The band is all together... and you know?... we all have wishes!

4 Jan 2014

I wish we could play some musick!... Today was going to be a practice day for the OMNIA live gigs... but sadly one of us is as sick as a concentration camp pig... erm... snif!... hatchooo!... dat would be me... (sic)

So... no singing... so no practice...and (because I have more snot than inspiration) today we all write the bloggy together and fill it with new-year wishes for 2014!! 

 We hope to meet many inspiring people and have loads of amazing Pagan Musickal adventures all over the world together with YOU! 
We hope that the coming year will bring some relief from the sickness that is inhabiting this poor abused earth and maybe some more mutant monkeys will help to bring healing to our beloved bio-sphere! 

OMNIA wishes YOU all a great new year, and we hope to share the Musick, the laughter, the hugs, and Life with YOU on one or more of our upcoming OMNIA shows!

As always , we're in this together!

Greenthingz , Beezzz, Beer, Blossom,Beeing and ofcourse Boobzzzzzzz!
SteveSic, Jenny, Daphyd, Rob and the whole extended OMNIA family!