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I’ve been a fan since seeing you guys at the first elf fantasy fair in the Netherlands (where I grew up). I had signed up to work there on the Friday and I ended up working next to the stage selling amongst other stuff your cd’s and shirts. You guys did an amazing fire show that evening, which made me fall in love with all of you! And then the next day I spent all the money I made and also fell in love with omnia all over again when you guys performed!
I live in Canada now, about an hour and a half from Montreal, and I’m part of a small pagan group. We come together to celebrate the seasons and the moon and for the last Lughnasadh celebration we did our own version of the tailteann games. We did tests of strength, tests of speed and tests of artistry. For my part in the tests of artistry I made up a dance to Fee Ra Huri. I would love to send you guys the video of the dance if you would like to see it!
Anyway, you guys are amazing! And I hope you guys will come to Canada sometime, so I can see you guys perform live again! My pagan friends would also love to see you perform!


I don't really know how to start this so i'm just gonna go with it,your musick and message has given me so much confidence and also an escape as i realised the truth about society when i was 12 ,it tormented me so much when i tell people they just shrug it off saying i'm just a kid, but when i heard your musick it made me realise there are other people out there who are not blinded by the truth and that it's ok to be yourself which is difficult in "British Society and Social Norms" as i am a therian i get judged a lot so i hide and suppress a lot of my thoughts and viewpoints not being able to be who i am but when i listen to you i feel my spirit escaping trying to be the real me that i suppress everyday,your musick has helped me through so much I am now 16 and still loving it i do have alot more to say but not sure how so it will appear piece by piece but thankyou so much,keep living life as much as possible PEACE!


Hi, I love your and I'm listening to it for three weeks already. I really want to see you live so please if you'll able to make something like a tour in Bulgaria!

Betty Schmidt

You are so inspired. We (my family and I) hear your musick every day. My daughter loves Jenny and her voice (she ist 4, 5 in a few days). We look the YouTube Videos from Berlin 2016 and she ist dancing and singing, because she knows all the Songs from the "live on earth" Album. And she' s trying to find me and our friends at the video. : )
We hope, that you'll find a peaceful, beautiful and green place for your new home...because home is, where the heart ist....
Love you since years....
Betty from Germany

Debra Angell

My husband and I love your music. Would be great if you ever was in the Syracuse, NY area. Keep on what your doing.


You are awesome!

Andrew K

Ive been a devout pagan for well over the last decade and have been loving the life I live with this in mind. However , I wasn't able to find too many groups that played music that really hit the moods that I felt being the way I am … Until I found your music. Its truly the definition of Pagan style folk music . I love nature and everything that it means to me ,as I know it does for you. Thank you OMNIA for you musical richness and harmony you put out in songs . I'm glad I found you !

Roman Kirillov

Just want to say: You're awesome!
come back to St-P.


Just wanted to say your music has help me keep my sanity during some really crazy rough times, and I wanted to say Thank You....


Chloe S

Love your music Omnia, and been following you for quite some time now. Do you think you will ever come to the UK to do a tour? Would love to see you live!

Keep up the amazing music <3

Heidi Stevens

I’m in Canada and only found you in December! Your music touches my deepest soul and your message puts into words what my being aches to scream to all the blind and deaf humans
Those things only some of us can see but all of us need to , when I watch your concerts or listen to your music I feel like I’ve finally found a place I could belong a place I search for but never find , I’m not from this time and place but yet here I am , part of me lives in the in between places so I don’t feel I belong anywhere really , I just float along with my dogs and cats and very few human connections wondering what it’s all about .thankyou for being one of the rarest of things that makes perfect sense to my being - love from Vancouver island - May all beings be well may the earth heal may all humans come to their senses -

Bobby Jackson

You make the kind of music I need when I'm doing my work...for me it's whiskey making music.


Festival of lies
Ik ben het helemaal eens met deze tekst
Dit afgelopen weekend het weer meegemaakt. Het is waar
Theatrale rituele voor de consument en veel lange rijen om gemarteld dood beest naar binnen werken
Gelukkig ook een vegan eet tentje met een heerlijke mango lassie.
En inspirende muziiekkanten.
Volgend jaar ....wil ik het boefje niet meer spekken.


Em Mabon conheci suas maravilhosas canções... Que em todo ciclo elas permaneçam. Piraquara, PR , Brasil.

Sioux Kennedy

Love, love, love your music. <3



I am Tania, from Chile (South America). His music has come to my soul, coming to Chile someday.

Ivan o

Dear Omnia, first of all, thank you for your amazing work and way of living. Me and my girlfriend look up to you. Trying to live "green" life. Even though it is hard sometimes, because we are both successful classical musicians. We make around 30 flights per year. Anyway, I would like you to invite you to my and my fiance's wedding :) 17th of August. For more info contact me on e mail, please. Near Zagreb, Croatia.
I know you are based somewhere in Slovenia now, so that is just a 2 hours drive.
Think about it.
Anyway we are both working in Norway as orchestra musicians. In Kristiansand.
And we enjoy your music a lot.
Have a nice day :)


Cant i tell you..cant i rely the longing in my heart..the yearning, a sense of sadness from knowing my life was not in focus with what my ancestral family was, hidden from me..2 be awaken...BY YOU!...I now see the reality of what was may not realize may think ( but i doubt it)..but your band has reached me deeply and has changed are NOT JUST are a force of pagan renewal and a source of inspiration that transcends just have FKN changed me...AND I LOVE YOU ALL FOR IT!!!!!!!


Happy belated Birthday! I hope you had the best day you've had so far! Love the picture, that's great.

Christie Morrow


I just wanted to drop by and say thank you for - yet again--"walking" beside me through tough times.