21 Years of OMNIA :-)

8 Jul 2017

Time to SHARE!!

Thanx for sharing YOUR photos and memories with us here. It's great to see and read about your experiences with us, because we have soooooo many memories of our experiences with YOU ;-)

As a reward for sharing, We will now share this old pic of a young Jenny , a very young Daphyd and a me with more red hair and less tattoos
...from the time long before Daphyd joined the band when he was still One of "YOU" ! An enthousiastic OMNIA fan named "Crow of War" who was learning to play the sliding didgeridoo (which he had built himself!) 
Who knew that ,years later, we would share the stage together!?

Keep sharing with us, and maybe we will share more than just OMNIA memories with you this year!
(But that is still a secret!)

Greenz and Peace
(and Daphyd "the Crow of War")