All the leaves are brown... ;-)

27 Jun 2017

Because the Festival season has started again, we've restocked the OMNIA webshop with all sorts of cool OMNIA goodies.

like the very popular OMNIA leaf keychain/hanger
"A very practical and all purpose key-chain decorated with the iconic Omnia "Ivy Leaves" as well as the well known Omnia-Amulet logo.
The Ivy Leaf (Hedera Helix) is a very powerfull symbol for OMNIA because it is a fast growing and extremely strong ever-green plant which can engulf and reclaim for nature, any structure built by humans... (that's why Stenny has them tattood on their bodies) �A real must for all Nature-lovin' Pagans, Forest Elves, and other weirdos! �Hand made in germany made from ecological Canadian buffalo leather."
They cost €5,- in the webshop :-)
check it out here

the OMNIA merchandise team