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Hey :)

I like you guys a lot and love your music!!!

But what I wanted to write about was the skin problem :D I had some problems like this myself and I would REALLY advise you to go to a good homeopath. They fixed my neurodermatitis although many doctors failed and said I couldn't do anything about it. Eczemas are also often psychosomatic stress syndroms so you should choose a healing method which considers your entire body and psyche!
Best whishes

A fan


and there are some more "Likes" in real life by those who live a life out of the virtuality.
Good friends with fins, wings, roots, feet, wheels, tails or other tracks in this world.

meleth a sîdh i amar!


Cute OMNIA, dear Steve,
don't make yourself too small. You changed a lot of people, because you are who you are and you do what you do. By emphasizing, what possibilities we have to take care of nature, by your speeches about what is happening in this world, people recognize things they would have not withoutr you!!!
OMNIA may be a small band, BUT you changed my life and my husband's and because of that, my brother takes more care on nature and his stepdaughter, aged 10 - is going to be a new OMNIA Fan, thinking about nature. My mother didn't change a lot, but she has a bad conscience by buying bad meat (maybe a first step?)
OMNIA made 10 or more people in my surronding thinking about nature and taking responsibilty for nature. Isn't that great?
Always love you ;-)


Dear all members of Omnia,
first of all I'd like to thank you for your music, which has been a great inspiration for me for years and always sets my mind on peace.

I love that you encourage people to think about the world around them, especially the animals. What I always wanted to ask - are you guys vegans as well?
A part of me wishes that, because it would fit so well in all the things you are saying about environment and animals...I actually can't imagine, that you wouldn't be.

Anyway, keep the good work up and I love to see you live again sometime, it has been three times until now and I always enjoyed myself a great deal.



Hello Jenny, Where you get your beautiful skirts ago , or sew you to myself? Especially the the You carried on Friday in Veldhoven . Thanks in advance for the answer . Sorry my English is not so good. The concert was really great thanks for everything . Best regards.

Helen Kloosterman

Weer een gaaf optreden gisteravond in Veldhoven. Zoals na afloop al gezegd, mooie nieuwe nummers (van mij mogen ze allemaal op de volgende cd)! Mijn vriend Renny, onze "kabouter" Sidney (eerste rij, middenvooraan met puntmuts van zijn kersverse Omnia-hoody) en ik hebben genoten. Thanks!

Henk Engel

Just been to your concert fot the fourth time. Again it was fabulous.


Hi guys,
I loved the show in Almelo yesterday. It was a pity there were not more people in the audience but I am super hyped now about your new cd. The new songs you shared are amazing.


Hi! I'm Maria , a Pagan girl who will come at the Yggdrasil festival here in Italy . I'm writing this message because i've just been told that the stand i'll create (I make dreadlocks ) will be setting in the backstage where you will be,too . This is a wonderful news for me , because the spiritual message that you send me through your songs fills my soul since a long time ! See you soon!!
(I'm a earth warrior! How about you?)


Hi OMNIA! Absolutely love your amazing music and thought provoking lyrics. I am from the Gold Coast, Australia and can't wait for you to do a tour down here.

I have just read your blog on the destruction of the trees in your nearby forest and I completely agree with you. It is time we spread the "Earth Warrior" song in response to this action and alert humanity to what is really happening around them. I am also ashamed that it is our kind, humanity, which is inflicting such widespread global pain on on earth. The sooner mother nature strikes back, with a vengeance, the sooner humanity will learn that skinning the planet alive will have massive consequences. I don't know how much more our earth can take.

I would love to share this blog and ask permission to share this to all my friends, family and the wider community.


