Climate Strike

20 Sep 2019

We've been on Climate strike for just over a year now... I calculated that by stopping our active festival/club work , changing our life-style and refusing to tour because the 'War on Nature' has so fucked our brains, we have reduced our Carbon footprint by around 85%!

Ok's true we've also reduced our income by around 85% but fuck it! we're Earth Warriors! We don't need so much shit to survive.

Slowly the world awakens to our point of view and now People can Join the worldwide climate strike today, by refusing to be yet another hamster on the destructive wheel of plutocratic commerce!

You can take the time to see which stuff you can live WITHOUT...
(A crazyman once said: "You could do with less, but you all want more")

There's a War on Nature... be sure YOU are on the RIGHT side!

Greenthingz on the Red road!
Stenny et OMNIA

Pic by Daphyd