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Vampire Girl ;)

Thank you Omnia,
the concerts in Berlin were wonderfull,
thank you for the pictures, the autograph and the music.
It gaves me a wonderful feeling.
Your new songs were wonderfull and I would buy of cours your new CD.
( ;) Sorry that I was nervously;) )
You give me new power to live :)


Hey there,

it was a very wonderful and epic weekend at MPS Berlin seeing you even twice. Weather was great (except the burning-feelings in the sun - but that´s how it is ...;) ) as well as all moods of the people there and I just simply want to say how energizing and well-feeling your music is - and always will be. The new songs are wonderful and hopefully you´ll always be like you are - never change, feel free and be as you are all the time. Hope you got home well and no storm was chasing you ... Really looking forward to your new work and your tour... Bright blessings and thanks a lot )o(


Regards from Dominican Republic paradise in the caribbean! my family loves your music a lot. Incredible, but in the land of the merengue and bachata music, there are a few that loves Omnia music! Keep it up!


First off, thank you. Your music has helped me become a better person. Your lifestyle has helped given me hope that I might one day find a niche in life, even if it is created by me for me. The music you release into the world has become a positive staple in my most important human relationship, as well as a guide and solace for my soul. The entire band is absolutely incredible. You are as beautiful as the being human allows you to be. I would really like to fly with my other half out to Europe from California to see you. It feels like too much to ask you to spend so much money and effort to come out here, because I know your influence is not as prominent in the States, and I fear that your efforts would not be reciprocated. Anyways, would love to save up and come to see you. (: Don't ever stop what you're doing... You don't need anyone to tell you that, and I love that.
-Cheers from California


Begrijp die kus met die uil niet op 6 mei .
Deze uil kan geen kant op , moet dan kussen met Steve of gezellig zitten op Jenny haar arm
Waarom doen jullie dit?
De uil komt niet over als een vrije vogel zo!!
Kunnen jullie me dit uitleggen?

Dear Merlin, 

This bird is completly free to go. Even at his home, where the owner keeps the birds, they can fly free. 
They do somtimes.. but always come back, because they are friends. 
Don't judge to fast when you see a picture. 

Greenzz Daphyd et OMNIA


Hey, so I recently remembered one of the recipes in the reeeeeally old newsletters you used to post on here... and I wanted to cook it again but it seems I can't find the newsletter page anymore now that you changed the website's design... :( Can I still download them anywhere or are they gone now?

Unfortunately they are gone from our servers. But you can find it in your mailbox if you did not delete it. 

Hope you didn't. 

Good luck, 

Greenz Daphyd et OMNIA

Barbara Tusikas

I love you guys. I'm in love with your poetry and your lifestyle!

A lot of kisses to each one of you ♥


Thanks for the wonderful and inspiring concert in Hohenwestedt. The warmth emanating from the band made up for the lack of warmth in the air on that chilly evening.


Found a couple Omnia songs... bought them. Heard more, bought more. Heard about Jenny doing an album, bought it. I'm just going to have to buy the whole collection. I have Naked Harp in my 'Mellow' list, and love to chill to that. All the Omnia I have is in a list called "Folk & Metal & Folkmetal & Stuff"- my favorite list. Thank you all for your art, your enthusiasm, your sounds, your spirits. The next time you are a few states away- or closer- to California, you may see this tie-dyed wearing, wierdy-beardy goofball dancing. (Maybe not until I die, but I'll bet the left foot falls off first.) Play on forever, and have fun! Thanks! -Tydyd


Helloo , im Ana from Brazil ! come to here make a show for all of us dance allll the nightttt !!!!!!!!!!!!! lov your songs! thanks ! blessed be


Hi You lovely people,

I just want to leave a message that I love your music for years and still do. Since a few years I've started to (try to) play the harp and I would love, really would love you to make a book with sheet music so I and all the other fans can try to play some of your songs! The solo harp CD was a real blessing, I love it! Thank you Jenny!

with love Maud!


It was so great to hear you in Rastede and Luhmühlen :)

But can you please please play in Hohenwestedt the song Hoka Hey?

Thanks for your help, i want a suprise for my boyfriend Tom :)

Kind regards from Hamburg

Rastislav Ruman


Angel Spirit

I still dont understand why you dont play in christiania Copenhagen, there are you free for real


Hello there!

Well let me say one thing first: I'm excited as the proverbial hell about the new CD, probably like everyone else here. I'm soooooo looking forward to see you live at the Mediaval in September (and maybe at MPS Karlsruhe but thats not sure yet ...). Alas I can't make it to this new festival in Italy this year but let's see about that next year!

