Broken Machine or Dead Person?

11 Sep 2013

What do you see here?

Is this the corpse of a living, thinking creature who has lived and loved?... did he know happiness or fear?... Did he feel the passage of the sun before the light in it's eyes went out?... did he have a name and rejoice in this great and wonderfull gift of life? Did he have a soul?... did he possess spirit and personality?

or is this only a small broken machine? Something which was just "made" for you by your god... a preprogrammed dumb lump of matter , capable of only eating and making more little machines? Something which has no soul, so you can basically do with it as you wish (torture it, kill it, take away its habitat, genetically modify it, etc...) because you are much more important?

Well as for me... i came upon a dead person lying on my path, I took his likeness with our "we-phone" so i could show YOU something about OUR life...

Peace and Philosophy

Shaman Steve Sic 
(picture by the Pope of non-dogmatic Paganism... still putting the "fun" back into "fundamentalism"!!  ;-)