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Heiii I send U Steve Evans-Van Der Harten Character Pic,which is drawn by me.i collected this pose from Fee Ra Huri Stage Performance

Mike M.

Thank you for bring back the music iv so longed enjoyed me and my wife have been fans of yours you 3 yrs now she is Wiccan and I Pagan for years we have both been shunned by the simple minds of humanity until we heard your music and every time since then we both play your songs and it allows us to rejuvenate why we love this world and that we were never alone though it felt like that some of the time we just wanted to say thank you for helping us find the light in ourselves in the times of our darkest moments you guys have helped us. So thank you OMNIA we are glade to help support you in anyway we can so we wish you many blessings.

Jenny Anevay Pamuy

Hello there! <3
I really love your music, look and all you do. It's my dream to be like you. The moment I've found you was nearly the best one in my life because I'm not the only one doing so (not the fantastic music, I rather draw nature and animals) but the things around the music.

Okay, talked to much. xD
I just wanted to ask one question:
How do you integrate the feathers into the hair? I'm trying a lot but nothing wants to work. o.o
Can you help me?

Love and luck
Jenny Anevay Pamuy <3


Jaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Omnia in Karlsruhe.... beautyfull!

Rodrigo do Carmo

I love you Omnia , listen to their music every day , brings me calm and peace ... very inspiring music , I want to know when will come to BRAZIL ? This is my dream. Congratulations on your successful career. |

Eu amo vocês Omnia, escuto suas músicas todos os dias, me traz calma e paz... músicas muito inspiradoras, quero saber quando virão para o BRAZIL ? Esse é meu sonho. Parabéns pela carreira de sucesso.


Thank you for three wonderful concerts in Den Helder, Drachten and Amersfoort! The route from Berlin was worth it :)
See u at MPS in Berlin.

<3 <3 <3


Though I knew your music before from my husband, I was deeply inspired since last MPS Speyer, where we saw you. Since then my life changed, because I decided to learn playing harp and so discovered the healing energy of music, especially of playing harp. I played flute, piano, saxophone and violin before, but never felt this energy before. Now there is no day without harp since then, even because my very talented husband has decided to build one for me. Thank you for this energy and especially to Jenny for inspiring me, I learned that is is never to late to try something new!
Yours Ela (see you in summer again in Speyer :-)


I Hope, we will see you in our beautifull Slovakia too :)


It was on 26th November 2011 that I first discovered your music. I was visiting Glastonbury (always a special place for me) with my husband and my friends Cheryl and Will. Will bought one of your CDs in a shop there and said 'I think you will like this music'. He played it to us later that day. I was so moved by it and really pleased when I was able to buy some of your CDs online a few days later. I have been greatly inspired since that magical day. Thank you! I very much enjoyed your London show in November 2014 and I hope you will be able to return to play in the UK before too long. Best wishes to you all!


Het concert van Omnia in Zoetermeer op 25 maart 2016 was werkelijk WAANZINNIG!!

Wat een geweldige muziek en wat een prima uitvoering ervan!
Jullie enthousiasme en gedrevenheid werken aanstekelijk.
Ook de show, het licht en vooral het geluid waren klasse.

Wij hebben dat ook volop genoten.
We hadden perfect zicht vanaf de 1e rij.

Graag tot een volgende keer.

Liefs, pinkf

An Nedeleg

I love you...
Simple words from a simple man :)

"Omnia"... it's a good thing some band like you exist in this world, bringing a message humanity shouldn't have forget.

Thanks !
From France and from my heart, with love


Thanks much for the freebies on your site. I am a disabled Pagan and my money for music limited and I so love your work. I had thought, while listening to Wytches Brew and the Raven, have y'all thought of doing a "rock" opera of Mac Beth. I think the world is due for a serous "rock" opera, it has been a while, since Hair and Superstar.


That was a pagantastic magical glorious evening last night in Haarlem and you guys (and woman) really played to the bone.
I feel ashamed not to have come across your pure pagantastic music earlier in my life but that's the upside down society we are living in, where they play fake music on the radio and real music is hidden from our ears.
Keep up the good pureness and pagantastic music and see you definitely again.
Thanks again for the magical experience!!!
Pagan blessings to all xxx Sonia


Stumbled across your music!! I am in love!!! I sincerely hope that some day you tour the U.S. Preferable Alaska :) We'd be honored to have you!!!

