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Love your music


Took me so long to find something that is meaningful and reminds me of how to connect with what means most. Thank you so much for everything you have created and continue to create. I hope one day to catch you on tour hopefully in the states. But until then I have your music. Again... Thank you.

Marcia Bueno Morello

Trabalho escutando música. E, um dia desses, comecei a ouvir um som diferente, vigoroso, alegre, festivo e fui descobrir quem era...Daí conheci esse grupo! Sensancional! Mas vi pela agenda deles, que nunca estiveram no Brasil?!? Puxa, seria interessante se viessem em São Paulo. Agora, estou direto procurando informações deles pela "web", e, logicamente, ouvindo direto a música. Incrível!


Took me 71 years to find music that didn't bore me to death! Never get tired of listening. Absolutely timeless.

Merlin Mililli

May you all enjoy a Blessed Samhain! Thank you for what you do! Keep Doing It! (((Love &Light)))


I discovered you guys through YT's random algorithm when I let it take me down the rabbit hole. I've never felt more... I don't know how to describe it in words, alive? shall we say? than when listening to your music. It's so active and spiritual and connected to everything I can't even begin to explain it! Love from Canada and Blessed Be to all of you.

Oliv LG Mojenn

Heureux de vous découvrir, j'ai entendu plusieurs de vos titres sans jamais avoir prit le temps d'aller plus loin. Votre esprit m'accompagne en terre celtique de Bretagne pour retourner a mes racines.
J'écris mes légendes et mes livres avec votre musique, ainsi mon écriture a quelque chose de chamanique ... A très bientôt.

Daniel Cabral

Fantastic is the energy channeled into their songs, they were strong enough to make me want to die. Here in Brazil we have a difficult time, people have gone mad, but there are flashes of kindness in the midst of this darkness. Your music has been bringing vigor to me. (sorry for the bad english ...)

Fantástica é a energia canalizada em suas músicas, foram fortes o suficiente para me tirar a vontade de morrer. Aqui no Brasil vivemos um momento difícil, as pessoas enlouqueceram, mas há lampejos de bondade no meio dessa escuridão. Sua música tem trazido vigor pra mim.


hi all . i am from india . i love this band ,i already heard " fee ra huri " several times . while surfing on the web i find out this webpage. "omnia" please come to india . indians need you some of my friends loves your band .
India is a land of ancient civilization. sorry for my english.

Victor Morillo Blanco

It was through my brother that I discovered Omnia. We love your music and the performances we've seen on You Tube. Please, come to Canada. At theMontreal Jazz Festival, there's always a venue for world music, we also have a festival in Sherbrooke known as Traditions du Monde where there's always big tent for Celtic music; we also have The Festival International des Rythmes du Monde. Please, come to Quebec, Canada!

Cecilia Brixlund

So where in the world can I go to see you live? I love your music and messages and live in northern Sweden


I just recently discovered your band/music via following links on youtube. From there I found your web-site. Loved the bios and the message is exactly where I'm at right now regarding the world/ the people/ the "establishment" and 'governments". I feel as though I'm being lead to others who feel the same. I'm in with the other Canadians who have left messages about touring here. Keep on as you are.


Come to America, please! We need you!

Ellen Stevenson

Please come to Philadelphia in the USA for some concerts, preferably venues where it's up close and personal, and affordable. You have loyal fans here. Wishing you peace and love, Ellen

Arjan en Corine

Heja Jenny en Steve!

Als fans van het allereerste (eff) uur volgen we jullie avonturen op zoek naar een wereld die nog niet bestaat. En we hopen zo dat hij er komt, de World of Omnia, we komen naar jullie toe!
Hier een suggestie die jullie misschien gemist hebben, want wie kijkt er nou RTL? (Wij niet, kregen de tip van een vriend en geven hem graag door)

Tijd voor de Pagans om het Paapsche Rome te bestormen!

En kennen jullie deze al?

Heel veel succes met jullie queeste en liefs van een paar oerfans


My wife and I are old Pagans. We got to see you live in Maryland, USA in 2014. It was my 70th birthday. It was magical, seeing Omnia and Faun, in the same place !!! Our daughter was one of the vendors there - Blackbird Leather Works. I listen to your music all the time - I watch your "I Don't Speak Human" video every night. Wish I could be in a Pagan band, but I'm just an old rock and roller - still play gigs. We live on a farm in the Catskill Mountains in New York state, USA. We are very connected to the earth, and all the creatures. Your music is great, and inspirational.


Will you be coming to the US any time soon?

Lydia Kloosterman

Hallo Stenny Als jullie dit lezen, heb in mijn Omnia spulletjes gekeken en vond nog wat oude stickers: Kill maim fight slay die 1 keer/pagan clan 3 keer/andere met getekende bandleden 2 keer/de eerste Omnia sticker ovaal 13 keer.Patches: cybershaman 1 keer/eco anarchy 1 keer/omnia patch met paars 2 keer.Als jullie deze willen hebben om weer te verkopen wil ik ze best opsturen maar geen idee waarheen? Stuur me berichtje anders bewaar ik ze nog.Heb ook de oude getekende kleine buttons nog, maar daar zitten fijne herinneringen aan :)


I’ve been a fan since seeing you guys at the first elf fantasy fair in the Netherlands (where I grew up). I had signed up to work there on the Friday and I ended up working next to the stage selling amongst other stuff your cd’s and shirts. You guys did an amazing fire show that evening, which made me fall in love with all of you! And then the next day I spent all the money I made and also fell in love with omnia all over again when you guys performed!
I live in Canada now, about an hour and a half from Montreal, and I’m part of a small pagan group. We come together to celebrate the seasons and the moon and for the last Lughnasadh celebration we did our own version of the tailteann games. We did tests of strength, tests of speed and tests of artistry. For my part in the tests of artistry I made up a dance to Fee Ra Huri. I would love to send you guys the video of the dance if you would like to see it!
Anyway, you guys are amazing! And I hope you guys will come to Canada sometime, so I can see you guys perform live again! My pagan friends would also love to see you perform!


I don't really know how to start this so i'm just gonna go with it,your musick and message has given me so much confidence and also an escape as i realised the truth about society when i was 12 ,it tormented me so much when i tell people they just shrug it off saying i'm just a kid, but when i heard your musick it made me realise there are other people out there who are not blinded by the truth and that it's ok to be yourself which is difficult in "British Society and Social Norms" as i am a therian i get judged a lot so i hide and suppress a lot of my thoughts and viewpoints not being able to be who i am but when i listen to you i feel my spirit escaping trying to be the real me that i suppress everyday,your musick has helped me through so much I am now 16 and still loving it i do have alot more to say but not sure how so it will appear piece by piece but thankyou so much,keep living life as much as possible PEACE!