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21 Jan 2017

"Burn-Out" part 3


I just wanted to keep you updated on what's happening with us and with OMNIA at the moment because Jenny and me are dealing with a total burn-out caused by overwork, over-input, stress and sorrow.


(Look up "Burn-out" if you are interested in the symptoms or if you are curious as to what it is)


Apparently this form of mental/physical breakdown happens a lot more in modern society than you would guess, you can find tonnes of information about it on the internet ... especially young people get it nowadays!? And once you have it, it really sux and it can take years to heal again. 

We have simply ignored the signs that our bodies were giving us, because we tried to give too much of ourselves to the world. 

We worked too hard, we tried to do everything perfectly right and correct...We were too truthfull, we were too personal, we were too honourable.

We are just too straight-edge Pagan and too educated for this world...

We can't stand the lies and dishonesty of these times...The world isn't like us...

All our energy reserves were used up in keeping OMNIA on the road... 

...We started going quite insane...

In the end we were just surviving on pure adrenaline...  there was no-one else to turn to for help (hired assistents didn't work out at all, in fact only made it worse) eventually ... we cracked. We broke down.. I developed scary heart complaints, Jenny developed all sorts of nervous and physical complaints, our bodies refused to cooperate anymore!


Anyway... it was obvious...We needed to quit everything in order to heal ourselves. We really NEEDED a long break!


THANKFULLY, almost everybody I asked agreed with us and was more than willing to HELP us, to give us some peace to steer away from the danger area so we could mend and replenish our energy reserves.


Our Fans (YOU) were the first to say: "Take time off! we will wait for you, no worries!"

Our fellow band-members were worried about stopping for 6 months (no income for them) but didn't mind a long break from touring with OMNIA so that they would finally have the time to devote their efforts to their own solo music projects which they have been working on for quite some time now! ;-) 


We also received lots of support from all the various bookers and organisers around the world who had already booked OMNIA for shows. 


We had to cancel many international Festival and venue shows including an entire THEATRE TOUR(!!) to make so much space for ourselves...



THANK YOU SO MUCH to all these kind organisers and Bookers (Like FaerieCon USA, Celtic Night Geluwe and AT-next bookings, connected theaters and many others ). 

You gave us our time back (despite the contracts we had) without making a big deal out of it! 

We really needed to make this healing space possible for Stenny. 

Thank you ALL from the bottom of our hearts! 



Jenny and me are now in the beginning of our Sabbatical break. And we have started to heal, but boyoboyoboy! It is really fuuuucked up!


There are many times we are perfectly happy and we feel kinda relaxed ..and...BAM!! You suddenly find yourself just sitting and crying, for no real reason. Huge sobs from the depths of your soul, no words, no real thoughts, just pain and sorrow (sounds pityfull doesn't it?)


Sometimes we hardly sleep because of the waves of fear and pain and paranoia that pester us like nasty little goblins that sit on your head in the night.


Sometimes I feel sooo much anger at the injustices of this world that I want to scream, kill and destroy it all!!  


Other times just lying around in bed seems to take all my strength...leaving me with not enough energy left in my spirit to lift a hand or speak a word.


Yep we is pretty fucked up... but not all the time!


These are first world problems!

You wanna know what the good thing is?

We have food, we have shelter, we have love, we have time!

We know about our damage now!

So We can fix this!

and YOU have given us the means to stop working and travel the world for fun!


We are going to go and have mandatory enjoyment now!

We are forcing ourselves to do lots of entertaining things and NOT work!

We go for long walks, we read HUNDREDS of books, we eat only the finest Stenny food, we drink the finest wines, we are giving ourselves all the things we never had a chance to enjoy properly.


We are travelling and chilling and relaxing and enjoying this planet for a while, with all the good things YOU have given to us over the years. Enjoying the fruits of our labours.

We are actually going to start by going for a long stay to a tropical island in the Carribean!!     (suggested to us by one of YOU actually)

Yohohooo! Coconuts! Rum! and (eco) reef diving!...hehehe! ...we be Pirates after all!... I can already talk lika pirate 'cause it's basically Cornish!