Kritische fan

Hi Omnia,

Ik geniet intens van jullie mooie pure muziek, jullie zijn echt super!!! Ik ben er in Zoetermeer bij, maar ik vind het toch een beetje vreemd dat jullie leren bizon wristbands verkopen. Is dit niet het tegenovergestelde wat jullie in Earth Warrior bezingen? Wat is het verschil tussen het dood maken van een zeehond voor zijn vacht of het dood maken van een machtige bizon voor een wristband??

Pagan love to you all xxx


Dear and lovely OMNIA !

I can't give you likes on facebook (i just don't need or use facebook), but here is ab big LIKE für you !! We have seen you in Hameln - and it was wonderful :-) and we will see you on many MPS. Yeah !!

Just wanted to say something about the skin : i have "Rosacea" wich is not funny.... you can google it....

But it's right to say : don't use the toxic creams !! My skin is much better since i left using them. Ok, it lasts about one year, since it turned better and it will never go away, but since i only use products with thermal water, it turns better and better :-)

have a nice day - many hugs

greetings from Bremen, Germany


Hi guys

First of all, I want to tell you that I love your music and also I want to warn you that my english isn't as good as I would like to be, so sorry about that.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Genesis (I'm a woman), I'm 28 years old, I'm from Mexico city and I'm pagan (wiccan).

I was reading about Satria's skin problem and I think I can help him. But first let me tell you why.

I'm a victim of the topical steroid cream industry too and also I'm a doctor and homeopath, and I perfectly understand how Satria feels about it, because I borned with atopic dermatitis and actually I had a similar medical history as Satria's.

When I noticed that the steroids were the problem I stopped to use them and of course the complications (RSS) came later. I was living with that problem for years until last year when I found a real doctor who knows what to do with me (not all doctors are idiots).

The first mistake was that I didn't know my condition very well as I thought. The origin of my condition was genetic but mostly allergic, and I actually knew that but, I didn't think that I was that allergic. My allergies was dust, pollen, mold spores and (you won't believe this) sunlight, and as wiccan is terrible to be allergic to the sunlight.
Now, most of my allergies have gone and with them the eczema.

My doctor taught me a lot. He told me about all the mistakes that the other doctors made, I felt angry at first because my lifestyle was damaged for those mistakes. I was feel ugly and depressed all the time because of the eczema. The eczema was on my face, neck, my arms inner face, wrists, hands, chest and sometimes on my legs. The eczema was very gross and most of the times it was very painful, I even thought about suicide one time.

I tried homeopath and antihomotoxic therapy, but they didn't work very well. And I thought that he was going to tell me that homeopath and other alternative therapies were rubbish, but he didn't.

He told me that my skin was very inflamed to react to medicine and it needs a strong and short treatment at first and then I will be able to use homeopathic medicine or other natural treatments to control it.

At the end I gave it a chance to this doctor, specially because I'm a doctor too and I wasn't able to cure myself either and he looks like he knows perfectly what he was doing and now my skin is very healthy and strong, I've been without any eczema or steroids for a year. And I was able to use my alternative treatments that are natural and more gently with my body to control the eczema with success.

I learned a lot of him, and now as doctor I can understand a lot of skin problems because of him. Now I am able to help others with this condition with the therapies that I use. I'm not against allopathic medicine but I'm very careful when I use it. And it is true that pharmaceutic industries are like venom but a prepared doctor can make the difference. If I can solve a problem only with natural treatments, I do, but sometimes I need to take the best part of allopathic medicine and use it carefully for the benefit of my patients. Also I consider my patients opinion and if they tell me that they don't want allopathic treatments then I only use alternative medicine with them.

In the case of Satria, the first step is looking for the origin of the eczema. So, if you want my help please tell me. I know my country is very far but If you need some advice you can contact me by email or facebook, my email is and this is my facebook so please, if you can, give me the chance to help.
Best wishes



Hello fantastic amazing Omnia,

Sorry to hear about your eczema troubles Satria. I had a long battle fighting these complaints, but since I stopped wearing plastic clothes like fleece and polyester my skin is much better. Especially fleece which is made out of plastic bottles is very very bad for the skin. I also use coconut oil on my skin instead of all that pharmaceutical poison.
Hope your skin will heal soon, all earthpower to you!
See you in Haarlem:)



Omnia, you'r beautiful people and love your music so much, Bless you all.


Hey :)

I like you guys a lot and love your music!!!

But what I wanted to write about was the skin problem :D I had some problems like this myself and I would REALLY advise you to go to a good homeopath. They fixed my neurodermatitis although many doctors failed and said I couldn't do anything about it. Eczemas are also often psychosomatic stress syndroms so you should choose a healing method which considers your entire body and psyche!
Best whishes

A fan