to BLOG or not to BLOG?...

31 Jan 2019

(here's a nice long REAL blog, because you deserve it!)

You may have noticed that I don't blog often anymore... I'm stuck in a little mental dead-end about social media communication and this frequent blogging in particular ...
As a Shaman and Musician I have been sharing our REAL life behind the Musick of OMNIA with YOU for many many years on this global web medium since it became available...
Ever since our founding in 1996 OMNIA has been cruising on the foreground of internet possibilities to build our own solid and honest webcommunity next to our Live-clan.
Because we are not just pretending to be a spiritual band ,we have always avoided the standard rock-band media-marketing business with multinationals, recordlabels, advertising companies, teevee deals, etc .so we've always used our performances , our musick and "word of mouth" as the only "advertising medium".
(believe me,It is IMPOSSIBLE to be an honest and spiritual musician while working in the standard global music business. Big business interests and true spirit don't mix))
That's why OMNIA already had her own public world-wide-web SITE as early as last century ,when the web adresses still looked like a footlong alphabet spaghetti accidents.
Our online presence went from website-guest book, to omnia-forum, to omnia My-space, to omnia You-tube, to omnia-Facebook/Twitter etc. ... all just to be able to communicate better with YOU, without having to sell our souls and our principles to moneymaking worldfucking corporations.

Internet used to be a lot of fun and very usefull for finding friends and information (I'm not saying it isn't fun anymore, but something else has happened along the way) It's become, dark, ominous... addictive ... and so dangerous.

I'm not sure I should be blogging anymore because it really confuses me now and I think it might be confusing YOU too?
Blogging has become like feeding a permanently hungry BEAST that eats words,pictures and emotions and needs new ones every second of every day... nothing lasts... everything is forgotten within minutes. seems like almost everybody does it... constantly

Over the recent years the internet has become one huge exhibition platform for people and companies to become well known and famous to SELL STUFF to YOU.
Now it's like one huge public masturbation session... a day to day fake-reality show in which billions of people are desperately trying to increase their LIKES and FOLLOWERS in the futile hope that it will make them become richer, more succesfull and ultimately HAPPIER.
It might have worked for a while in the past, but nowadays it's merely feeding everyones INSECURITY, PARANOÏA and EXISTENTIAL ANGST... while dishing out huge side-helpings of JEALOUSY, FEAR and HATRED in the process... not so much fun now eh?...
it IS making shitloads of money for some very unsavoury business people though :-)

So, anyway... it has really becoming hard for me, to still be ME on this medium...
Everybody on the wwweb of lies seems so POSITIVE and BEAUTIFULL while the reality of the daily life on this world and the state of human perception is becoming more and more POISONED and NEGATIVE.
I find it hard to blog "happy happy joy joy empty bollocks with pretty picture" all the time... even though that is by far the most "popular" thing to do.
I quite often blog pretty dark stuff about where this (blind) society is going because I truly love Life and all living things with a passion...
I am physically and spiritually connected to Life, so I get lots of messages from Nature... sad messages, angry messages ,real messages... and they concern me.
I wish to translate those messages into something understandable to as many people as possible, which I do in OMNIA musick , OMNIA Art and in narcissistic little speeches like these.
I love finding the truth of any situation (in all it's various aspects) and I respect YOU enough not to Bullshit you with pretty stories just to sell more so called "PRODUCT" to YOU.

So many of my blogs turn out waaaaaaay too long for the attention span and reading skills of the modern smartphone generation audience. And full of serious content that makes you think and be depressed "COGITO ERGO DOLEO" ;-)
(OMFG! look at the length of this blog! Shit!, I'm definately going waaaaaay over the line here... Twitter and Instagram people cannot even THINK for this long, let alone READ this much!
so sorry... but hey, do YOU realise, that YOU are one of the very few people still reading this message now?... 95% of the other brains shut down and fucked off ages ago after just seeing the photograph.
But that's how it goes fast , info info, FOMO, FOMO!!

You just KNOW that using a smartphone, checking it approx. 150 times a day, being bombarded with way too much information , dis-information, temptation and frustration, combined with way too much ultra high frequency waves and loss of REAL physical social contacts, is fucking up your life and your body.
Smartphones and easy internet access is feeding your depressions, physical ailments, anxiety and sleeplessness. And all the negative effects it's having on the babies, toddlers and kids that are growing up with all this shit (as if it's "normal") is way beyond anybodies means to predict properly (apart from the fact that it's REALLY fucking bad and that not one of them will have a better life because of it.)
These are mind drugs more addictive than Heroïn and EVERYBODY is being forced to take them...

Damn!! See what I mean?... there I go again!... YOU don't want to hear shit like that!...
Part of me is happy to share some usefull information and simple dialogue with YOU about stuff that is real, about Nature, Shamanism, Art and Musick (because that's my job)
but a big part of me is REALLY ashamed that by doing this I'm promoting the use of these very fucked-up, addictive and dangerous "mind drug" devices that will eventually turn us all into pityfull, insincere, self-prostituting social media-junkies ...
Soon all humans will be sad nervous mental-cases who cannot let go of their precious phone for more than a few moments for FEAR OF MISSING OUT on the latest craze, the latest hero, the latest product,

So... what should I do now?
What would YOU do?

Greenz and crazy Heyoka Shamanism