Back to the Roots of PaganFolk!

7 Jun 2017

There's a new OMNIA festival tour coming up, and for this year we have chosen to go back to our musical roots to bring you a selection of the purest PaganFolk like we used to play it when we built this style.
Simpler, earthier, more focused, less "main stream" elements... so we have decided to change the basic OMNIA line-up back to how we had it in 2013 with:
Rob Thunder on drums, percussion and backing vocals,
Daphyd Crow on Sliding didgeridoo, mouthharp and ethnic vocals,
Jenny on Harp, Hurdy Gurdy, Piano, Bodhran and vocals and
myself on Irish Bouzoukis , a suitcase full of flutes and vocals.

This means that Satria will not be joining us on stage this season... BUT this means also he has time to work on his own project "Sunfire".

Satria's time these last 3 years on the omnia stage was certainly not wasted and we folkrocked like crazy together, but now it's time for us to remember our past.
We hope that you enjoyed his performance in OMNIA as much as we have and we wish him well and all the best for the future :-)

We are deep into the rehearsals now and it looks like this year...OMNIA's 21st anniversary is gonna be a good one.

SteveSic, Jenny, Daphyd and Rob


Picture taken at Faerieworlds Events USA (2013) where we will be playing PaganFolk again again, this August!