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Greenthingz Jenny & Steve / OMNIA


Hi Jenny and Steve with Crt!
Please tell your fans whats about your plans for the future!
Is it posible to see and hear you somewhere in europe on stage?
And if it is all right with your piece of land?
Best wishes!
Love, Peace and Greenthings!
Floki (germany)

Eryn Hardy Ehli

Hello from Minnesota, USA!
I love putting on your music when I'm painting. Its always so inspiring. Thank you for bringing more lovely music into the world

Philllip Selfridge

Love your music and your passion for earth.
Lake Charles, La. USA

Northern Eclipse

Superb music! Please come to the U.S.

Patrick Chakar

Hello All!

I owe my life to the music, to the message, and to everyone who has helped in making OMNIA happen. I am who I am today because of OMNIA. I've been a listener since early 2009 now that i think of it I've been a fan for 11 years. 11 years of dedication to nature, 11 years of self discovery and 11 beautiful years full of out of this world experiences and intense emotions.
I have never witnessed a live OMNIA show because of where I live and how hard it is to get a visa to EU countries. But I bought two tickets to festival mediaval In Czech Republic because I really wanted to be there and because I cannot use my credit card to pay for merch and get them delivered to my country.
I am proud that i at least have E-tickets to one of OMNIA's last shows. It would have meant the world to me to see them in front of me. But things are what they are!

Wishing everyone the best years to come.
Thank you OMNIA for everything you taught me.
Thank you for making me who I am.
Stay safe and stay Green!


Beatriz de Oliveira


Eu amo a musica de vocês, e faço questão de espalhar a suas músicas para todos ao meu redor. Aliás eu sou do Brasil e espero muito que um dia vocês venham conhecer o meu país com certeza iremos receber vocês com muito carinho, e quem sabe consigam realizar um show aqui.

Jace Emerson

Hello! I just wanted to let you know how much I love your music. It’s very inspiring, and I absolutely love the message you are trying to send to the world.
-regards, Jace from the US

T.MO Rzatkowsky

Hello Omnia,
I'm from Germany and I Jear youre Musik by my Friend last Yeahr.I hope you play on my Show in Germany next time please. I Love youre Style and Sound.

Greetz from Germany and me Rzatkowsky


Thank you for being - you. Your positive message of love and fighting for the earth has been very comforting to me this past year. I have had three heart surgeries and other procedures and am grateful for everyone who sends out the positive. I have listened to your music during difficult times and always I feel a little lighter, more positive. From my wounded but recovering heart - I thank you. May you find peace, happiness and good health in the future.

Bob Hehmann

Congrats on the beautiful land - may you and yours find peace, love, and beauty there.

Selfishly responding to Damien's post to see if your pixies could find something behind your dustiest shelves - I've had a couple of your oldest albums on my eternal wish-list: both editions of Sine Missione, and Live Religion.

Cheers, Bob

Darrell Glass

Beautiful music. We would love to see you in person in America.....Peace from Kentucky


Omnia is the authentic Voice of the Planet. You've got to love Omnia like a flower loves the sunshine. Thank you for a month of joy xxx


Waes Hael From all the Yule Tomtes in our ancient woodland Sanctuary. Here to help all fighting for Mother Nature. Congratulations mille fois to Omnia for saving your Country with Music. Entre zomp ni-Kelted. xxx

The Lone Wolf

Hi there,

Love your music.
When are you're coming back again to the Netherlands (Venlo).
Like to meet you folks live on stage.
Keep up the good work.

The Lone Wolf.

Mike Smith

Found some of your videos on youtube. I was wondering if you ever do concerts in the United States, especially in Colorado?


Greetings -
I just discovered your music during a powerful life transition. Your songs and performances I saw on YouTube have reminded me of how far away we have gotten from living an authentic human life.
Thank you for taking me back to my soul's true purpose. You are beautiful - talented people that are appreciated !!

david Summers

I love your music since years! You have a very unique and cool sound!
I am from from Austria ... so i speak german and have not much idea about what your lyrics mean! Only the english songs of course! :-) I love your music so much .... proceed in what you ever have in plan for the future .... best regards .... David


Hi guys!
I have recently fallen in love with your music and love your message!
There is a question since that's been bothering me. I am Pagan, and I love to spend time in nature with my wife and kids, but I also work nights full time and am a gamer.
With the growing advancement of technology, how does one reconcile the two sides?

Michael Zisser

Hey Fellow Pagans....I would pick this piece of land too, if I where in your place.
All my good wishes are with you. The alps are also my original homeplace and the old spirits and the ancient gods are really strong there.

Evr´y now and then I pass by on your page and watch your path a little, and since you´ve left your dutch forest I´ve been always hoping you´d find an adaquate place for you---(always thought of some subalpine region as a perfect match)...and now you´ve really found the place I´ve imagined for you.

Its very important to come home. Ive written enough songs about that myself.

So may the gods smile upon your yearning and may no manmade stupidity stand between you and your hearts homeplace.

Best wishes
Michael, the Forestherbalist


Never seen a bunch of weirdo's like you, completly severed from this community and you all look like you've escaped some sort of detentioncamp.... and love you all for beeing different and yourself.
Discovered a few songs of Omnia while getting lost on YouTube and have listened to it a lot. So much talent and creativity, wish i had a splinter of that. Keep on doing what you love and fuck the rest.
Hugs and best wishes.