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All these years, we kept our guestbook (sadly a very old-fashioned thing
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Greenthingz Jenny & Steve / OMNIA


Ben geschokt over wat Vana event over jullie zegt op fcbook.
Niet normaal
Castlefest is te erg geworden qua geldverdienen .comercieel
.de spirit is weg
Nu jullie ook ..vreselijk jammer ook de manier waarop er gesproken wordt


Dear omnia,
I just read about you not coming to castlefest anymore. Their loss, but ours too.
My family and I enjoy your musick a lot and our children will be brought up as earthwarriors and learn to care about earths flora and fauna.

keep doing what you are doing! We hope you will get other opportunities to play in NL.



Omnia for ever

Lydia Kloosterman

The road you walk takes a turn away now from something you for me and many others have alway s been a very important part off, but please never forget how people care and hope to see you and share in the music with love for mother nature. Take care.Giving Stenny a very big and warm hug.Blessings.


Merry Samhain! Happy Halloween!

Hopefully your rest period has been rejuvenating and relaxing.

I really enjoy your version of Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven! Perfect for this season.



I hear the songs of life.
I watch the pain and strife.
I hear the worlds of hope.
I see the bloody knife.
I feel the joy of laughter.
I know the price of grief.
I wonder at the worlds insanity.
And I cry warm tears.

I watch the children playing.
I see the filth.
I hear the old ones singing.
I know their fight.
I see the people laboring.
I share their fear.
I see those that have lost their way.
And again I cry warm tears.

I read the words of society.
I experience the worlds anger.
I see the blood filled streets.
I see the dispair of the people.
I hear the innocents as they cry.
I feel the frustration.
I feel the rage.
I want to hold them to me.
But I know there is no way.
And again I cry warm tears.

I hurt for my children.
I know their pains.
And through all their growing I can do but wait.
I give them the grains.
I give them my sight.
I give them my strength.
I give them my heart.
I give them my compassion.
And I know they feel none of this.
So I give them my warm tender tears in the rain.


Jan Sasse

Seid gegrüßt Omnia,

ich möchte euch danken für eure Musik.
Ich habe gerade eure Musik (CD) "Naked Harp" bekommen und sie gehört,
Sie hat mich wirklich tief im Herzen berührt und ich möchte euch danken für das,
was ihr seid und für das, was ihr macht und lebt.
Ich wünsche euch alles gute und Liebe und es ist schön
das ihr euch - Seelenfreunde - "Anam Chara" gefunden habt.
Man findet nicht die Liebe, sondern die Liebe findet euch.
Eine sehr tiefe Berührung der Seelen im Erkennen des Anderen, und man ist im Herzen eins.
Etwas sehr, sehr besonderes ist es, euren Herzen treu und verbunden zu sein.

Alles Liebe euch und natürlich auch Omnia

Jan aus Berlin

Cybol Russell

Hi there, I have just stumbled across your band while looking up Pagan music and I'm so glad I did............LOVE IT!!!!! So speaks to me.



I'm here, typing to you from Mexico(horrible, disgusting)City because I would like to express to you my grateful feelings for everything that you are trying to do for beloved Mother Nature.
I run into your great music not long ago and I found myself reflected in all your thoughts and ideals. I was so happy to know that out there were other people trying to do something better... better tha a city society. In a city like this you don't find lots of people with this kind of mind, and even if you do find someone, you can't do much: they won't let you. They don't even take the time to hear you. Everytime I almost lost my hope I think of you and the people out there that are trying to help. Thank you very much. Really.
Hope that people like you live long enough to see a better world. XOXOXO

**Also hope that my english redaction isn't too painful to read. Sorry, not my stongest point.


Hi! I'm here again hahaha

Well, I came here again talk about your songs and if I can use in my short movie of my university. And if this place isn't to ask something like that, I would like to take your e-mail for this questions about that.
Thank's a lot! You're amazing!

Hi Guilherme

sorry for the late reply, but yes

you are allowed to use the music for your university short movie :-)


Greetings from Florida! I would be supppppper happy for a US tour! I've been saving money up just to see you guys! Cannot wait to see you live one day wherever it may be!

Nature's Blessings,
Talvi xoxoxoxo

Guilherme Noguerão

Hi! My name is Guilherme. I'm from Brazil and I'm a History student.
Me and some friends are great fans and I came to ask directly to you.
We are doing a work to the class of "History of Colonial America" and this is a short movie, whose is the vision of Amerindians about the arrived of the Spanish at America. Analysing a lot of songs, we decided to use some songs, but first, we need your answer if we can or not use them.
Thank you very much!


