and The Show goes on!

26 Feb 2018

After a few horrible days of living under the evil influence of the Goddess  Influenza we are starting to recover some semblence of life again!
The high fevermadness (hot/cold/hot/cold) has gone, the bed is'nt soaking wet with sweat anymore, we have managed to crawl out of the bedroom, the house looks and feels a little cheerier because we have energy to gather wood again and make fires again! ...
ok, our place still sounds like a Tuberculosis ward during a crisis but at least we're not coughing up blood or anything!  ;-)

So, as far as we are concerned we're gonna resume the theatertour and we'll be playing again in two days time!

We hope to see as many of you as possible there!
(unless you've got the flue ;-)

Greenthingz and keep trying to Feel Alive!

pic by Kees