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Been a loooong time fan and love visiting your site when I have the free time but I always had scrolling trouble in the past. This brand new layout for your website looks amazing!! So professional and I can easily find things! (learned about the changes through your newsletters actually haha) Forever an inspiration, keep up the amazing work, all of you!!


Hoi Omnia!

Ik hou heel erg van jullie nummer Dulaman en ik ga naar jullie concert in drachten.
Zouden jullie dan dat nummer willen spelen?

Tot in Drachten



hello. just today I knew about you (on facebook page" Covenant of the goddes"they posted a song) and I'm listening the songs, watching videos and, above all, learning about you as persons, artists, shamans and life style and ideology and I' m very deligthed and thankfull for having found a group of music/artists/beings with the sacred pagan point of's very importatn for me in this much, of course, as your music, absolutely sacred and strongly in touch with the ancient and actual roots.a....I think people is very in need rigth now of this kind of nourrishing art and politic...., so, here in Argentina (where there is a very huge gothic/dark and also spiritual scene) I will make as much promotion as I can..well, my english is not so well but I think it's clear that you have given me today something with a big value,,thank you very much.

Eduardo da Silva

Vocês são muito bons, musicas e presença de palco excelentes!
Parabéns, espero velos no Brasil.



I'll be 61 in March; and I think you guys rock. So far, my favourite 2 songs are Earth Warrior and I Don't Speak Human. I have placed Earth Warrior on my teaching page, on FB, which is under my spirit name of CROW DRUMMING DEAR. I will endeavor to learn it's lyrics.

Keep up the good work... you style spans all ages. And may the so called 'purists', who criticize you, learn that those who stay in the mold do not progress.


varoc co'tru

can't wait to go to the concert on FEB 19th, hope to hear toys in the attic, i asked my fiancee to mary me on that song and we danced on castlefest on that number. that song holds a special place in our hearts.


Hey, I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your music is. It makes me travel and I absolutely love that.
Hope you will come one day in France :)


This is what it means.... Sorry i forgot to put it on English before start to write ^///^
Dear Omnia:
Hello! I just want to say that I Love your music and when I feel low emotional. Your music brings me back to life. It gives me energy to get up and not give up, thank you!!
You gays are amazing musicians.
I hope some day you can come to LA, California so i can go to hear you play in live.



me and my family love your music, especially my 6 months years daughter :-)
Do you plan some concert in Czech republic in future? :-)

Clare Bohning

You're Guy's music brings sanity (or the good kind of insanity) to my life almost every day. I love getting updates from you all in the newsletter and on social media. It's comforting to know that even in all the shit of the world there is this lovely band who keeps the way and oreads it everywhere... Please keep doing what you do! Love Clare

Jhon Michael Albornoz

Hi Greetings from Venezuela, I love your music :3 , where a new album of pagan folk?


Hi beautiful people. I have just a little question. Have you ever thought about performing in Czech republic? Or are you going to? Just interested :)

Peace in your souls



hello Omnia im so glad i found your music on youtube you guys have been such an inspiration



Christoffer Skauge Eid

Hey, just wanna thank you for the inspiration. Me and my wife listen to your music whilst making drums. Check out our drums on Facebook: Chris-og-Gro-Trommer-og-annet
We are from Norway! Keep up the Good work.


Russian band "Music of the Night" playing "Niiv" on harp, check on youtube:
Thank you all!

David Reyes

Hello, in the past december 2015 I discovered your music with Naked Harp cd, I could say that your music "comes from heaven", I hope you can date a show in México City, thank you for this delightful and charming music.

Jack Shea


Happy Anniversary! Would this be your thirteenth? No doubt 13 is a very Lucky Number in the Pagan scheme of things. So Best of Luck and Blessings in the coming year(s).

P.S. The banners look tres cool.


Moz The "Auldfather"

Greetings & Blessings Friends. This was going to be a gratitude piece for your wonderful " Naked Harp" CD. Brilliant though that offering is ...You have also mentioned food in your last posting . Now as a Hobbit of some (Many) passing years ...I can only say Naked Harp & Pea soup ... M`mmm...Mellow people Mellow...I`m a dab hand at the old Leek&Potato myself but can barely play the madolin!!!!

Live in Peace and Blessed Be, Heya1 Omnia!

Mandala Folk

Greetings, Steve, Jenny, Satria, Rob and Daphyd.

We are Mandala Folk, a neo-folk band from Brazil, and we’re happy to say that your music and your job are major inspirations for us all! The band have only one year and some months playing around, but we love what we do and we always try to bring happiness wherever we go!

Recently, our first video-clip was launched with a special thanks to you guys, for keeping the magic “Allive” and for the great inspiration you’ve been providing to us and to all the folk bands and musicians!
Let’s make the people of the world listen to the sounds of nature and of the ancestors and try to bring back some wisdom from the ancient times!


We hope you can give us a little hand in spreading our first job around Europe, and maybe some day we can meet you there with some beer, great cheer and lots of music!!!

Thanks a lot!