Dear fans, listeners, kindred spirits, beautiful freaks…

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All these years, we kept our guestbook (sadly a very old-fashioned thing
in these times) for those who wanted to share their feelings with us via
a different route than social media. But during the past few years, the
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You can still write us using the contact form instead of the guestbook.

Greenthingz Jenny & Steve / OMNIA

Jolly Ol’Nick

Much Love, Peace and Honor for your Music from All is Folks in the PNW


A salute from an Iberian ranger.

My soulmate has been a loyal fan for many years, and is responsible for introducing me to Omnia.

Your music has my admiration, and your lifestyle, my respect.
May your woodland path remain clear, and your art, inspired.


i got your alive cd a few years ago and still love it ... plan on buying more very soon. bb


Hey guys, your music really speaks to me so figured i'd throw a love at all of you. Hope you all are making due with all of the crazy things happening in the world these days. Take care of each other and the world we live in. Peace, love and harmony from Denmark :)

Jon G

I have listened to your messages for over a decade. It always makes me tear for the truth can't be expressed in a more pure form. Your devotion to our home, to our fellow brethren, to the world as we know it. It can not be understated that the words and music you give and love by should be strive for by all.

Andrew Harvey

You... You are AWESOME!

Thanks so much for the energy you bring, and all that you do. Since discovering your music I've been listening to it non stop.

I would like also to purchase something to help support you in carrying on this message of yours. It's an effort I cannot thank you enough for!


Cool bean

Hello Jenny, we are some cool kids out of Sweden just loving the message and making sure all the people smoke their ganja to fight the power that looms over us all.

Please keep spreading your message and make new videos as that seems to be the best way to make the world understand what's going on!

Loved the naked shoot poem, I know nothing better than to feel the breeze between my legs. Almost like Gaia is caressing me..


Hi you crazy people!

When will we see you on stage again and hear your fantastic music?
It has been almost 2 years since we saw you in Selb!
Was that it already?
That would be sad!
We feel a deep pain by thinking that this could be the end!
I'm not on Facebook, but I'm sure there are thousands of fans out there who think and feel exactly like that!
Please write something about your future plans in the blog. We would very much appreciate it!

But above all: stay healthy and continue as you are, we love you for that!

Greetings and Happy beltane
Floki, gemany


Liebe Jenny und lieber Steve,
ich wünsche von Herzen alles Liebe und Gute für euch und Terra Omnia!
Danke für eure Blogs, es ist immer schön von euch zu hören.
Lasst es euch gutgehen auf diesem wunderschönen Fleckcken Erde!
Liebe und Licht...

AleSandra Urbalejo

Greetings from chen trailed Texas! The temps are all over the place on a daily basis, but overall moderate. We are not allowed to walk or do any recreations, but I live in a small community and we can take some liberties. Wishing you all the best and have a few great stories maybe we can share sometime! I am Naive American and Celtic. Thank you for sharing your great talents, Stenny. The whole world isn't composed of stupid monkeys. Some of us are Alien to this specie, at least, in part. Be well!


Easter Greetingz to all our friendz in the World of Omnia. UK in Lockdown - Not. All the Evil Ones are allowed out to destroy Faery woodlands and flowerhauntz for HS2 highspeed train line. Politicians bending the roolz, doing what they like. Doctors & nurses dying. Time to End Satan'z Party.


Send you a very hearty hello from Vienna!
Although the sun is shining here, I am not feeling very well at the moment due to quarantine restrictions. I miss my family, my friend, my horse, arching in the forest, my pen & paper rounds, just my whole life so far.
And even though I only recently got to know your music, I feel it speaks to my very soul and helps me to keep my sanity. Thank you for being here!


I'm a new convert to your music, I agree with your living creed too. I'm now classed as a crone, but what the heck, hopefully got many more years in me to fight the good fight for our Mother Earth.



I think you are an awesome music band! I love your principles, I am also a nature/animal lover, and the music you create gives me even more power in my principles of loving this wonderful earth, our home. :)

My biggest dream is to live in a forest around a family who shares these principles and, of course, earth/nature/animal lovers.

Thank you so much for making this lovely music! <3

I wish you could come to Spain to share a concert with us. ^^


just wanted to send love & thanks to you steve & jenny, as you find peace & freedom in your new sanctuary..far away from the ensuing zombie apocalypse. also..just to let you know that i am holding space for you, down here in cornwall, nestled beneath fox tor...and when i've cause to head off through the lanes.. rarely miss the opportunity to play your 'cornwall' and send out some omnia love to the land & sea around me. then saltatio vita helps no end, when having to venture nearer the towns of the undead, the willfully ignorant and the misguided. love to you all omnia, and friends....stay free! xx


My friend introduced me to the world of Omnia several years ago and I instantly love the music unfortunately I've yet to buy some of this amazing, soothing, melodic songs I opened up your webpage today as I was lying in bed wondering if how to start my day. I was reading what you wrote about this covid 19 madness. It's lovely when I travel to work in the morning or night time to have the roads so quiet. I'm a support worker so I still have to venture out to look after the wonderful children I care for, it's not a hardship but a pleasure and very rewarding time. Hope these crazy times don't last too long I miss just going out for a stroll in the countryside.


Arthritic fingers click silent applause for your excellent neo-haiku!

Martine Van Kralingen

Hi Steve,

Forgive me my poor English,
Here a juffie, a elementry school teacher from Rotterdam , Holland.
You are right about Corona and the enviremont. Strange that it has to come to this before we can decrease the CO2 . But please dont underestimate Corona and how it is impacting our lives. The stories i get from the parents of my children who are doctors in the hospitals, it is really horrifying. And maybe we did it to ourselves, but my son has astma and is vulnurable for getting real sick. I understand, how sad it is, that elders will die from it, but i am scared for other people, like my son. And all those doctors and nurses , who will get damaging at their lungs, after getting Corona. My frustration now is learning my little students things by computer or telephone, missing the contact with me and their classmates. But that is nothing compares to the worries their parents have, working in hospitals or losing their jobs, or losing familymembers, without being able to stand near them in their final hours.. I am not an expert but i think social avoidence is the best way to keep this in controll. But i hate it , certainly!!
For us , living in the big city, it is really hard to keep distance. I bet for you , living on your own piece of land, is much easier. We are coping with it, on the best way we can. And i am not always agreeing with our goverment, but i really believe that a lockdown is in the best interest of all our familys. And i know that the consequences will be harsh for the economy and people with their own bussines. You know, we are all very very scared, and not by what the goverment is telling us, but what people are telling us, people who have lost their next of kin, people working in the hospitals, dealing with this shit for 12 hours every day..
So maybe you can show us the beauty of live, giving us some hope , and project some love to all the people who are working f*** hard to get the things done what needs to be done, in this difficult times.
Agree to disagree maybe on this topic, but stil a fan of yours, Martine


On the UK's first day of Corvid-19 social distancing, humans digging up ancient woodland with JCB's! Beautiful spring dayz 14C in the shade. Flames of Brimstone butterfliez among the ivy treez. Maybe Satan has come to take the machine-monkeys home.


Greetings from Northern Ontario, Canada!

I was turned on to your music by a friend of a friend. The first video she showed me was Fee Ra Huri. My jaw dropped, and I've been hooked ever since!

The goings-on in the world today are affecting us even up here (Sturgeon Falls, Ontario - google it !). Thankfully, I'm well stocked with TP, so I might just make it!!

Anyway, just wanted to drop in say hi, and though I'll likely never be able to see you perform live, know that you've got a fan for life in me !