Both feet firmly off the ground...

15 May 2018

Flying through life
Running on cloud
Forging new paths
Untrod by the crowd

Do YOU feel you can walk your OWN way through life?

Shaman SteveSic


but at the moment i feel fucking lost, confused and in the air,
askew and disconnected to humankind.

really sad.

we do aswell Jakob, stay strong! we are in this together!

Thought and Memory came to mind
While looking for ones own kind
Caw Caw Caw spoke back and fourth
Pondering weather it's the right course.

Honey dipped mead is Natures Brunch
Ones own path is greater than lunch
What is lacking in a life so full
A dumbed down collective seems the rule.

There's three assumptions that are true
Been told this from three black blue
Those drawn to you also fear you
Mysterious radiant force
Power and Knowledge is your course.

The flock returns to give you strength
In this group there is no rank
No masters and no slaves
Long running staves and timeless days.

Time is money they can have it
There is no time if you brand it
Sweet mead is all you need
To sow sapient life giving seed.

The hardest thing to be done
Killing self to self
And that's no fun
2-1-3-flock had to come
For all of this to be as one.

Fuck yes! Reva, your words of poetry gave me goosebumps... respect


I don't know you, but you said at the moment I feel lost, so that will pass. I always go back to basics when I feel confused. Forget humankind and go to the simplicity of Nature. When you gain your strength and clarity of mind, others will look to you for help, and in helping others you will not be so disconnected.

Love and joy to you

firmly off or on the ground?
ä#lä#+oöki´ - type me daugh'ter.
Beeing a father and exemplify confidence is the challenge i dont know how to achieve.

I suppose clarity of mind to me means, it doesn't matter what path you choose it is the right one, you don't have to question whether it was right or not. In looking for my ancestors, I am finding a different history story than the one I have been told. Understanding the truth about how things are the way they are, I have clarity of mind. It also gives me strength to know who I am and where I come from. I am not looking to live in the past but to learn from the past. We can all live in abundance and live our dreams but we have to create them ourselves. Those in power of the reality we stand on understand us more than we do ourselves and that is how they keep us unclear and disconnected. We all can be firmly on the ground and flying off the ground if we choose to, but it takes us to step out and find ourselves. Each of us must take back our power and not give it away. Learning the real history story helps a lot. Stay warm, were in full bloom down here.

Finally at the grand age of 44 I can say yes ! Learning to be my self, walking in my truth ,gave me the confidence to walk my path . I'm not trying to be anyone apart from myself but in doing so I am becoming part of everything !

So beautifully said Alan :)

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