We are going to travel some more, we are going to visit friends, we are just ...BEING...


Right now we do whatever the hell we like, and the rest of the world be damned!

Fuck this HumanRace, we ain't running anymore ;-)


The "World of OMNIA" is YOURS and MINE and it's here to stay :-)

but right now the core-part of this  "OMNIA" world has to return to the basics...


Back to where it all came from:

Stenny, Love, Freedom and Nature's timeless spirit


ps: this is why I haven't designed any new OMNIA Art for a while and why I won't be blogging as often as I used to. (but that doesn't mean that I won't be thinking of YOU)


pps: the Art of the world of omnia stil rolls on in other ways... because in Denmark's Lavastudio Christopher Juul (Valravn, Euzen, Heilung) is working on a massive re-mix CD using the enormous library of OMNIA musick taken from ALL albums since "PaganFolk" to make entirely new and amazing PaganFolk songs out of them!

We mucked around together on all the material when Jenny and I were visiting them this winter and now He has undertaken the momentous task of building it on his own (so we can chill... he's a really sweet guy you know)

This will be a reflection on half a lifetime spent on reviving the ancient spirit of nature and the poetry of our ancestors in sound and musick as you have never heard it before...  well worth the waiting for!... are YOU exited?...I'm Exited! ;-)


ppps: If you feel you want to keep the spirit of the World of OMNIA alive aswell and you know some way of expressing it (like making drawings or photographs inspired by OMNIA) or by covering an OMNIA song in your own way and spreading the musick and the philosophy or by performing a dance or some weird and freaky thing on OMNIA musick... then please share them with each other and with us!



I am new in the "world of Omnia" as I only discovered your music one week ago.Take your time...better too long than short...take your time to take care of each and respect to you.I will for sure go to one of your concerts in the future...but take your time....if not for other things then for your love to eachother(Says a man who just dumped his wife because of burnout...!!!)

I got your email and I would have replied directly--and perhaps more privately--but your return address does not permit of replies. (OK, you probably get more messages in your private inbox than you have time to read.)

I really do wish you well and a complete recovery. Your music is truly inspiring, often combining a driving intensity with ethereal lyricism. While I do see much beauty and joy in your philosophy of neo-Paganism, I'm afraid I know too much history to believe that it will provide a real corrective to the negative forces driving our world and civilization to possible extinction. (By the way, when Steve performs his pre-gig ritual to cleanse the performance area of evil influences, I know what he's doing and, when present, join him in his action. Charismatic Christians do much the same thing prior to rallies.)

So you know where I'm coming from, I consider myself to be a theistic Christian--of sorts. Though I do have much difficulty with the strongly puritanical cast of Second-Temple Judaism and New Testament Christianity. I also think re-incarnation is what happens to many of us after death--including in Cornwall and the Netherlands. My Irish ancestors retained many of their traditional beliefs, including re-incarnation and even transmigration (Hello, Mr. Wolf and Ms. Raven) alongside their new-found Christian convictions. Though I'm not sure most of us would want to meet Lugh in his darker forms. Unfortunately, the Anglo-Normans used the fact of "religious irregularity" as an excuse to invade Ireland with the blessing of English Pope Adrian. But what's a mere 700 years (and a few tears) among friends?

Oddly enough, I recently had a daydream about Stenny on a tropic isle, perhaps inspired by your "Mutant Monkey" video. I used to do a fair amount of sailing, some of it with my wife and daughter, including in the Virgin Islands. If, while in the Caribbean, in addition to clothing-optional beaches you can get in some sailing I think you'd find it very relaxing and restorative to your souls. The islands usually have some cool people with sailboats who'd like to take aboard such interesting guests for a daysail--or longer, possibly in return for a little jam session ashore or afloat.

I won't hold it against either of you if you elect not to publish this comment on your website. I realize you have a responsibility to your neo-Pagan/Wiccan fans and followers to uphold your Faith against those who might think somewhat differently. Some of your Guestbook entries from both young and older people who have been persecuted by others for their Pagan and Nature-oriented beliefs cause genuine concern.

