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Luke PN

Omnia is one of the most tallented music band! Love your music love your style you are uniques nobody will do music like you!

I have purchased your albums Earth Warrior and Reflexions is is BOMG of emotions!

I am also music composer so I have to say thank you for doing this music!

Peace and love from Slovakia


I love your music , I spent years helping my kids and family and friends as I always put them first before me ,but my health has hit a problem ,and now its harder to be there for everyone ,I came across your music and it lifted my spirt and listening to your songs have relaxed my soul ,and given me time to myself I have a long path to travel to be myself again thank you


Привет ребята, а мне тоже понравилась ваша музыка и ваши образы. Молодцы))

Alex Tomasi

Hello everyone!
The songs of OMNIA inspire my soul to continues learning and playing my tin whistle. The inspiration of start trying play this instrument come from all you!
In my job I ever hear your songs, because this acalm my mind. Greeting from Brazil, a country beautiful but in same time coming to darkness.
Be blesseds ♥

Ronaldo A. da Silva

Maravilhoso som.
A performance dos artistas é espetacular.
Achei vocês procurando por Heilung.
Desde então ouço todos os dias...
Continuem assim, parabéns.

Myriam Nalangan

I Love you so, so much. Thank you for your awesome music and go on sharing your spirit, you know it arrives!

Ælias lucias aquila

Hello Omnia. I've been a student & fan of your message & music since way back when you had that web site with the little chirping icons & green background. I had hoped to travel to Holland in order to experience Castlefest someday amongst other things however illness will prevent such an undertaking. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your unwavering commitment to teaching those with an open mind how to be aware for self, others, nature & whatever needs changing for a better future. Alas, here I lay in the early hours of the morning next to my amazing baby son Talon on the eve of his first birthday thanks to the path I've dared to travel in search of "better things". I love this wacky & weird evolving constant that is Omnia & look forward to what comes next. G'day from down under. Ælias.

D Newton

Ya must come to Canada. We have lots of Folk Festivals that you would blow them hippies F N crazy.. Nice. Camaste. We need you. Be radical. LOVE .
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada


Mijn dochter luna is geboren op alive van jullie... tot op de dag van vandaag ze is bijna 2. Geeft het haar nog steeds rust.. thx van een blijde mama

Michelle Miller

Guess what I just received it in the mail/post. It's fabulous. Even better looking in person. Can't wait to get home & listen to the album. Best of luck finding property for Omnia World and best wishes on the preservation.


Your music is pure..serene... beyond what a human soul can handle.. loved it all... especially Poëtree - Gröne Lunden, Fee Ra Huri... Awesome guys..


I love your music and the message you deliver!! please visit Chile someday.


Gina peschl

Ok, I found your music by chance when home sick from work I 2016. I was in Eugene Oregon - your fist concert in the US, I was at the same hotel and got to have a picture with you all qt the pool, and again at fairyCon in Maryland (not near as beautiful as Oregon) I wanted to say listening to REFLEXIONS - it is great! It’s so hard to be happy in the world these days and well the state of my country is well .... well embarrassing- your music makes me happy and also has brought attention to things I had not considered before. I am not perfect yet I have made changes to my life because I have met you and listened to your words and felt the passion in your music. My generation brought the environment to consciousness yet I think we lost focus, and it all seems so overwhelming. Knowing that you have used your success to bring awareness to issues and that you live your beliefs as well as bring music to the world is refreshing! Just wanted to say Thanks from a fan in Wisconsin USA


Good luck for your searching and tour!
I hope you find this place not so far away from your home!

Greenthings on rolling wheels

PS. We miss your RAVENTIMES newsleter and your performance on stage!!!
Love, Peace, good Times and health!
Take care of yourselfe!


I love much of your music. My youngest son loves "I Don't Speak Human" and sings along when I play it. You guys are absofeckenloutly awesome!!! Rock on!

Juan Carlos Gamboa Quiros

Me gusto mucho su música la acabo de escuchar por primera vez, exitos espero saber mas de Omnia, música con mucha esencia.

Avalon Pagan Centre

Hey guys, just wanted to say your music is amazing! We run Avalon Pagan Centre & Nature Sanctuary in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. Would love to share a link to your page on our website. If you fancy a break "across the pond", come out to our annual Lughnasadh celebration, Avalon Gathering! We will share your music as much as we can. All power to you! Hope you have a fantastic sabbatical and retreat. :)

Gabriel Ferreira da Silva

I'm one of his many fans from Brazil, your songs inspire me. I hope one day to see you playing live, it would be a dream come true. hugs and greetings!


i came across fee ra huri and i was blown away by the entire song. the drums and flute alone for some reason gave such a primal feeling. i love it


Ever since I have heard Fee Ra Huri I have questions, I Love the song it is definitely one of those get up and get excited songs, but I wonder if the words have translation or if this was done to be energetic and silly. I love it. when I feel de-energized I pull it up and 9/10 times it pulls me from my funk. All of your works are amazing My husband and I enjoy listening to your music, your latest Suck My Flute.... AMAZING! I love that the video is quite captivating as well, as always. ^.^ well take care.
Merry Ye Meet, Merry Ye Part, Merry Ye Meet Again,