The Art of Living Free

16 May 2023

Living Free is what we's what we are...OMNIA is everything and everything is Naturally Free.

The freedom part is where you leave this confusing game-show of illusions called society and scientific-reality and see it for what it actually is:

An all-present entity that normalises constant slavery to a country/tax system that "owns" you.

An entity that watches your every move to make sure you stay trapped in a circle of debt forever.

Mass-indoctrination that drives the urge to consume and own whatever junk they tell you to.

The indoctrination says things like:

You can know nothing (government sponsored scientists do)

What you see and experience is not really there (government sponsored scientists tell you so)

Your gut feelings and common sense are wrong (government sponsored scientists tell you so)

You can't see the undetectable things that control the world (government sponsored scientists do)

You come from nothing which exploded for no reason (government sponsored scientists tell you so)

You are just a random nothing with no meaning (government sponsored scientists tell you so)

The world is a random heap of atoms in constant chaos (government sponsored scientists tell you so)

and you cannot get off or look at it to check this info (government sponsored scientists do)

You know nothing and are not allowed to have an opinion about health, life, men, women, reality except for what is approved by ...yes...government sponsored scientists.

There is an entity that sucks out your soul, we've seen part of this entity,
we know what it is...

We didn't leave the music business because we were tired of playing for crowds, travelling the world, getting fame, money and adoration while having a great party all the time.

We left the music business because it is evil to the core...

Not the joke,funny, tongue in cheek, "hohoho" kind of evil...

...but hardcore, insane, screaming madness and indoctrinating-the-next-generation-to-be-obedient-slaves-and -cattle-kind of evil

and this was even before they started forcing you to shoot up dubious toxic substances, eat VERY dubious substances and have your genitals removed to become a eunuch.

It is not a coincidence that the most wicked individuals in this world are being praised as great artists and are promoted to every single little monkey as a real "genius",

so you will be impressed with them and try to copy or 'follow" them...

So I'm glad we got away from all that "jazz"; we chose to give up on all the Shit of the Bull and live a good, simple, spiritual life in touch with MOTHER nature  and away from the death -cult.

(and yes I mean a Female Mother Nature, not some deluded god-dude with a beard and tits or whatever, trans-gods walk on the illusion of performance stages, not in the actual wild)

Jenny and me have been perfecting the ART of just Living
A long and slow process we are still developing and learning about each day we remain alive.

Each day we unlearn some of the lies we've been fed (and boy oh boy there are MANY!)
pumped into us by school, by government, by royalty, by science, by hollywood, by mass industry...

and we learn something usefull and practical every day
(by personal observation, by personally testing theories and concepts written by banned intellectuals, by inner feeling and natural curiosity, by taking the time to THINK and not just BELIEVE).

Always CHECK your facts yourself ... never ASSUME anything.

We try to teach this to others as well, but it's pretty hard to overcome the mass-indoctrination of over 99% of the population, because a popular lie will always be more attractive to most than an unpopular truth...

Just the sheer scala of the lies is enough to stop people thinking about it...
"but if it is all a lie, surely somebody would have said something by now?"

Well yes, that's true... and many did...and many disappeared or died or suddenly changed their opinions completely for no apparent reason.

It doesn't matter. TRUTH is still TRUTH no matter how many or few people believe it.

Stop accepting and complying
and start personally testing the beliefs and stories you have been taught in school and in the Net

Personally test and research all those little questions you swallowed as a child and young adult for fear of being ridiculed, or follow up on that interesting research you dropped out of fear of failing the official exams.

I personally worked in Archeology for many years and I have studied ancient History and re-enacted many "historical facts"  and I can assure you now....speaking as a recovered "expert"...
That all of Greek, Roman and Celtic History is a load of made up bollocks...
A story that only explains the present false reality...

But you don't have to trust or believe me or my words
(in fact I hope you don't and try to look for yourself and apply the logic you still have left).

The important thing is to live YOUR own life,

filled with YOUR OWN personally aquired knowledge,

YOUR OWN self-made dreams and creativity

and most importantly

YOUR OWN experience and interpretation of this wonderfull, beautifull, spiritual and above all NATURAL world!

Then you will  start to really Live
Just for the sake of Living

The ART of Living Free!

Hugs and Good feelings to YOU

Steve and Jenny

Picture of "Jenny amid the wild Orchids of Terra Omnia" by Renso Tamse