A Bird in the hand...

26 Jun 2017


We're quite bloody lucky and blessed to be able to live in such close proximity to the real denizens of this land :-)
The Others*honour us with their presence, constantly flying and wandering all around us and often in and out of our house...
Sometimes an exitable little fellow (like this extremely young Hawfinch) will get confused and stuck inside , needing a little gentle help to get out into the trees again.

Here you see him looking all miffed at being held by a huge moo-ing creature, moments before I launched him back up into the abundance of trees where he belongs...

Our lives can really touch those of the Others every day, but only if we accept them as equals.

Nothing is Sacred...only Nature

Greenz on wingz

*"the Others" ie: every person on this planet with wings,paws,flippers,mandibles etc.
Who is not a human monkey

Ps: "a bird in the hand is better than 10 in the bush" is such a fecking horrible human monkey thing to say huh?
It should be:
"A bird in the hand needs to be taken outside and set free!" ;-)

... stoned ,I'm rambling I know... sorry

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