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Greenthingz Jenny & Steve / OMNIA


I found loved musics forever......


Ok....I had to write this as I am really missing you....We live in the UK and usuallycome over to the Netherlands a couple times a year to see you ...including!
Hope you find your passion has to you both x


Hello omnia! Are you coming to Mexico soon?? Please!!
Your music it's soninspiring! It's exactly what i was looking for, to connect to nature! Love you so much! Thank you for such beautiful messages!


Hallo Omnia,
ich bin, trotz meines Alters (71 Jahre), absoluter Omniafan. Ich bin enttäuscht, dass ich Euch 2017 nicht bei einem MPS finde. Auch finde ich keine Auftritte im Ruhrgebiet oder drum herum. Kommt da noch was? Wäre schön...
Euch alles Gute
Euer Fan Peter

Satyr Enkidu

Dear Omnia,

Can't tell you how happy I am that Pagan music is thriving! When I was younger, in my 20s, we had Gwydion and Ruth Barrett & Cyntia Smith—and not much else.

Before them, there was another band, but I don't know if they were Pagan. Still, they seem an "ancestor" or prototype for bands like Omnia and Faun. Do you know them? Gryphon? Richard Harvey on recorder as lead instrument? I feel the same joy listening to you as felt in high school, listening to them.

I guess my real purpose here is to say, Thank You! We become less marginalized every single day. Now in my 50s, I really do feel that She is calling Her children home.

Blessed Be,

Satyr Enkidu


the wife and i only just discovered you a week ago. we love you guys,, ur great ty for the music i use it every where. WE JUST WANNA SAY WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OUR LIVES;]

Laurie Breen

Thank you for your inspiring music! I have become a huge fan, and listen each day to your songs. Cernunnos and kokopelli are 2 that mean a lot to me as Cernunnos is my God. Gaia is my goddess and I love how you honor them both in music and in life, I look forward to a new album(2017?) and will send many blessings your way.Oh, by the way, a special thank you to Daphyd, who inspired me to step outside my comfort zone, buy a didge and start teaching myself how to play! I have A LOT of practicing to do! ;)

With warmest wishes for a blessed life to all of you,
Laurie <3

kevin c wertz

Omnia love your music. So peaceful and astonishment to listen to and relax to. love listening to pagan fork lore and Morrigan. Wising i could experience a live performance would be amazing . Keep up the astonishing vibes all the way from the USA


Good night dear Omnia-Team

To be honest, I just found you per chance and was allready enthralled by your music after the first few lines.
After listening in a little more on your music, and especially the lyrics, I wanted to know who these people were. After reading through the purpose of your inspirathion I wondered if you will ever come to Zürich? I really would love to see you live. ^.^
So far my favourite songs of you are “I don't speak human“ and the “wolf song“ they really are catching and do a lot of sense.

I really would look forward to see and meet you folks. ^.^

Have a good time with no troubles.



Jean claude

Vous êtes beaux et me rassurez sur l'espèce humaine Merci


Hi Omnia, will there be any concerts nearby the Ruhrgebiet of Germany this year? The current agenda just shows concerts in the south or even more far. Sad enough that we cannot spent the night to the 1st of May with your music, as we did the years before (at MPS). Hoping that the agenda is not complete yet...


I have only found your music recently, but it speaks to me quite clearly... hoping to hear and see you at faieryworld oregon in august


hi guys , first of all thanks for ur music , it helps me to everything ! I love it. second i was writing because im from Argentina ( I think I will spend a lot of time even without seeing you) and my couple and I were planing flying to Netherlands to the Fckn Cstlfst to see you but I just recently read that you are not playing there anymore. is that correct no ? i am shocked cause If I had not read the article you wrote on facebook, we would have spent a lot of money and it would not have been worth it. It is very expensive to go there for us, so thanks for the explanation

Michael McClure

I am a huge fan of your music and poetry. I am especially in love with your I don't speak human, saltatio vita, fee ra huri, wytches brew, earth warrior and so many more. don't stop singing an playing those awesome beats.




Schneider, Marco

Hi Jenny and Steve,
my name is Marco and I'm from Germany. My Wife Christiane is a big big Fan of your Band, your Sound and your Lifestyle. On June, 1th. my wife will get 50 years old. Is it possible to get a Poster with some personal Words for my wife to her birthday.

I hope u will read this and u can help me. If its possible give me an info for the costs.

And believe me, we are very sad that u dont give anymore concerts at the MPS. Gisi is an ass......

Greatings Marco

Anirudhan M.S.

im a guy from india, started listening to omnia a month back and naturally fell in love with the pagan folk , and my library is filled with only omnia.I really wish to attend one of your concerts so wouldnt miss a chance if at all i hear omnia is in india !!!


I stumbled on a video of you on YouTube and spent hours watching everything from you, I love the sound and message in your music, thank you and I hope to see you in America one day.

Nicole Perry

recently discovered your music and i instantly fell inlove <3 hope you eill one day bring your amazing music through to Cape Town South Africa


When you guys doing an show in Holland?