And now for something completely different...big, comfy shirts!

10 Oct 2019

We always strive to improve our little Webshop in terms of sustainability, which isn't consistently easy (all small shop-owners out there surely know the struggle), but we can finally proudly announce that all our products will be shipped PLASTIC-FREE from now on!
This may not seem like a big step, but since we're a family business with a rather small team, things take a little longer as the production & delivery chain is a long and tricky one....but here we are!
To celebrate the good news, we also made room and restocked all our shirts, which from now on will be available from sizes S-XXL - so elves, wizards and witches of all sizes will find their perfect fit - hooray for comfort!

Our Webshop fairy Spike Dearheart is wearing our newest "Nothing is Sacred, only Nature" T-Shirt in XXL, which also works perfectly as a dress over a longsleeve for the coming autumn months.

Cozyshirts and Ecoquality!

Your Webshopfairies Daike et OMNIA

Pic by Deet the Grottan