One thing I have to complain about though: I was so frekkin happy to see that you'll do a Album club tour in Winter with a lot of dates in Germany *BUT* as most other ... hmm .... let's just call it "alternative" musicians you do a big circle around southern Germany. Why the fuck is no one coming to Stuttgart anymore?? We have a lot of nice cozy, even 'intimate' venues here (LKA, Rofa, Wagenhallen, Keller) even some brand new little clubs (Wizemann, Cann) but no one wants to grace the stages there with their presence anymore ... have you forgotten us or is there another problem where we - your fans - can help out??

Anyway, Greeting to all you Omniacs and have a good one ;o) and see you in Fall!


Omnia your guys's music not only cracked and opened my hardened heart your guys's music also purified my tainted soul; and it made both me and my spirit animal Ningan be more connected to each other and we cant wait to see you here in the U.S. Another thing is that your music made me a specially connected to nature to the point where words don't explain the feeling i'm having; The only thing that can come close is thank you. thank you for pulling me out of the shadows and into the light.


I'm encouraged to see that you're not going to use the artwork that you showed last week for your "PRAYER" album cover. The "Pregnant Poppies" in a forest setting with a steel Omnia banner was very arty. But the public suggestion that heavy duty recreational drugs were part of the Omnia message, when addiction to those same drugs could lead some to an early death, was "a bridge too far." Plus every narc in Europe and America would be on your case, particularly when you travel. This you don't need!

I do hope you come up with an album cover design that's appealing and that represents the music. Since I suspect the album contains much that is East European/Middle East inspired, perhaps you could work in a hookah and/or a typical ME stringed instrument.

Anyway, Blessings and Good Luck on the album launch.



I only recently discovered your music, and it speaks to my soul like nothing else! THANK YOU! And apparently, my 4 1/2 year old son feels the same. He's barely four feet tall, but he may be one of your biggest fans! ;)

He is autistic and did not speak more than 3 words at a time until he was three. Once he did speak, it was quickly evident that he's incredible at remembering scripts/lyrics. One night, as I was tucking him in, I realized he was quietly singing the chorus from "I Don't Speak Human". And that was just the beginning! <3

His favorite song is Fee Ra Huri. ^_^ It's the song he begins his day with, and he has a wooden penny whistle he's trying to learn how to play just so he can play that song.

Personally, I love Free- it's pretty much our anthem, honestly. I'm autistic too. We're happy to be different, and we definitely don't speak human. :) Mutant monkeys, indeed!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you guys for how much joy your music brings both of us, but especially him! We will definitely be checking out more! <3


(without some mistakes in writing, I m not an english native and I am also nervous and I hope you wont skip my message)
Hi! Me again...

I saw that the messages added in guestbook will be review by you and after will be post it here.

So... I just want to tell you that your music makes me feel better, but I need more...more details, please. :-( So... Because I cannot send you a message, I though

it s ok to write here about it.
I wish to forget my sorrows, pain, past, I just want to live in present, I just wanna be fine, to feel.. .alive! And I don t feel alive.
I do not mean to spend an irresponsible life, but to feel alive.
I catch myself crying when I think everything is ok. I made wrong choices, I have also defects as each human, I m also „forced” to work and to do the college

because my parents divorced and I am not in a good relation with my dad... sorry, but maybe that's why I like you a lot Sic.......
I like also your voice, your

attitude, your tattoos. I wish to have tattoos on my arms as you have, but I'm afraid to make such a big tattoo on my arms even if I love your arms tattoo!!! I like your clothes and hair, tattoos, bracelets, everything!

And I wanna write you about how much I love you, apreciate your music and life, how much I admire you and also how much I wish to spend my life with you, your band, even if not all the time, even just one summer, week... A life like yours seems to be awesome, perfect!

And I m writing you to ask: How to find my way? I could use your advice. Really, I need your answer if you want and have time to tell me something :-( So..

please... it would mean a lot to me :-(

If you want to answer me, I ve already gave my email address when I completed these in Guestbook.
(I prefer not to be posted public this message, but how do you prefer...)

i wish you all the best and Mother Nature protect you and take care of you!!!! <3 <3 <3


I love you very much, Omnia! You are the best in that moment of my life! I am very happy to be your listener and I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart!

Please, come in Romania! I will certainly come to your concert. Here I recommend Brasov- mountain town and I will be more than happy to show our piece of Nature.
I would be glad also if you would write something, even if you speak through your music.

Let s Be An Earth Warrior! I am with you in protecting nature and I wish to be one your friends!

Thank you for your inspirational music, it makes me feel better and free!

Please teach me how to be free from my past, from stupid laws, prejudices, pain and soul wounds. I wish to have a soul like yours: free, quiet, shaman, in peace with Life and Nature.