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Greenthingz Jenny & Steve / OMNIA


BANJO? Hung or Happy drum or something
I don't recall ever hearing these instruments on you're cd's
does this means there is something new coming?

I'l probably find out in purmerent

o and wtf is a paleo flute and what song on prayer is it used for

thank you for broadening you're sound even more


Hi Steve,
I like OMNIAs musick and message and enjoy a lot listenting especially to your epic songs like the Raven.
Thanks for sharing the entertaining train story. It is exactly the same here in Germany. I am looking forward to your concert in Munich and hope that this time my train will be on time...


Hello, OMNIA!
I cross with the band one day surfing on YouTube. I am very happy that there are people and a band like you!
I hope at some point that they can visit South america Brazil Uruguay Argentina.
A big greeting from Uruguay!


Is just what Ive been saying Sic...
Its the indifference of people...
people are indifferent.. ignorants
ignore everything...
In our hearts and somethimes very deep in our hearts
we know that everything is wrong and fucked!
we just decide to be indifferent and just let the things pass..
(monkeysapiens) XD
By the way. what a journey, how hilarious, was too much.


Inanna Shu

Going to make it to you're Oregon,US show.Wish you could book a few more dates here in the US.Wishing you the best always.


Hi Omnia!

It's been a while since I saw you for the first (and only) time. 2015 CastleFest. Eversince I wanted to come back there, just to see you guys on stage again. Sadly, this year I couldn't come due financial reasons and when I heard you weren't coming back to CatleFest after that I don't have any reason to go there next time. I hope to see you guys again soon! I enjoyed your performance and it was such a blessing to meet you!

Never stop doing what you guys do best! We love you and believe in you!


andré van beek

I want to tell you all that you are great people stay strong in this evil world full of hate and ego you say what we think I now that the world is taken over by people with money see you in Purmerend bless you all
May the pagan force be with you

Greetje Penning

I hear you. Your pain about what people (even so-called pagans) do to the Earth, their mindless consumerism, the kicking you out of what was originally a pure, intimate pagan gathering (carried by you), turning into a superficial dress show of monkeys that don't want to hear / can't stand the truth. I hear your love for nature, your impatient anger and frustration the incredible shortsightedness of the masses in your songs and words. I feel it too.

Rest, weary earth warriors. Let the silence of midwinter carry you for a while.


I just have to say guys, your music is so inspirational, I have listened to it almost every day since I first heard your song "Toys in the Attic" four years ago (13 then, 17 now). Listening to your new album as I type this, and I'm really happy to see that there's a song for Freya, my patron goddess. Wish you guys would come back to England as I wasn't able to see you perform last year, or maybe it was the year before now, I lose track. Been teaching myself to play some of your songs on the piano, namely "Toys in the Attic" and "Old Man Tree". Had to stop though because I'm trapped in college being overworked and driven crazy! And not the good crazy either.
Keep being musical and bringing some crazy sanity to the people of the world, and may the gods of nature and chaos bless you all!


Love Omnia Forever :) "In perfect love and perfect trust" Castle feast has a new name "Ass Hole Feast. My there wicker man burn them down lol ;)~

Helen Kloosterman

Ik ga 'm serieus niet begrijpen, die "Mr. Castlefest": Omnia niet meer op Castlefest willen... Heel jammer, want ik heb een paar maanden geleden nog enorm genoten van jullie optreden daar (zie eerder ergens in dit gastenboek). Jullie boodschap wordt helaas nog steeds niet goed begrepen kennelijk. Elfia dan maar (bij voorkeur ook Arcen, want dat ligt bij ons soort van "om de hoek")?! : ) In ieder geval tot Purmerend (ook zo totaal niet naast de deur als je in Midden-Limburg woont... maar ja, je moet wat als verjaardagscadeau voor je mede-Omnia-fan partner)! Wij verheugen ons erop.


I love you, you who are reading this message, no matter who you are.

Dark times are upon us and are to come, love is the solution. Love between men, between men and Nature...

Hail to Life



I just wanted to say that every so often I come here to keep informed of you and the band. You guys are freaking awesome! and Jen, could you teach me how to play de gurdy? you rock and rule with that thing!!!
And Steve, you know what? Fuck them all!! it didn't fool me too!!!
This slavery in such a large scale will not last forever, the day will come
when everything falls on its own weight. It will not be possible for the world elite to have everyone of us on their hands!!! eeverything will start falling of their hands!
everyday there are more people awakening and conscious.
I want to make a call for everybody to leave behing the INDIFFERENCE,
because I think INDIFFERENCE is our largest defect as humanity (humanity?really? race?)

Hey you! pleople!! everyone that is reading this please stop being indifferent of
the things that are happening in our world, this concerns us all!
just don't ignore this, dont ignore your neighbors! We are all one!!
one mankind, all one! (it maybe sound like dr bronners soaps, I know...)
dont sit down and wait for somebody to do somenthing!
we can start making the difference by us!

Make love and not war!
Namaste! I love you all! From this little piece of land in the middle of the Caribbean!
many blessings!

Rimer dijkstra

Hey Omnia I live in Friesland and I am 14
I think I listen your music new for a year,
And I ready love it .
I woud just tel you this:

I hope you will never stop making this great music,
It is just zo wunderful.
I have heard that Alan lee uncle is from jenny, personal I love drawing and lord of the rings.
And I have seen his work,
So great!

I hope to see you once.

Best whishes,

Rimer Dijkstra

Atalay Ant

Hey there beautiful people of OMNIA!

