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Kimberly Hornby

I've enjoyed your music for a number of years now.. I just wanted to say thank you. I created a wonderful ritual that was done in my garden. It was a ritual to honour Mabh and the Fey and the featured song for the energy raising in the working (free dance) was your Saltatio Vita. It worked well ! I always knew your music inspired life and magic


I found your music on Youtube as I was venturing through the pagan music videos. You guys are awesome. I love your message, and I hope one day to attend one of your concerts should you ever come to the United States. Keep being the awesome mutant monkeys that you are.

shawn gelvin

Dear Omnia i hope yea can read this soon but i would like to go to yea concert please come out to oklahoma yea have won my respect when i first seen yea videos on youtube yea fight for what yea believe in im so thankful i listen to yea music anyway thank you for takeing the time to read this much much love <3

Dani the Chaosqueen

Hey there!

You Guys rock! But in a very peacefull way. ;)
Me and my boyfriend enjoyed your great concert at Feuertanz festival.
Watching you on stage was sooo amazing. When you played “Alive“ I couldn't hold myself on my feet, sat to the ground, and cried because beeing so fckn happy.
I really felt that energy you spread while meditating and celebrate that wonderful “pagan mass“ - and I think I can understand better know, how to become an earth warrior!

Love u! Nothing is sacred - only nature.


love your l don't speak human


Hello Omnia, was hoping I could do this with pen and paper but alas there is no information on where to send a letter to. Wanted to say how much I enjoy your music, instruments, and the lifestyle you look to live. I only somewhat recently found you through my Avnet Park station on Pandora. Wytches Brew played and I enjoyed it so much I wanted to replay the song but I couldn't so I went to YouTube and played the song. I let autoplay take over and just play songs while I got ready to go out and about. I actually had to turn it off because I went from getting ready to just watching the videos and listening to the music. Something about it all stirred a feeling of happiness and contentment I have not felt for some time. As I write this I can feel I am on the verge of tears because I was so moved by the music. I am not strictly pagan. I grew up being taught christianity, however an event made me step back and re-evaluate my perspective. Now I am what could be considered agnostic but even more so a student of religion. I hunger to learn about other people's religions and lives and if possible live it with them to learn of new experiences. Thank you for doing what you do. Please dont ever lose that spirit of living and what you put into your music. It is extremely refreshing. Here is hoping that circumstances one day cause us to cross paths so I can live a little bit of your everyday... and perhaps share a couple drinks. Much love



hey earthpeoplez.

just wanted to say that your concert at eurofolk was amazing, i was one of the volunteer helpers there. loud environments arent really my thing, so i was content rocking out to your sweet sound in the helpers 'lounge'. my boyfriend cried when he heard you, and the only time i ever saw him cry is while watching the last unicorn, and thats gotta mean something.

in the end, i just wanted to say: thank you for inspiring me to do stuff. thank you.

Thank you so much for your kind words. Hope to see you and your boyfriend soon again! 


Niki Boussemaere

Wat is er precies gebeurd dat jullie niet meer naar Castlefest komen? Vorig jaar 2016 was mijn eerste editie en het was geweldig en als ik denk castlefest denk ik omnia, won't be the same zonder jullie :/

niki :)


Hey Omnia!
Thank You for the wonderfull Concert yesterday in Ingelheim at the 46 th Eurofolk Festival .It was truly amazing. You won a lot of fans in the “Hippie Szene“ there.
We all hope you come back next year !
Greetz from Mainz !
yours, Peter; (and friends)

bev pennell

to all band members,

Thank you for your beautiful music, your songs have filled my heart with pure joy,
please consider coming to new zealand, your fan base here is huge.
with love in my heart i wish you a successful tour.


SteveSic, Congratulations on passing your driving test! That is great news. I wish you happy and safe motoring!


Hi guys! I'm Alessandro, I'm 27 and I live in a small town in the Northern Italy. I've to be honest: I know you and you music since few months, but... What I missed! I just want to say "keep going.." Your message is brilliant and your style is pure magic. Hearthfelt thanks for all you are. A huge hug

Tineke Barvoets

Beste Steve, ik ontving net foto's van jou en John, ter ere van het behalen van je rijbewijs.
Super, in 1 x. Ik heb jou een keer thuisgebracht tijdens de lessen. Daarna heb ik muziek van je band gekocht en geniet er nog regelmatig van.

John is ook wel een heel goede en prettige instructeur vind je niet? Mij heeft hij het rijplezier weer terug gegeven na een stop van 25 jaar. Hoop dat jij ook gaat genieten van de vrijheid van het zelf rijden. Tot ziens, als je weer een keer in Nederland optreed en succes verder met je fantastische band. Groetjes, Tineke

Dr.Jochen Huntemann

Thank you for coming back
Dr. Hu.

Eric Holbrook

I tried to sign up for the newsletter but for some reason it's saying my email address isn't valid.
I really love your music. My favour has got to be your adaptation of the Raven or Alive... or Dil Gaiya. I need to listen to the newer stuff of course, but I'm looking forward to it as I'm sure it will all be beautiful. I hope you can come to England soon.

Much love


Flying in from Scotland tonight. Looking forward to seeing you guys playing along with the wonderful Tanahill Weavers at Eurofolkfestival Ingelheim, Germany! I´m thrilled!

sherry dillow

I come from a small town here in the usa and heard your music on youtube and on the internet and fell in love with it and the message it brings.I am grateful you are out there doing what you are and doing what you love,it is something i so rarely see here anymore.You have a lifetime follower.

Thank you for your kind words! :) 

Greenz Daphyd et OMNIA


Ich finde es Klasse das ihr wieder zurück zu den Wurzeln geht!!
Was mich doch noch sehr interessiert: Kommt ihr dieses Jahr noch nach Nordrhein Westfalen/ Deutschland?
We miss you all....!!!!
Grettings Silvia


Hallo Omnia,
vor einigen Jahren habe ich euch das erste mal auf dem MPS in Bückeburg gesehen und besonders eure Texte zu Mutter Erde berühren mein Herz. Es gab einige Berührungspunkte an der Falafelbude vom "Tieger", an die ihr euch sicher nicht mehr erinnern könnt.
Jedenfalls möchte eine gute Freundin von mir ein Erdheilungsritual bei uns in der Gegend machen, eine friedliche Demonstration mit Menschen, denen die Dinge um uns herum und der Umgang mit der Natur nicht egal sind. Als sie mir davon erzählte, seid ihr mir sofort eingefallen und ich frage mich, ob ihr bereit wärt, uns bei diesem Projekt zu unterstützen....?
Liebe Grüße


We are all connected by our love for nature... and you guys provide us to celebrate mother earth through your works of art <3...
I wish i could express all the gratitude, love and admiration i have for all of you but, to be honest, i simply don't have the words to express myself.
So i shall be content with a simple, yet earnest "Thank you".