After the show there's the afterparty ;-)

17 Dec 2017

While our crew and bandmembers go forth to drink as much alcohol as they possibly can while soaking up the cheers and adoration of the masses of OMNIA fans , Stenny needs peace after a show, to get back down to earth after channeling all our energy to YOU! 

Many people always ask us why we hardly ever go to the "afterparties" that are arranged for us. And they are sometimes disappointed that they don't see us there... that's because What Jenny and me do on Stage is not an Act. What we do is Real and it costs us an enormous amount of Chi / life energy every time we do this.

So for the actual forest and peace loving Pagans the "afterparty" usually entails quietly reading a book on a soft bed, with a good glass of something warming ,some fine herbs and lots and lots of cuddling ;-)


because we played the LAST PaganFolk Rockshow for at least a year, in a massive sold-out venue in in the ruins of Prague ... this time We celebrated with some extra cherry bonbons!!
(Yeah! That's the REAL Rockstar life!)

Thankyou so much...
All of YOU!

Greenz and Peace :-)

Ps:And now we get the fuck back to the forest where we belong!

Pps: yes I'm re-reading all my Douglas Adams books again
(And again and again and again!)