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Only just read your post "to BLOG or not to BLOG?". You just hit the nail right on the head there Steve! Sad that most people just fail to see it. :(
BUT there's something positive going on on social media too. I can see more and more youth are getting into minimalism, veganism, fitness and (natural) health... inspiring each other through messages and videos on instagram/ youtube etc. A growing group of young people are getting more aware of the sad state of our Western lifestyles and want to make a change. You can already see the effect of this in the supermarket aisles! Maybe there's hope after all. Time will tell...


beautiful souls, I would be pleased to talk with you in the nature but I am in Italy and who knows, maybe in the path we will meet! I come precisely from Tuscany, near Florence, where there are wonderful places where you could create your own natural sanctuary! In addition to loving your art, you are in great resonance with you. I was born and raised playing in the mud with oak leaves in my hair, hugging trees and talking to every being, now at 21 I am trying to recreate what has always been my home: a pure and sincere place in which to live every moment, bake hot bread in a wood oven, lie down on meadows and eat wild blackberries by building primitive objects. increase my path so I can find this corner of paradise! You are very beautiful and in love just like me and my boyfriend, you are full of talent and you know how to communicate so many emotions! Steve, I also want to tell you a few words about the blog, sometimes I have your own feelings but think that thanks to your words on the site you have beautifully bewitched me with your lifestyle! I have a blog of independent information recently and I would be pleased if you pass: I like you I try to share and inform people with the sole purpose of helping the world and therefore I believe that, despite the technology is not the best, if it is to share positive vibrations is super! With your words you can thrill many people and bring them closer to nature! I thank you for the emotions and I wish you to find your paradise!


hi there,
just discovered your music tonite ~ on youtube from castlefest ~ unfortunately not live, but i love it and it has reminded me of the passion in my heart and connected me back to the person i am but lost a lot of because of work/stress/life etc

yes please keep blogging - just on here as this is for your fans only i guess, and a special corner where you can talk about nature/shamanism etc that people who read this far want to hear about.. well i do!

i am a herbalist and a medieval astrologer.

keep doing the music and the blogging, you have inspired me tonite,

best wishes from UK


Thank you for you! I am so grateful you all came into my life through your music. You have released my gypsy pagan soul!

Five years ago, I underwent major brain surgery to remove a sizable tumor from my brainstem. I was told that I would be severely disabled after. Well, I flew the finger at that diagnosis! Through determination and perseverance (I can be down right stubborn :-) I can walk and talk.

I have a Celtic soul. Your music frees my soul. I can forget about the limitations that I do have and let my heart, mind and body go to the rhythms. I wish that I could play an instrument.

Anyway, are you coming to the US this year? I want to see you. Again, thank you to all. My love and respect. Karen


olá Omnia a tempos quero mandar esta mensagem mas não tenho tempo.
Sou muito fã de vocês desde 2011 vocês fizeram e me deram inspiração para mudar o meu pensamento e começar a cuidar e amar mais a natureza
Nós do Brasil amamos muito vocês e esperamos que vocês algum dia venham aqui no Brasil faze algum show.
Grande Abraço
Jennifer e Steve eu amo muito vocês


Santa Maria>Rio Grande do Sul>Brasil


One of your tracks was queued after I had been listening to The HU (a Mongolian metal band, very good).
I was going to stop it but figured I'd give it a listen to simply becausethe name 'Omnia' is used for a country in Terry Pratchett's 'Discworld' novels.
I'm glad I did. Such a mix of sounds that somehow come together and work extremely well as a whole. And a good message to the 'mutant monkeys' of the planet to listen to Gaia and change to protect her.
Keep it up guys.
You have an awesome sound.


Hola grupo Omnia, acá desde Argentina, quería agradecerles por la hermosa música que transmiten, Realmente Amo todo lo que hacen, tu música es fantástica, tanto que me convertí en una fan, en el día no falta nunca, escuchar un poco de omina para bajar un poco del mundo que me rodea que a veces es tan estresante, la ciudad. Su música me transmite la paz y tranquilidad que necesito para sentirme bien.
Agradezco eternamente el haberlos encontrado, y ojala algún día pueda ir a un show.
Saludos Ailen.
Desde Buenos Aires, Argentina.

steven in New York USA

I have been a massive fan for several years now. I don't buy CD's and everything I have to listen to is 100% purchased from Apple iTunes. Thanks for putting your new recording on iTunes.

The other thing is that it seems impossible to see Omnia perform LIVE here in the USA beyond the annual fairy worlds festival which is 3000 miles away from New York. The fairy worlds festival is NOT what it used to be as the attendance has dropped with their new location. I always visit your autograph tent but you guys seemed not too happy this last time around. The ONLY reason I make the long trip to Oregon's Fairy worlds festival is because Omnia is there.

