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Greenthingz Jenny & Steve / OMNIA


Hey there!!
Love all your songs, and have a question... Can you tell me the words to Auta Luonto please? I can only find the 1st line.

Thanks so much!

"Auta luonto, anna voima, tee vereni vahvemmaksi"


Hey Guys !

When can we expect you in France ?
What a pity you are so rare down here !!
We have very nice forests here too , and very talkative trees for those who take the time to listen to them ; ) !!


Votre musique est tout simplement merveilleuses. Quel dommage que vous ne publiez pas des partitions de vos morceaux :( Je suis professeur dans une école de musique où on enseigne la harpe celtique et nos élèves serait tellement heureux de pouvoir vous jouer. Merci pour tout le bonheur que votre musique me procure


Danke für viele schöne Konzerte mit Euch. Da ich aber nun auch mal Euren Webshop nutzen muss, meine Frage .... Wie kommt man denn da nur rein? Ich hab weder Nutzername noch Passwort. Wo kann man sich anmelden???

Dr.Maria Vonderlage

I think I saw on the MPS Öjendorf an advertisement for a concert on silvester. I can´t find that now. Is there a concert on Dec.31. and where would I get tickets?

Check the "Agenda" page for all confirmed concerts!


Hej guys! I love you and your music so much! I was at Yggdrasil festival in Italy and you have been awesome!!
I really love your song "Gröne Lunden" and actuallyI'm living here in the beautiful green Lund! Is there a chance to see you here next year? :D

stay awesome

Grex Lycanum

Dear members of the Omnia,

I've seen you on the MPS in Öjendorf and really admire your music.

Because English is not the best is my, I have not dared to appeal to you, even though Steve has almost gone to me.

Is it possible to receive an autograph card with personal dedication?

love greetings

The Minstrel from Greifswald

P.s. I would appreciate a personal message
My Facebook name is Grex Lycanum.



Your blog entry for Monday brings to mind a song you may remember--"Driver's Seat" by Sniff 'N' The Tears. Anyway, y'all enjoy your break. I'm sure there's nothing like having a couple of successful albums and a series of fun gigs to get everyone up!



MPS Fettes Ö September 2o16

Regen vertreibend ;-)



i am shocked, that i never heard from omnia before. really love your message and music, love your fight for the earth and livings in interviews. i am happy to see people doing what they love and on this way moving people and open the eyes. perhaps people have still enough time to make the world go round, listen to nature and becoming part...i hope, and i do what i can! and from now i do it with omnia music as soundtrack. for dancing, playing, chilling, loving...thank you. you are inspire me. if i can give you something back, just tell! would like to combine your and my work on a creative way. i write short storys and märchen, teach creative dance for kids, draw and paint, do percussion music, have skills in meditation, yoga, a little but tantric and shamaistic...a lot of things! i am a student of life and experience-pupil. everyday i try to live this moment, fresh moment after moment!
thanks for your spirit and support through language of music. please go on!


I want to buy some stuff, where did the webshop go???


Hi beautiful Omia,
We have been trying to get to see you live for sometime now. Due to timescales and location it has not been possible. So I thought I would make a suggestion and invite you to beautiful Wales. Do you think you could manage a gig or two here. We would welcome you with open arms.
Many blessing and thank you for so many hours of music that reaches the inner sanctum of our beings. Xx


Hello guys! it would be amazing to have you in Bogotá, Colombia,



Jullie helpen mij door een moeilijke periode heen
Met een zus met borstkanker


I stumbled across OMNIA on accident back in Jan 2016 and I fell in LOVE with Earth Warrior! At first afraid that you were just a big label named band doing for the cash I didn't listen so much, then I found world of OMNIA and saw that one you were not and two everything you expressed is truly what you stand for. In this you are the top daily playlist in my plethora of all I have. I'm excited about Nov. I plan on coming to Maryland from Kentucky to see you guys. Never have I traveled so far to see a band but I definitely would for you guys. I just love the music and what your about.


Great job on MPS Speyer!!
Thank you very much!


I just bought your new cd at the MPS Speyer....can`t get enough of your music....
Greetings vom Mannheim, Germany

Moz the "Auldfather"

As I`m a certified Hobbit of many years standing...Happiness is any meal time anywhere!!! Bon Appetit!

Hoping to get to see you folks live in Europe next year.As I`ve recently converted my wife to the path of true pagan folk rock and she is up for a jaunt over the water to see you play.


Brother Bruce Michael Perry,ULC

Blessed Be and Merry Meet!,my Blessed Wiccan Brothers and Sisters,Iam a Legally Ordained Wiccanmonk and Certified Metaphysical Teacher,I write Books on Our Perspective of The Wiccan Religion,Our Wiccan Beliefs are a such,"WICCA,Is A Nature Based -Reefer Religion."yes we use Cannabis in our Wiccan Fellowship,my friends Reefer-LOL to me as "A Happily Stoned Wiccanmonk,but since I was turned onto your music videos,its like the tribal drums are liken heart beat beconing each of us to our Pagan Roots,even though im disabled confined to a wheelchair that doesnt stop me,im half scottish on my mothers side of the family,MCMurray Clan ,Highlanders and according to my research,the MCMurray Clan is the only private army to defend scotland,Beside my clans tartan but also the blackwatch kilt,what made me feel alive wanted to get out of my wheelchair and dance,"I dont speak Human,I Loved how you guys did the sign language this is how i feel,mother earth needs our help and we need to protect her were her children,your music has touched my heart/spirit an awakening accured you know.heres an example of one of my unpublished books on Wicca,"PAN,Natures POT God!". "toys in the attic", Cool!, of course 'Earth Warrior",thank you all very much,i wish i had the funds to purchase your t-shirts and cds,im on ssi disability,im no longer homeless after 3.5 yrs disabled depressed on the streets in a wheelchair.feeling like the world was against me.i make enough for rent food utilitie,cell,bus pass,whatever left over "Weed",..I love to Play the tribal drums,lg one on shoulder strap,and now the one smaller while im in a wheelchair,i can still play whats inside of my spirit,cant sing or carry a tune w.luggage handle bad pun,sorry.awakens my inner spirit like your wonderful music such love and healling goes into your blessed talents, love both the pagan tribal tattoos,found one of Lord Pan puffin on a pipe getting stoned I want that for a would be awsome to jam with you guys while on the tribal drums. see my photo on my facebook .com/Bruce Perry Sparks ,Nv.(USA) you will se for yourselves "A Happily Stoned Wiccanmonk-LOL!.
Blessed Be and Merry Part untill we merry meet again,celebrate! Life!-puff puff pass,

Shaina Ouwinga

Absolutely in love with the new album!! I am trying to get everyone I know to listen to it! So far not so much luck, but I am trying haha.

I would love to be abkw to see you guys live! So when are you coming to Australia?!