Ancient History, Hell Yeah!!

24 Apr 2019

(no no, you modern monkeys...this is NOT boring!) ;-)

"If you don't know where you come from, you will never truly know where you are going."

Many thanks to dr. Borut Križ for giving us a guided tour around the wonderfull Dolenjski museum-Novo Mesto today ,to experience the rich Celtic prehistory of this fascinating region.(as well as giving us a copy of his beautifull book!)

For a hardcore-history/archaeology nut like myself it's always a great experience to share thoughts with somebody who also has a real passion for the past and true knowledge of the people who came before...

Greenthingz and ancient culture!
Dr. SteveSic

Ps:I know that many of you will not get very excited about a post about visiting archaeological musea, but Pooh pooh and tough titties to those who think it's dumb...OMNIA was started because of the love of ancient Celtic history and our Pagan ancestors ... and I used to be an archaeological illustrator you know!