The North Eastern USA has a HUGE amount of Pagan folk all waiting to see Omnia. There are so many major Pagan festivals that draw thousands of people, is there any chance you may consider a tour here? Your music is needed and wanted by so many who are unable to make the 3000 mile journey to see you in Oregon once a year. Aside from this there are far bigger and better venue's with larger crowds who would respond really well to your message within the music. Omnia has the best live performance I've ever seen in my 5 decades of this gift I call life . Yes, I feel ALIVE today and every time I listen to you. I hope you will set up a tour here......Peace, - a hardcore fan in America , thinking outside the box and very FREE


I was brouseing through you tube videos one evening trying to forget the day's crap and came upon your Omnia videos, so I gave a look & a listen I was HOOKED immediately , there's no turning back now the music is sooo enthralling and it wakes up my soul like a good round of bagpipes & drums that flows through my ancestry. I would like to thank you for up lifting my natural spirit. I believe that you and Jenny are two of the most TALENTED musicians I have heard in my 67 years. please keep on creating this wonderful art.


I have to put again here some comments! :) I cant stop listening both albums Earth Warrior or Reflections. Especially "Free Birde Fly" your vocals are georgeous!!! I Can not explain what i feel ! Just wooooooouuuu :) The samé words are fór both albums but I have many favourites :) Babu Bawu IS again example with both stunning vocals And All other instruments.

Please never stop producing this music no body Can do IT like you! OMNIA IS unique band like these example: Hans Zimmer, Madonna, M. Jackson you are on The same level AS these legends.

Your are irreplaceable please remember IT.

I hope I could do a track with you!!

Cheers Luke PN

Catherine LOXTON

Omnia were queued on my YouTube straight after Michael Flatley and Modern History TV. Never heard of you before, but I used Feet of Flames 'Spirit's Lament' at my late husband's funeral as it was in his collection at home. Awe-inspiring and haunting instrument, the flute. Thank you for creating something unique in a sea of what is usually heavy metal.


Hi Steve
This an answer to your latest blog entry, I hope my message reaches you.
I can totally understand how you feel, I quit social media a few years abo - completely. I don’t even own a phone anymore (well I need a computer to work and to read your blog), nor a bank account. At some point in life I felt just exhausted and Facebook caused me sleeplessness and anxiety. I had the impression that everyone is better, prettier or happier than me ( which of course is not true but only an illusion created by Facebook filters and photoshop). However, social media made me happy because I could meet new people and learn new things but at the same time it made me mentally and physically ill.
Short story long: if you don’t feel like blogging anymore, quit it! Or just blog on this website whenever you feel like sharing something. This site is only visited by ppl who care about Omnia and gladly listen to your words of wisdom. F*ck Facebook and Co!
I now live in Australia and teach yoga, living my dream and being connected to the things that really matter, myself and the earth, a connection no social media shit can ever create. Why don’t you come over some time and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle, the beautiful beach (there seem to be some less polluted ones as well) and join me for yoga, tea and music?
Love Lilly



Just a short note in reply to your lengthy blog. By all means keep up the regular blogging on your website. Maybe not daily, but at least once a week as you and Jenny and the rest of your tribe go through the shifts in energy associated with this stage of your life and musickal journey. Peace and Greenthingz.


Witch of the crow

Unfortunately, I have no answer, but yeah you damn right. Brainless zombies are used whose thinking take over the power horns. But if we do not fight over media like this who then;) Musick is the greatest warrior


to Blog or not...

i really miss the option to comment and answer here, on your own homepage, far away from facebool or instagram - i dont have and know.
In a more privat way. While i wipe our home to Imbolc. Unspectacular.

Thank you for your words, positiv or negativ.
I miss you.
Hear your musick out of plastik is as more consume as celebrating life.

May we all find a way back home.



Luke PN

Omnia is one of the most tallented music band! Love your music love your style you are uniques nobody will do music like you!

I have purchased your albums Earth Warrior and Reflexions is is BOMG of emotions!

I am also music composer so I have to say thank you for doing this music!

Peace and love from Slovakia


I love your music , I spent years helping my kids and family and friends as I always put them first before me ,but my health has hit a problem ,and now its harder to be there for everyone ,I came across your music and it lifted my spirt and listening to your songs have relaxed my soul ,and given me time to myself I have a long path to travel to be myself again thank you


Привет ребята, а мне тоже понравилась ваша музыка и ваши образы. Молодцы))

Alex Tomasi

Hello everyone!
The songs of OMNIA inspire my soul to continues learning and playing my tin whistle. The inspiration of start trying play this instrument come from all you!
In my job I ever hear your songs, because this acalm my mind. Greeting from Brazil, a country beautiful but in same time coming to darkness.
Be blesseds ♥

Ronaldo A. da Silva

Maravilhoso som.
A performance dos artistas é espetacular.
Achei vocês procurando por Heilung.
Desde então ouço todos os dias...
Continuem assim, parabéns.