Can YOU love enough?

3 Aug 2016

The love that Jenny and me have for each other has helped to build many good things, for us and for the world. (things like OMNIA and Castlefest)

And still Our Love endures ... 
(and so does OMNIA ... and apparently so does Castlefest!)

Check out this threesome of LOVE this coming weekend!

LOVE in the form of the NEW OMNIA ALBUM "PRAYER" 
(for SALE for the VERY FIRST TIME in Holland!!)

LOVE in the shape of all the loving people who meet each other each year at this magical place in Lisse

LOVE inside Stenny... inside our hearts ... forever together in love

Now ask yourself... Is your LOVE enough?

Share the LOVE ... again... this weekend in Lisse!

Greenthingz and inner peace

pic of Stenny taken in 1863 by somebody who posted it on the internet ;-)