Hoi lieve Stenny,

Wat goed dat jullie op sabbatical gaan. Een burnout zuigt big time, been there, done that. Zelf ben ik nu op sabbatical voor zes maanden en het is heerlijk, weird, therapeutisch en zalig. Alles in een.

Ik weet dat jullie niet zo van het vliegen zijn maar ik zit nu op Dominica (het eiland, niet de republiek). Het is fantastisch en als jullie behoefte hebben aan real life jungle, tropisch regenwoud, zee, de meest lieve en behulpzame mensen ever, dan kan ik het echt aanraden om een poosje hier te komen. Het is echt een groen pareltje in de caribische oceaan. Veel hikes, weinig rotzooi, watervallen, warm waterpoelen.. nou genoeg om op te noemen!

Sterkte maar vooral geniet van de rust. Tot volgend jaar.

Groetjes uit Dominica.


Brother Bruce Michael Perry ULC

High! Steve and Jenny,
Blessed Be and Merry Meet! Dear Wiccan Family,
Yes I understand How Brother Steve feels,My Doctors telling me to ease it up a bit,20 hr days cut in half,I have so many respocibilities,Drs.Appts,Weekly Appts,Moving into my new place,a studio apt.have my Happy Little Stoner Wiccan Altar,As A Happily Stoned Wiccanmonk,its my Sacradotal Duty to do any Prayer Requests to Our Beloved Nature POT God's and Godesses,according to authentic Pagan Scripture states "Our Lord and Lady do Not Delight in BLOOD Sacrifice BUT In The BURNT!!! Offerings of Incense and Herbs "Ours is Cannabis Sativa,we felt that it was according to our wiccan beliefs,That being Stoner Wiccans,its appropriate to Offer Up Herbal Burnt offerings,One Sacred BOWL at a time-LOL! preparation of daily Pagan Prayers and Meditations,May I Have your Permission to Go Before Our Lord and Lady,Pray for you Brother Steve,or for anyone whose in need of Prayers to Our God's and Goddessess,Thank You for accepting me into Your Tribe,iam Honored.I;ve written the first Stoner-Wiccan Rosary Prayer,"The Blessed St.Mary Jane Wiccan Rosary Prayer,"at the end loop of my wiccan rosary,have a md.size Pot Leaf and a medallion of Our Beloved Nature Goddess,(POT Goddess) email me your Fax Number I'd Love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!,Tip;It helps to Prepare your selves for wiccan/pagan prayers and meditations by smokin Sacred Ganja Herb like the pagan devotees of india no wonder theyre always smilling theyre Stoned! Thank You For your wonderful uplifting healing Music,......May Our Beloved Nature Pot God's and Goddessess Bless You with Healing Cannabis Herbs,De Stress,Relax,Thats what im trying to do. Brother Bruce,ULC


Lieve mensen, fijn dat jullie er gisteravond bij waren! Jenny, bedankt voor het gesprek. Het was fijn om je te kunnen vertellen dat je een inspiratiebron voor me bent: dankjewel! Met elkaar maken we de wereld mooier! "Alive" is hier in huis een 'medicijn' Oh ja? Ja!
Zorg goed voor jezelf en rust lekker uit. We houden van jullie! Urjan & Yvonne


Came to Hohenlockstedt to see you... A bit disappointed, but better to miss a concert , than to attend a disappointing concert. Saor patrol and Saltatio did a great job, but they're not Omnia.
All the best, take your time ,may the spirits be with you.


Take care and take your time, you've given us lots of great music and memories to keep us happy for quite a while!

Ted Kostyuk

I realy realy love your music and what you represent!
I was inspired to become a vegeterian by you and began to search for my own path in life.
I was wondering, are you guys planning on preforming in the Wacken Festival? I plan to fly to Germany and attend the festival with friends, and sseing you at theFestival would be a dream come true !

