9 Feb 2023

Does anybody out there remember what one of these does?

It's one of the many things that are from a time when people could still think and act for themselves.
It tells you when there is an area of high, changing or low atmospheric pressure in the air.

The air pressure is responsible for the height and movement of clouds, wind, moisture etc. and gives us different types of weather.

As a young teenager I spent some time in the "Air Training Corps" (the British "youth airforce")
in Cornwall, I didn't stay long of course, but I learned what the armed forces are all about (indoctrination and obedience)...

...AND more importantly...

...I learned to tell and predict the weather by looking at the sky, the clouds, the wind direction and...  the Barometer....    

This barometer is a very good one, it works really well! I'm very happy with it...

But as you can see, my barometer says "high pressure, great weather!" but the sky says "Poop!!"

When the pumping planes that fill our skies on an almost daily basis start pooping the sky full of chemical matter they
fill the strato-sphere (which means literally: "army-sphere") with geo-engineering pollutants.

These pollutants react with the atmospher to form sunblocking cloud layers of drab grey poop.

In the Air Training Corps, I also learned something about modern jet engines
and the (very rare) atmospheric conditions which cause the formation of the very visible so called "con-trails"...
something you REALLY don't want your sneaky stealth bomber to do...

Modern jet engines do NOT form contrails (only VERY rarely)

What you are seeing up there is a constant military-industrial attack upon the world.
THAT is changing the weather, making it more "extreme" and unnatural
(NOT the "Climate Change because of CO2" story that we are supposed to swallow)

This is not a theory,

this is simple observable fact, which YOU can test yourself!

My advice to those of you who are sceptical about this giant geo-engineering, atmospheric particle pumping plot is this:


Look at the sky every day and see the planes fly and count them.

See the lines form and look at the different types of poop line.

See the thin SUN-blocking layer form after a while as the poop spreads out,
blocking all the life giving SUN energy

Make a note of these facts for yourself.

(Remember, this is all supposed to be NORMAL daily air traffic, just  "people on holiday" in "commercial airliners"  etc...)

And then when there is a day with suddenly NO or VERY FEW air planes in the sky,
and a rare beautifull blue sky.

look at the planes up there and count them, look at their lines forming if any form at all.

Then think to yourself...

"why are there none today?...
if all the planes I have been looking at before is "normal airtraffic",
then why are there so few planes today?"


And if you are lucky, one day you will see TWO planes pumping side by side or flying close together
(something that is ILLEGAL for civilian planes to do)

Or you will see an airplane flying that leaves NO contrail (which is actually what it should be)
while at the same time another plane is pooping shit like an incontinent senile politician...


and then you will begin to understand that you and all your loved ones are being fucked with.

I myself DID NOT believe in "global weather engineering" and "atmospheric cloud seeding"
untill I did all of the above tests...

Now I know the Truth

You will NEVER find the Truth on the internet news channels,
You will NEVER be told the Truth by the media
You will NEVER be told the Truth by anything mainstream, accepted or otherwise famous.

You only find the TRUTH by observation and intelligent deduction...

Which you do for YOURSELF

Greenthingz and good luck with waking up further, there is a long way to go still!
Feel hugged

Steve Sic

PS: There are beautiful and positive things you can do about this all, but we'll talk about that later :-)