Adventure Quest L.A.R.P.

6 Jun 2019

Today we left the Sylvan embrace of the Slovenian wildwoods to travel to meet our centaur friends, the natural-horseriding, archery and yurt dwelling Bulgarians of the wyld hills ;-)
It's quite a few miles to drive the trusty "black beast" to the green feet of the Balkan mountains, so after passing through Hrvatska (Croatia) today we will set up camp for the night in Serbia.
(Let's hope we find some friendly natives who are willing to put up a couple of vagabond adventure seekers on their land)

So... in our last bloggy, you showed us loads of the brilliant Art you make (thanx for sharing)...
now tell or show us: What's YOUR adventure for the coming days?

Greenthingz, Freedom and adventures in Nature!

Stenny on the road

Pic by the wandering Hobbit