BRAN (Raven)

6 Aug 2022

The most CLASSIC OMNIA composition.

In an ever-changing world, some things remain the same.

“Bran” is the title of the first musical piece Jenny and me EVER composed together…
20 years ago this autumn!

It was written in Love for Life, for Nature and for each other.

We wrote it while living in a big dirty city, dreaming and longing for a life of freedom amongst the wylde woods, where the Ravens fly majestic to the rythm of the Earth.
Imagining living among them far from the madness of mutant monkeys.

And through all those years our love for each other, for Nature and for the pure-acoustic natural musick and the natural way of life of OMNIA has not changed one little bit… It has only GROWN!

And now, in 2022 , though just about everything else we can imagine around us has changed over these past 20 years (including most of the people we used to know),
those facts remain unchanged and stand true above all else.

Stenny remains loyal, to each other and to our fans (even if we are not able to perform live for you anymore).

As the world of human insanity goes crashing into suicidal mode … there remains the simple fact to cool all minds and calm all senses..

Don’t worry about the present “Hype” (whatever they make up now to scare you)


Nothing is Sacred… only Nature

She is wise, trust her and she will reward you

Now, Stenny is living here on TERRA OMNIA (just like we always dreamed),
we have finally been able to seal our pact with Nature by doing what we always promised to do…

We promised to liberate a piece of land in the wylde,
We promised To keep it safe
We promised To revel in it’s beauty and majesty
We promised To worship at the altar of trees and to protect it with our own lives
So that NONE may desecrate her!

We now have living Ravens of flesh and bone and feather, existing, loving, tumbling in the sky, and breeding in our own forest (as well as thousands of other feathered and furred friends).

The feeling we have now of satisfaction and completion, of coming full circle…
we have expressed in a NEW OMNIA MUSICK VIDEO, which we are working on together with our good friend and last remaining OMNIA bandmember … Daphyd!

This musick-video we’re making was shot on location at TERRA OMNIA and will be released on the day it was first written exactly 20 years after it was composed…
20 years after those first tones of Didge, Harp and NeoCeltic (double) flutes sang in praise of Nature and her magic …

described in the flight of the Majestic eternal Raven…”BRAN”

Coming real soon!

Greenthingz , hope and Light!
Jenny, Daphyd and SteveSic