I feel cleansed inside every time I listen to you, guys. Nature gives us all we need, as we are coming from her...



Steve and Jenny and Daphyd and Rob and Satrya et al,

Welcome back to America!

It's great to see that you're getting some good vibes from your trip to and gig in our country. It seems to me that more international shows are just what you need at this point in your careers--maybe even more than you need a six-month sabbatical. More gigs in the US, Canada, Latin America and Australia/NZ (they'd love you there!) would seem to be just what the witch-doctor would order.

While I hesitate to tell you your business, maybe Steve's new PA can proactively drum up some invitations in those places. She might be able to network through some of your European friends such as Irfan, Euzen, Faun or Leaf. I suspect you don't want to use a commercial agency for the same reason that you now avoid being under contract to a big record company.

Although it appears that the neo-Pagan, neo-traditional, neo-Celtic genres are a largely European phenomenon, I believe that Omnia's music transcends those categories. Mostly it's just plain fun to listen to. I frequently play it on my car's sound system while driving to Revelry gigs or rehearsals since it puts me in a good mood for singing our somewhat more sedate repertoire.

Anyway, don't get too upset by the craziness of our election. (My daughter, who rarely drinks booze, has taken to downing Scotch.) This too shall pass--we hope.

Red, yellow, brown, orange and ever-greenz on silver wingz (and tell Mr. Fluffy we love him!),



I was going through the news on here and saw the post Steve did about Cardiac issues. I'm hoping you have your tests all back by now. Even if you do get bad news, there is stuff that can help. I turned 29 this year and also had my 4 pacemaker put in this year (I was going into heart failure because I had been pacing too much with the other one.) I also managed to stay standing for your entire set on Saturday night at Faeriecon. Which, as someone whose heart fucks up, their blood pressures drops and they pass out when standing for too long (over 30 seconds often) was a huge accomplishment for me. Keep hope. All will be well. As a side note, ya'lls music is one of the great joys in my life and I thank you for it.

Daniel Jepsen

Any plans to play a concert in Denmark?


I wish I could meet you, you guys sound awesome! Though open, I'm surprised you're not hosting this website in Iceland ;) But I suppose that comes into the logistics of fast loading speed...

Anyway, after newly-discovering your band, and reading all of your very wonderfully-written member descriptions, I'd like to say that you should probably have a bit more hope in humanity (this is to one certain member of the band in particular). With Permiculture I've seen so much of the alternative movement, and there are so many brilliant minds who give me hope - minds such as Allan Savory, Natasha Campbell Mc.Bride, Weston A. Price, Kay Baxter, Bill Mollison, James Corbett, etc... (to go even further look at people like Jacob Grimm, and Carl Jung; Hypocrates and many, nameless others). Humans have a wonderful spirit, and indeed the foundation of our psyche is compassion - I have read and seen enough to believe with firm conviction this is so (“On Killing” by Dave Grossman, worthwhile (though traumatizing to empaths)). People with kind hearts in bad times have just been manipulated, meaning well but not truly understanding the implications of their actions, or doing whatever they can to survive. Rome has been around long enough to be good at controlling their sheeple :(

You might be very interested in reading the Whispers / Song of Waitaha; the recorded oral history, wisdom, and beliefs of an islander culture over 10,000 years old, and who discovered and inhabited New Zealand long before the Maori. They are wise; there are so many cultures other than this one, look beyond what you see around you, in our society, and media. Look into history, and there you will find genuine hope and trust that humanity has lived many thousands of years longer than commonly accepted history will confirm, and with equally if not more so stable and peaceful societies which have cherished and nurtured all that is wonderful within human nature. Ursula Le. Guin reflects a lot of “archaic man” through her own fantasy work, so I have a growing suspicion she's onto this as well, or at least has seen enough of it elsewhere.

The environment is our gift, and indeed nearly everyone loves it – you'll be hard-pressed to find real people who don't. My concern is that “humans are evil, we destroy Gaia” is just being used to push the 2030 agenda, which is even more fascism in the name of environmental friendliness. Most of the harm done is by the corporations, not the individuals, who the corporations / mass media enjoy blaming so much.

But these are only modern times, and the mere blink of an eye in terms of the whole of human history as I now know it (the construction of the Sphynx now being dated somewhere in the Upper Palaeolithic era, as an example). Have hope, and know that the wonderful human spirit prevails!

I wish you and your wonderful music luck! Live good lives, and be true to yourselves, always!

Random from Australia (because it's where it's at).



I am caught in a trap where the gift of peace withers.
The reason has vanished
and Hope will not flourish in such quiet dread.
I may be miles behind or below for most of it,
or the rest of it.
A scream and a tear leave no impact.

I do not know how to be other than who I am,
and it is pitiful.

Discovery is now habit with dwindling passion.
A new, terrible skill emerges; shrinking under the sun.
Past and future battle for a dull, weary pulse.
If the parts left over have function,
I cannot remember.
A mind of regret is leading to the fear of forget.

The pulse is faint, but the pulse remains.

So, while I am still here
with eyes and ears
and a burning memory,
let me extend what is true
to you.

You do not know how to be other than who you are,
and it is lovely.
Your sweet offerings provide
an unexpected respite.
For a few moments
the battle subsides,
and my heart reclaims the beat.

I may never meet you
or kiss the air around your faces.
But I wish for you to know
that even in the void,
you are reverently beheld.

Fly free for me, crows.
This trap will not hold for long.