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It is the second time I read "singing session" instead of "signing session" and I wondered why the Merch stand should be a good place to sing with us. :-)

Nevermind. I will be there even without a "singing session". See you this weekend!


I've heard you play for the first time in Cologne. Ye have played directly into my heart and touched my soul.
My greatest thanks to you.


Thank you is not nearly enough for what you have given me. Your magick has taken me on so many journeys' since I was first introduced to it. Can't wait to get to see / hear you all live, and share some greenz and goodies with you. Meanwhile, " The music will take me home".. Blessed Be.


Saw you first time yesterday in cologne. Amazing! I was really flashed!
Wish you had some vinyl LP´s if you know what I mean. I´m a little bit old school ;-)


Absolutely Love your music & message! Looking forward to seeing everyone at Fariecon in November!!!!!!! Love & Light. )0(


Love to hear a new version of a old song Sidi 'h' bibi on you're album.
Can't wait to hear it on Castlefest.
(Hope you wille play it offcourse)

See you in a week.

Austin Rich

You guys are awesome! I actually found you guys the beginning of this year and I listen to you guys pretty much every chance I get haha. Keep it up and I'll stay supporting you guys all the way from Arizona USA.


Thank you for sending your new CD so quickly to me here in the US. The music is enchanting - it even attracted a lovely yellow finch to perch on the edge of my car window and chirp along! Much love to you all : )

cindy wallace

I just love you guys. Are you ever coming to the states again....I am in the Northwest and would love to see you all live.


We hope you had a nice day and wast spoiled very of your loved ones Jenny!
We like you, your music, the band OMNIA of course, your style, the wonderful new tatoo on your head and all the stuff around you.
And we are very pleased to see you in 5 weeks on the MPS-stage in Speyer.
Dance until you die.
Greenthings, Jan

Arwen Langerak

Dag Stief en Djeny =)

Leuk dat jullie mijn tekening mooi vonden! Wij hebben geen fake-book enzo, maar ik heb hem wel gezien! Ik vind liedje 2 op jullie nieuwe cd GEWELDIG. Dance until we die is mijn lievelings-omnia-liedje. Dag, kusjes Arwen (8) uit Warns, Friesland


Got your new Prayer Cd yesterday.
LOVE it very much. SEE YOU in Speyer.
Can't wait....
Greez from Mainz.
Yours Peter

Ruth Riley

I am 57 years old and in love with your music. I turned my 37 year old son onto your music and it has become a big hit in our family. Keep on making such beautiful music! Bless you all and thank you.

Cath Dolman

Hello there, do you ever plan to come to the UK? Would love to see you here!

Anneke Timmers

Prayer, your new album; we love it!

joshua forgham

i am from australia i really like your song i dont speak human i can relate to it i would like to know more about why you did that song


Yesterday, Bückeburg - Germany - concert .... powerfull, so nice... spirits, Earthwarror for life.

Danke für ein schönes Erlebnis

The Gods blessd yours

The oldest Man from This Concert you remember?

Scott Baird

Loving the new album "Prayer". really wish you guys would venture further into America on tour.


I really, really love your musick and your message so much! Can't wait to get to hear Prayer. Sending you lots of love and a big thank you from Germany. Have a wonderful day!


Hey there!

You are all amazing and my best friend and I love your musick!

I was wondering: Are you guys ever going to perform in Canada? :) I would absolutely love to see you and I would pay my best friend's bus ticket if you came to perform in Montreal, Quebec!


Peace & Namaste :)