Feel free to share our blogs with the world :) 

Greenz Daphyd

Hiraeth Melancolaidd

♦ →Likely since neither I speak (or write) human, thosehumans make me anxious (and outside myself - no warrior here). ♠ While currently no longer fear my own mortality and irrelevance, still remain so devilawful petrified of people, derogatory taxating behind the reflecting windows of their load automobiles or of their hostelry's/saloons. They talk with a double tongue and ulterior motives, I suspect (When they deign to speak to me, feel confused and can't make out what they really mean/intent ... and they don't understand me (except perhaps that one true friend, Raya Schaduwjaagster)
♣ ..., swat, Dia Duit / Bandia to you all!
(will probably never have the opportunity to celebrate with U, cos haven't got money to transit¿ or pay entrance for gatherings or ceremonies (no matter, that's of no consequence →) nevertheless, here in my isolation, the discovery of what U share by creative expression was a benevolent bless, truely!
Thank U for the gift of your wonderful&magical spirit&music) ♥ (sorry English's not my native language)
a hiraeth melancolaidd sassenach (c Peter)

Ane Harm

bedankt voor een geweldige avond gister in de lawei drachten hebben echt genoten

Natasja Blok

Lieve crew,
Ik wil jullie ontzettend bedanken voor jullie optreden van gisteravond in Den Helder. Wat een prachtige muziek en mooie boodschap brengen jullie. Heerlijk gedanst en ook intens geluisterd naar de songs en muziek die jullie ten gehore gaven. Prachtige harp ook. Ik hoop jullie weer te zien bij Castlefest komend jaar.
Nogmaals bedankt voor een fantastische avond, Natasja


Hello dear Omnia,
You are the most special people in the world and inspire me so much. Your words, sound and freedom magiclly takes the best of me, and remember what really matters in life. Thank you so much for your music and awareness. You're amazing! And please do more episodes for Almost Human <3
All the love,



hey crew, ik wil jullie nogmaals bedanken voor het geweldige optreden afgelopen vrijdag in tilburg. ik kende jullie 'vaag', maar nu goed, en ik ben blij een band zó dichtbij gevonden te hebben waarin ik m'n gedachtengoed helemaal teug kan vinden, leuk!!! ik heb werkelijk heel erg genoten van wat jullie neerzetten, diep respect, jullie mogen jezelf terecht kunstenaars noemen! natuurlijk jammer dat niet zoveel mensen de diepgang beseffen, maar jullie hebben er een ambassadeur bij, ik ga m'n best doen ;-)
btw, ik heb een flink aantal foto's gemaakt, mochten jullie interesse hebben, laat maar even weten, dan stuur ik een link.
nogmaals dank (ook voor het uitdragen voor het welzijn van de aarde), en zéker tot ziens!!
liefs, lex

Danielle Britton

Hey! Your banners look really good on stage and I love how they look in the light.


Wow, what an awesome show you gave in Tilburg yesterday! Even after having seen many of your concerts, I'm still in awe of your talent (vocally, instrumentally and performance-wise). The sounds and visuals so well put together, intertwining, into the smallest detail... like one big piece of Art. I loved the comeback of the hurdy, the new banners, the new songs, and the fact that every member got some solo spotlight time to show his or her skills. I only thought one or two songs could do with a brief explanation, for the new people who didn't have the foggiest what they were about (The Raven especially). After hearing one of your new songs in YET ANOTHER new music style added to your repertoire (not saying which, as to not spoil it for others), I had this strange thought: Couldn't OMNIA now apply for a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, as the band which plays the most different music genres? :P Anyway... my friends and I loved every moment of your show, and we can't wait to see you again the next time!

David itchue

Introduced your music to my wife we love it very much also I play lord of the rings online i convert midi files to ABC file to play awesome music in the game in middle earth can't seem to find any midi files for your songs is their any way to get them and use them to spread your sound to middle earth in game thanks

Jan Fischer

Dear Jenny,
Happy Birthday to you!
We wish you a nice birthday with all your dear people and are glad to see / hear / visit / meet you in two weeks at your concert in Hameln!
Thank you for beeing so wonderfull and amazing!
Hugs & Greenthings
Jan the crazy man from the smal town near Frankfurt.


Two days ago I placed a message for Jenny's Birthday!! I can't see this in the guestbook and I hope that it arrived. If not: another happy birthday Jenny, love from Reina