soon. bless your travels

jacob gutierrez


Thank you. I want you to know: Your music touched me deeply. It has changed something... My head is full of thougts and I 'm looking for ways how I can relieve mother earth, in my little family world. Your music has opened the veil in any case a bit. On some days I am so overwhelmed that I don't know where to start. My little steps/ changes will not save the entire world, but I have a better feeling.

Sinead rose

You give me hope where I fear there is none. Your music keeps me strong, though. Love you all and your incredible music. I am stuck, trapped in the USA FIGHTING for our land and rights. I am terrified and horrified. Continuing the fight here for all that you believe in. I ask for Blessings.

Cosima Kühn


I want to thank you for your really magical musick. It was(or is, who knows it so exactly) pretty help for us. THANK YOU!

See you at Mediaval


Bettina Schmidt

You change our life every day with your music. I miss you....but I unterstand...

Lydia Kloosterman

Am finding many performances across the border and further away in the list. Hoping some will be in the Netherlands also.Miss hearing you live and being there.Sending love and hugs and hope all is well.Be safe.

Cole Witas

I was following a calling that I had, to walk The green way. I decided to follow my soul and fight for the forest and I just want to say thank you. Finding and listening to your music has set my spirit free! May you prosper and have much joy on the path you walk.
-Your follower: Allanon