There are some other things I would talk to you about--as friends--having been through a few depressive episodes myself:

"a youth asking fate to be rewarding. But Fortune is a blind god, flying through the clouds, and forgetting me on thi-is side of Jordan..."

I don't have a Facebook account, since I'm not real eager to bare my soul to the alphabet agencies without them at least having to do a little taxpayer-funded work to ferret out my life story. But, if you wish, you can contact me at hopefully from a server with a live return address.



I recognize much of the things in this post, especially since I'm in the very same boat as you guys.

What I can tell you about the lessons I learned these past months: yes the world sucks. Yes there seems to be more lies than truth in this world. But you know what? The best way you can improve the world is by living your own life truthful to yourself. May that be an inspiration to others. Don't carry the entire world on your shoulders, life is shared experience, a shared responsibility.

And most of all, you are not alone in this struggle. Everybody who accepts your way of life and believes helps make this place a better place. The entire world is struggling right now and in turmoil, but it is only our responsibility to take care of ourselves and the loved ones close to us. The rest will follow in time.

Enjoy life for once :-). The rest of your life will thank you for it ;-).

That just sucks horse balls! These "Dark Night of the Soul"-experiences are tough!
But on the other hand, it could be your sacred moment.

I believe in you!
Lots of love

Hey there, good that you are taking time off for yourselves, anytime I see or meet people that want new and different I direct them to you and most instantly fall in love with your music and your message, so yes take time away but know your breath is not wasted ever especially in my home and circle of people. Peace, love, and music my dears. hope you have fun and have a shot of Rum for me! :)

I am all too familiar with the perils of over-sacrificing time and personal resources. All too often these challenges leave us in a state of suspended animation and create walls between personal relationships. I'm happy to see that this has brought the two of you closer (you're so beautiful together) and are aiding each other in the healing process.
Your creations are spiritually sound and uplifting and will endure the test of time.
I look forward to your your own time.

Take the time to heal. You cannot help others if you cannot help yourselves. I do hope to see you at Faerieworlds in August but no worries. Blessings and healing to you both.

Hugs, best wishes, and healing thoughts! Be well and have fun!

Sorry to hear of your burn-out Sic and Jenny. I hope that you continue "BEING" and feel all the more rejuvenated for it. Your music is transcendent and inspires me to be better. Thanks Omnia; sending love from your pagan brethren across the sea.

Hey you guys...check this stuff out. You might find it of interest. I know I did. It may help explain a little why you ( we! ) feel they way we do about some things that are going on on this planet. Be well...

I am sorry to hear about your burnout. Please know that your music is wonderful and a joy to listen to. I am an older woman now, with adult children of my own, three of them serious musicians. As an overworked editor, I understand burnout. It stresses the body and mind. Take care, rest up, enjoy the world. We (here in the US) are living in the worst of times. I fear for our country and, by extension, our world. Most of us did not vote for the man in the White House. We apologize in advance for what may be ahead. At least (I hope very much) you will send more music into the world. I'll be listening. :)

I'm really happy that you've decided to take time off, i've been where you guys are at in burnout state and didn't listen to the signs my body and mind were giving and did I ever get sick, its been 10 years and I'm still recovering. Please take care of each other because at the end of the day that's all you have is each other. AND NO ONE LOVES YOU BETTER THAN YOURSELF, at least that's how it should be. HAHA. Enjoy yourselves to the fullies. Love you always. May you find PEACE, LOVE AND HARMONY AND ALWAYS BE SURROUNDED BY THE LIGHT. BLESSED BE.

I began listening and watching you for a year and wondered if anyone out there were relating to your eccentric life. I work and live in the modern world of chaos and busy streets so i understand "burn out". Continue yo relax and take time out. I love you guys, but love yourself first. Yes, you are too advanced mentally and spiritually. Big love and hugs from nyc.

I love your music so much I am incorporating some of it into my handfasting this summer. I hope you guys have an amazing journey!

I just found your music on yt and must say I love it and turned my friends on to it so I truly hope you rest and return to the love of our mother!!! Then come back refreshed and renewed!!! I am purchasing all your albums!!! Blessed Be!!

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