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Ane Harm

bedankt voor een geweldige avond gister in de lawei drachten hebben echt genoten

Natasja Blok

Lieve crew,
Ik wil jullie ontzettend bedanken voor jullie optreden van gisteravond in Den Helder. Wat een prachtige muziek en mooie boodschap brengen jullie. Heerlijk gedanst en ook intens geluisterd naar de songs en muziek die jullie ten gehore gaven. Prachtige harp ook. Ik hoop jullie weer te zien bij Castlefest komend jaar.
Nogmaals bedankt voor een fantastische avond, Natasja


Hello dear Omnia,
You are the most special people in the world and inspire me so much. Your words, sound and freedom magiclly takes the best of me, and remember what really matters in life. Thank you so much for your music and awareness. You're amazing! And please do more episodes for Almost Human <3
All the love,



hey crew, ik wil jullie nogmaals bedanken voor het geweldige optreden afgelopen vrijdag in tilburg. ik kende jullie 'vaag', maar nu goed, en ik ben blij een band zó dichtbij gevonden te hebben waarin ik m'n gedachtengoed helemaal teug kan vinden, leuk!!! ik heb werkelijk heel erg genoten van wat jullie neerzetten, diep respect, jullie mogen jezelf terecht kunstenaars noemen! natuurlijk jammer dat niet zoveel mensen de diepgang beseffen, maar jullie hebben er een ambassadeur bij, ik ga m'n best doen ;-)
btw, ik heb een flink aantal foto's gemaakt, mochten jullie interesse hebben, laat maar even weten, dan stuur ik een link.
nogmaals dank (ook voor het uitdragen voor het welzijn van de aarde), en zéker tot ziens!!
liefs, lex

Danielle Britton

Hey! Your banners look really good on stage and I love how they look in the light.


Wow, what an awesome show you gave in Tilburg yesterday! Even after having seen many of your concerts, I'm still in awe of your talent (vocally, instrumentally and performance-wise). The sounds and visuals so well put together, intertwining, into the smallest detail... like one big piece of Art. I loved the comeback of the hurdy, the new banners, the new songs, and the fact that every member got some solo spotlight time to show his or her skills. I only thought one or two songs could do with a brief explanation, for the new people who didn't have the foggiest what they were about (The Raven especially). After hearing one of your new songs in YET ANOTHER new music style added to your repertoire (not saying which, as to not spoil it for others), I had this strange thought: Couldn't OMNIA now apply for a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, as the band which plays the most different music genres? :P Anyway... my friends and I loved every moment of your show, and we can't wait to see you again the next time!

David itchue

Introduced your music to my wife we love it very much also I play lord of the rings online i convert midi files to ABC file to play awesome music in the game in middle earth can't seem to find any midi files for your songs is their any way to get them and use them to spread your sound to middle earth in game thanks

Jan Fischer

Dear Jenny,
Happy Birthday to you!
We wish you a nice birthday with all your dear people and are glad to see / hear / visit / meet you in two weeks at your concert in Hameln!
Thank you for beeing so wonderfull and amazing!
Hugs & Greenthings
Jan the crazy man from the smal town near Frankfurt.


Two days ago I placed a message for Jenny's Birthday!! I can't see this in the guestbook and I hope that it arrived. If not: another happy birthday Jenny, love from Reina


There is a forest down the street being ripped up at this very moment. How I wish I could destroy those infernal machines...


Hi Jenny, happy birthday (the 19th isn't it?)
Lots of love and happiness, see you in Gouda!!


Through a very dear friend, I discovered the wonderful music, unique style, and truthfulness that is Omnia. Having seen this magnificent band last year in Selb, Germany, was nothing short of moving and inspiring. Your music touches everyone's heart, soul and mind in a very special way. I look forward to seeing this band often and am thankful for CDs and the Internet to stay in touch and keep ground thoughts flowing through me. Cheers!


Hi Guys,

that song "CALL ME SATAN"......

Just love it!

Yeah, lets worship Satan!!!!!!!

Might get one of these little horn-implantants for my forehead!

"Believe in me I'll set you free"
"To worship me is fun"

YEAH! Satan, set me freeeeeeeeeeee!

Jan Fischer

Happy Birthday Rob

We hope that you can enjoy this day!
Love, peace and harmony for you all!

Sorry for the question. What happend to the old guestbook in the former homepage?

Jan the crazy man from the smal town near Frankfurt.


Been a loooong time fan and love visiting your site when I have the free time but I always had scrolling trouble in the past. This brand new layout for your website looks amazing!! So professional and I can easily find things! (learned about the changes through your newsletters actually haha) Forever an inspiration, keep up the amazing work, all of you!!


Hoi Omnia!

Ik hou heel erg van jullie nummer Dulaman en ik ga naar jullie concert in drachten.
Zouden jullie dan dat nummer willen spelen?

Tot in Drachten



hello. just today I knew about you (on facebook page" Covenant of the goddes"they posted a song) and I'm listening the songs, watching videos and, above all, learning about you as persons, artists, shamans and life style and ideology and I' m very deligthed and thankfull for having found a group of music/artists/beings with the sacred pagan point of's very importatn for me in this much, of course, as your music, absolutely sacred and strongly in touch with the ancient and actual roots.a....I think people is very in need rigth now of this kind of nourrishing art and politic...., so, here in Argentina (where there is a very huge gothic/dark and also spiritual scene) I will make as much promotion as I can..well, my english is not so well but I think it's clear that you have given me today something with a big value,,thank you very much.

Eduardo da Silva

Vocês são muito bons, musicas e presença de palco excelentes!
Parabéns, espero velos no Brasil.



I'll be 61 in March; and I think you guys rock. So far, my favourite 2 songs are Earth Warrior and I Don't Speak Human. I have placed Earth Warrior on my teaching page, on FB, which is under my spirit name of CROW DRUMMING DEAR. I will endeavor to learn it's lyrics.

Keep up the good work... you style spans all ages. And may the so called 'purists', who criticize you, learn that those who stay in the mold do not progress.


varoc co'tru

can't wait to go to the concert on FEB 19th, hope to hear toys in the attic, i asked my fiancee to mary me on that song and we danced on castlefest on that number. that song holds a special place in our hearts.