Have a lovely and peaceful evening/day <3


My Dad's girlfriend recently (yesterday afternoon) introduced me to you guys, and I instantly knew I found a band that stood for all I believe in, that also makes amazing music. The first song I heard by you guys was Dance Until we Die, and I normally hate rap, can't stand it, gives me a headache, but I absolutely loved it! (It is one of my top 3 favorite songs.) As soon as I got home that afternoon, I listened to as many songs by you guys as I could. Your songs have inspired me to try many new things like Singing (I have stage fright), knitting an entire dress (I am an experienced knitter, but have never attempted something as ambitious.), learning new languages (I only know English, which is my main language, some Spanish, a tiny bit of Irish) Dutch, Latin, and German to name a few, belly dance, and poi. I really hope that someday you can play at Faerie Fest (Windsor New York, United States) I promise if you do, I will be there and do everything in my power to help make that happen. Also, I know many forms of fiber arts, and I would be more than happy to make you something. Please email me what you would like me to make and where to mail it to, and I will do everything in my power to make that happen.

As far as who I am here's a little about who I am. My full name is Kassandra Moira Grover, I was born on September 21 2004, I am in seventh grade, I have a younger brother (10) and sister (8), My family is Pagan, I live in Binghamton NY 13903, I go to school every day wearing a pentacle necklace and the hope to change the "mutant monkeys" opinion on Paganism, I am fascinated by lore, myth, and "fantasy" (the reason why I put quotations around fantasy, is that i believe they truly exist.). As far as my general opinion on other's interests, is "provided no one is hurt, and you aren't forcing anyone to do as you do, it's fine with me.". By the way, I think the placement of curse words is very funny (Also, for some reason, I find it funny when people curse. Don't know why, I just do.). Anyway I am going to continue learning about you guys, one song at a time. Best of wishes for your future!


Ik lees net dat jullie een beetje gas gaan terugnemen en vond het tijd om mijn steun aan jullie te betuigen.

Ik heb jullie vele jaren geleden in mijn tienerjaren ontdekt toen Etrezomp ni kelted net uit was en ben jullie sindsdien met alsmaar groeiende interesse blijven volgen. Ik ben met jullie meegegroeid van pagan folk naar "environmental folk" als ik het zo mag benoemen. Ondertussen is ook mijn vriend helemaal fan van jullie en de weinige keren dat we met de auto rijden staan meestal jullie cd's op. We zingen dan luidkeels mee met onder andere Toys in the attic en Jabberwocky en kunnen we onze tranen moeilijk bedwingen bij Wheel of time en Het dorp. Jullie zijn dus zowat mijn/onze levensgezellen geworden en telkens ik jullie muziek hoor heb ik weer extra moed om meer earth warrior te worden (want ik ben er nog niet helemaal).

Onlangs zijn jullie nog meer gaan betekenen, want we hebben een moeilijke periode achter de rug. Ik weet niet of het toeval was of niet, maar tijdens mijn zwangerschap viel mij jullie liedje Free bird fly op. Ik nam me voor dat het een goed liedje zou zijn om op te zetten als ik pijn zou hebben tijdens de bevalling. Uiteindelijk is het allemaal zo snel gegaan dat er geen muziek aan te pas is gekomen, maar ons kindje heeft een maand op de neonatologie moeten liggen met pulmonale hypertensie en een zware streptokokkeninfectie. Toen ze daar aan allemaal buisjes hing kon ik niets anders doen dan praten en zingen tegen haar. Toen heb ik oneindig veel keer Free bird fly gezongen, want de tekst was zo beangstigend toepasselijk en de melodie toch zo lieflijk. Dus bedankt dat jullie op die manier bij ons waren in die moeilijke tijd. Nu is ze een normale baby, dus hopelijk kan ze binnen enkele jaartjes alle Omnialiedjes meezingen.

Dit om maar te zeggen dat iedereen zijn tegenslag in het leven vroeg of laat wel eens krijgt en ik ook alle begrip heb voor jullie break. Ik snap zeker dat jullie moedeloos worden van de mensheid, ik heb dat ook vaak, maar ik bedenk mij dan dat de generatie van mijn ouders nog dikwijls vraagt "waar is het vlees op dit bord", terwijl ik leeftijdsgenoten vaak hoor zeggen "oh eens vegetarisch is leuk". Het klimaatakkoord van Parijs is nu ook eindelijk in voegen, dus de wereld kantelt beetje bij beetje, al lijkt het voor mensen als wij veel te traag te gaan.

Dus geniet van de natuur, van jezelf en van elkaar. Sowieso heb ik nog maar één live concert van jullie kunnen bijwonen, omdat jullie zo weinig naar België komen, dus wachten kan ik wel. Wij hebben trouwens een nieuw album (en al jullie vorige) om het zeker tot volgend jaar uit te houden.

Veel liefs,