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As I suspected, it appears that the charms of La Dolce Vita and perhaps of a Stregan Kirke or two have captivated your man. Let's hope that you can break the spell and get him back to Cloggy-land and business in time to release your new album. If Brexit goes through, he may need a visa and a passport--and maybe a work permit--as a subject of Her Majesty the Queen residing in a foreign country!

Your fan,




I am just discovering the world of Omnia and I am already captured by the magic that is woven into each note. It definitely brings an awakening. I was thrilled to learn of your visit to the USA! Unfortunately I cannot make FaerieCon, and therefore will miss your only show in the States. I am terribly saddened by this and hope you will bring your music further throughout the lands here. We need it!


just to know,
at ebay:
Sine Missione (2005) / Omnia-Cd used
for EUR 1.581,80!


Am back after a long time being somewhere else ...

Always loved Omnia music and still do ...

Can see some members are "new" while some others are gone :-)

Nevertheless, Omnia is loyal and faithful to Mother Nature and best of all, in the shop, there are great goodies I may afford myself to get some :-)

Never forget there are pagans , even in the French car-filled capital , so keen on Nature and its "wild" , which my circle and I are part of :-) and living in the greeniest zone of the capital ! :-)

So, I am glad to be again part of the Omnia "world" ...

take care



Dear members of Omnia, our family is a great fan of your music! We were looking forward to the theatre concert next year March. The tickets were booked and we are counting the days to hear you all live again. But to our shocking surprise we received a letter from the theatre that the concert is cancelled. Because of health reasons! We are so worried, what is wrong. We want to send you all our love and light and we pray that everyting is ok with you. Love Daisy

Vela Heino

I'm a fan from South Korea, You guys are so AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL!<3

Death Hawk

Dear Steve sic and Jenny,

I am a big fan of you guys. The first song i heard that made me fall in love with your music was I Don't Speak Human. I have been a practicing pagan for almost 10 years. your music is a joy to listen to and it always puts me in an excellent balanced mood. My favorite tracks of yours are Dance Until We Die, Niiv, Etrezomp ni kelte, I Don't Speak Human and Earth Warrior. Please keep making great music inspired by the Earth and Blessed be.

Death Hawk

Dear Steve Sic and Jenny,

I am a huge fan of you guys. The first i ever discovered was I don't speak human. I have always had a respect for nature and feel we should all live in harmony with her. I have always wanted to see you guys live and wish you would come to idaho. I listen to your music pretty much every day especially on my way to work and my favorite hits are Dance Until We Die, I don't speak human, Niiv, and Earth Warrior. Blessed be and please keep creating great music inspired by the Earth.

April Tyson

Hi there, I have recently discovered your wonderful awakening music. I also love the apparel. However, I am larger than a XL, do you know if you will be opening up to any larger sized apparel?

Love the music and vibrations....keep on vibe-ing <3

Nathan White

Hello to all! Me and a friend saw you guys back in November 2014 at the Earth Warrior Tour London. It was really awesome! We was wondering would you consider coming back again? Maybe somewhere in Dorset? Hope to hear back soon.


I am teaching myself to play the harp and recently a crucial string broke. So today, I was on the Triplett website ordering harp strings for my Celtic II. Well, three hours later I still here on your enthralling website. I feel so grateful to have found your music. What a gift you are giving to the world. It will inspire me while wrestling with my 34 string mistress and whenever I walk in the woods. So beautiful, so real, so necessary. Thank you!


HI my husband and I love Ur music our 2yrold and 5 yr old find fun to dance to lol but I have a hard time getting a hold of Ur products because I live in Canada and so to have it ship over cost alot and it would take a month to get it.i would love see u live I wish u would come to Canada we live in london ontario oh and pagans too.

Jack Again

Ah! Another bootilicious Pic by Sic. TGIF. Our cup runneth over with your rendition of the Teutonic Hera. But you've got me stumped with the other two cheeky inscriptions. I suppose I may have to buy the album instead of merely downloading the music in order to find out the key.

Since your albums are a lot more reasonable in price when bought at one of your concerts, it would help if you could book a gig in Houston, Texas--maybe before or after your Baltimore gig in the Fall. We have a Renaissance Festival locally that runs on weekends in October and November (with Samhain in the middle!) that might provide a convenient venue. Yes, I realize that Houston is in the Bible Belt; but it's not the buckle--that's Dallas. And we haven't tarred-and-feathered anyone in a long time.

It wouldn't hurt if you could come up with a few more songs in the genre of "Noodle the Poodle," which is really sweet even if Sic's intro is a little "tongue-in-cheek " snarky.

Speaking, once again, of "cheek" I've been reading the book "The Lie Tree" which Jack's Intelligence Service spotted Jenny reading at Sunday's fruit soirée. I must admit I'm really enjoying it, though I did think Erasmus's shift from patriarchal tyrant to conspirator-in-chief was kind of sudden, unless he's really bi-polar. But at least the plot is starting to thicken--not that entering, for a time, the world of upper middle-class Victorian England lacks charm. I do suspect that the sea-cave entry scene owes some literary debt to the sixth Harry Potter book.

'Nuff said.



I found this band just yesterday, and I LOVE IT!!! Peace&Love! ;)

Jack Shea


I've already signed the petition to stop the Bayer/Monsanto merger. Bayer has enough trouble with the rap on neonicotinoids. They don't need to take on the bad vibes from Monsanto.

Oh and thanks to both of you for the semi-buttalicious photo you just published. I believe Jenny is serious competition for Kate. Monday must have must have really been a funday, what with the late breakfasting and sunbathing. Sorry about the bird.




Hey guys!!

First of all I wanna tell you that I really really love all your stuff, music, photos, ideas, all of you. You've really become a great inspiration of a way to live. But puting all of that aside, I want to share with you that Im learning piano and ofcourse one of the first things I wanna play is your music, I found some of your music sheets on the web, but couldn't find one of my favorites "weltschmerz", I would be really really grateful if you could help me finding it, or if you could ease me the music sheet.
My very best wishes for all of you, and good vibes!
Keep your music growing


If u want a nice pic of the rainbow over your Stange on sunday in Berlin, send it To me and how canI give u this pic.
Hail the true gods

Muji Tenno

Dear Omnia,

I am a big fan of your musick and was always curios to see your live performances. The vibe is simply great and I enjoy dreaming while listening to your sound. Helps me meditating a lot.
Though I am also a fan of your life approach and philosophy I would love to know where the difference for Sick between Shamanism and Druidry is. I have been reading a lot about that and would love to hear his thoughts on both ways - maybe you could manage to tell me more about that?

Chees - *Ji

Vampire Girl ;)

Thank you Omnia,
the concerts in Berlin were wonderfull,
thank you for the pictures, the autograph and the music.
It gaves me a wonderful feeling.
Your new songs were wonderfull and I would buy of cours your new CD.
( ;) Sorry that I was nervously;) )
You give me new power to live :)


Hey there,

it was a very wonderful and epic weekend at MPS Berlin seeing you even twice. Weather was great (except the burning-feelings in the sun - but that´s how it is ...;) ) as well as all moods of the people there and I just simply want to say how energizing and well-feeling your music is - and always will be. The new songs are wonderful and hopefully you´ll always be like you are - never change, feel free and be as you are all the time. Hope you got home well and no storm was chasing you ... Really looking forward to your new work and your tour... Bright blessings and thanks a lot )o(